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4-Ingredient Super Healthy Vegan Brownie

4-Ingredient Super Healthy Vegan Brownie

4-Ingredient Super Healthy Vegan Brownie recipe that is easy to make, super healthy and yet as indulgent as a regular brownie.
This vegan brownie recipe, gets extra brownie points for being 4 ingredients only, and using a cheeky vegetable in it too.

There’s more nutrition in a slice of these healthy chocolate brownies than many people have in a day!

A gluten-free brownie recipe that is also suitable for a WFPB diet (whole food plant based diet) that’s also packed with nutrients too. It has healthy walnuts in there, dark chocolate, and ground almond (which is the flour).

4-Ingredient Super Healthy Vegan Brownie

How To Make Sweet Potato Vegan Brownies:

The potato is baked, then the mashed. Finally, the chocolate is melted, and all the ingredients are combined.
Pop the mix into a loaf pan, then bake. Cool, cut, eat.

4-Ingredient Super Healthy Vegan Brownie

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2 medium Sweet Potatoes, about 11oz / 300g with skin on
1 cup / 120g Ground Almonds
4.4 oz / 125g Dark Chocolate
2 tablespoons of chopped hazelnuts or any nuts of your choice (optional)


1. Top and tail the sweet potatoes, prick and bake at 430F / 220C for 40 minutes, or until soft.
Once cool enough to handle scoop out the hot flesh and mix with the chocolate and almonds. ( the hot potato flesh will melt the chocolate, so no need to pre-melt!)

2. Press the sweet potato brownie mixture into a square dish about 8″ then chill for an hour to set. Or best in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Cut into squares and enjoy the healthy chocolate brownie.
Store this 4-Ingredient Super Healthy Vegan Brownie in the fridge where it will last for 5 days.

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