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3-Ingredient Healthy Vegan Nutella

3-Ingredient Healthy Vegan Nutella
Today I want to share with you my own 3-Ingredient Healthy Vegan Nutella recipe that is so much better than store-bought! This Nutella is seriously good. Not to mention how healthy it is for you, if you compare it to the classic Nutella.

3-Ingredient Healthy Vegan Nutella
The way I approached making this Nutella, was the say way I would make nut butters. No liquid or oil is needed to make this vegan Nutella. The oil comes from the nuts. If you have ever made peanut butter for example, you will know that the more you blitz the nuts in a food processor, the the more the oil separators and makes it ‘runny’.Once that’s achieved, the flavourings are added, like cocoa or cacao.

3-Ingredient Healthy Vegan Nutella

3 Ingredients Homemade Vegan Nutella Recipe that is so much better than store-bought!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 18
Calories 133 kcal


  • 1 1/2 Bars of Melted Vegan Dark Chocolate 150 grams
  • 600 g/4 cups of toasted Hazelnuts
  • ½ Cup/170g Maple Syrup or your choice of sweetener
  • Pinch of Salt Optional


  • Start by melting your chocolate in low heat. Stir occasionally to make sure you do not burn the bottom.
  • Put your hazelnuts in a Food Processor and start blending until you get a smooth and buttery texture. This may take a while, depending on how powerful your food processor is. You may need to stop a couple of times to scrape off the sides. It might seem like it's never going to go smooth, but patience is key here! Essentially you are making a nut butter ( like peanut butter )
  • Make sure your hazelnut 'butter' is runny, otherwise you will end up with a lump of Nutella.
  • Add your Melted Chocolate, maple syrup, and a pinch of salt.
  • Blend again for like 5 minutes and scrape the edges from time to time to make sure everything is well incorporated.
  • Transfer into a jar and keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


  1. We prefer using dark Chocolate Bar and melt it over cocoa powder because it makes the Nutella creamier and it's obviously healthier but you can always use sweeter chocolate or cocoa powder if you want, just know that there might be a difference in the texture.
  2. You can roast your Hazelnuts, but we can buy well-roasted hazelnuts so we are using it.
  3. Be careful though, and always check if the Hazelnuts are salted. Usually, if you buy it roasted, they also put salt on it. If it is salted already, you will want to adjust the salt in this recipe, though it is also optional. We just like ours to be a little salty.
  4. Normally, the nuts will release their oil when blended well. But it all depends on the food processor. If you have a weak one, it helps to add some sunflower oil (or your choice of plant-based oil) to achieve the buttery texture.
  5. Note also that the more liquid sweeter you add, the stiffer or firmer the Nutella gets over time.


Calories: 133kcal
Keyword chocolate, easytomake, hazelnuts, healthy, nutella, spread, vegan
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

I saw one video that talks about how much sugar they put in one jar of Nutella. It is almost half of the jar! That is a ridiculously huge amount of sugar, so no wonder why we get so addicted to it. Yet, It is still marketed as a healthy choice.

So I decided to make my version of Nutella. It’s easy to make, it’s healthy and it only needs 3 ingredients.

I prefer to make our version of spreads and other kitchen staples rather than buying it from a store because then we can be sure what we are putting inside.

And I think that is important. We have to be mindful of what we eat because it has a great impact on our body and health. Like I make my hummus instead of buying it from the store and it turns out so much better and healthier!

Let’s make some Nutella!

Do let me know how you found this 3-Ingredient Healthy Vegan Nutella if you do try it though! And if there was anything you tried or something that worked better…Do drop me a comment below, or you can find me/message me directly on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook! I love seeing what my lovely readers think of my recipes!

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