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8 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss

7 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss

8 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss

In this article, we will talk about 8 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss We all want quick results, but is it always healthy? Or even, is it worth it? we will found out now!

The weight loss industry is full of myths. People are often advised to do all sorts of crazy things, most of which have no evidence behind them.
Don’t be fooled by fad diets, there is no easy way to lose weight. Or if you do manage to get through a ridiculous fad diet, and lose some weight, the yo-yo effect will come knocking on your door the moment you start eating normally again. The key to losing weight is patience and calorie deficit.

I have said many times, in my other articles, that there is only one way to lose weight – and that’s a calorie deficit.
For those people who don’t know what calorie deficit is I will explain now!

What is a calorie deficit?

Some basics: A calorie is a measurement of energy. The calories in the food supply your body with the energy you need to survive. When you eat food, it’s broken down by your body to release that energy to be used right away or stored for later, depending on what you need at that moment.
Your body needs to take in a certain number of calories to maintain your weight. And, so, “a calorie deficit is when you consume fewer calories than your body requires to stay at its current weight. If you take in fewer calories than your body needs, your body will turn to the calories you have stored up to burn for energy. As a result, you’ll lose weight.

How much of a calorie deficit do you need to lose weight?

It can be a little complicated to figure out your exact calorie deficit but, in general, it’s thought that consuming 500 calories less from your daily intake should lead to one pound of weight loss per week.

The classic definition is based on the fact that one pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. If you eat 500 calories less than the amount you need to maintain your weight, you will lose one pound in a week.
NOTE: I do not recommend very-low-calorie diets, when I want to lose weight, I lose weight slowly but in a healthy way. I tend to cut 200-300 calories and try to move more during the day.

We were here to find out these 8 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss – so here are my tips:

Move, Move, Move!

Move your body! Literally, go on that walk, get up from your desk, dance to the song you like, take the long way to work. Take the dog for a walk…Just move!
The calories will pile up, the more you move your body throughout the day!
Hitting the gym will be an even better idea! Lift some weights or just do what you enjoy more. I personally like to run on the treadmill.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Why? Or what is it? 
You have a window of eating. So, eat the calories you need within that window, and call it quits. Your body will benefit from it too, and it will help you stop eating when you don’t need to.

Intermittent fasting is a popular eating pattern in which people cycle between periods of fasting and eating. Short-term studies suggest intermittent fasting is as effective for weight loss as continuous calorie restriction.

Eat More Protein!

Seriously, protein will keep you full!

Eating a high-protein diet has been shown to boost metabolism by 80–100 calories per day while shaving 441 calories per day off your diet.

One study also showed that eating 25% of your daily calories as protein reduced obsessive thoughts about food by 60% while cutting desire for late-night snacking in half. Simply adding protein to your diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to lose weight.

Cut Down On Processed Food!
8 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss

Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet. Most people consume way too much. Studies show that sugar (and high-fructose corn syrup) consumption is strongly associated with an increased risk of obesity, as well as conditions including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

If you want to lose weight, cut back on added sugar, &  fast food. Just make sure to read labels, because even so-called health foods can be loaded with processed ingredients.

Eat Foods That Increase Metabolism


So what foods increase metabolism?
Here is a short-list of them:

1. Protein, like beans, tofu, seeds & nuts
2. Chili Peppers
4.Cacao, Dark Chocolate
5. Seaweed
8.Hemp Seeds
10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Spread Your Meals Throughout The Day

8 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss

8 Tips On How To Speed Weight-Loss

Now, most of us grew up eating 3 meals a day. And it’s something considered normal. What if I tell you, that I eat 5-7 times a day? And still lose weight? How?
Because I spread my calories. Like I will have 200 calorie breakfast, 100 cal snack, 350 calorie lunch, 200 calorie snack, 350 calorie dinner, and 200 calorie snack. Which will bring my total of calories to 1,400! Pretty cool, huh! I recommend trying that method! So you always end up looking forward to food, instead of having to wait 3-4 hours for your evening or lunch meal.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

Like to stay late? You are not getting enough sleep? That might slow down your weight loss!

Sleep is highly underrated but may be just as important as eating healthy and exercising.

Studies show that poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity, as it’s linked to an 89% increased risk of obesity in children and 55% in adults
So get some more zzzzs….

And Finally – Don’t Diet!

Fill your plates with healthy food instead!
Don’t follow any specific diets, like Keto, Detox Diets, The Alkaline, and all that crap that’s been selling nowadays on the market.
Dieting emphasizes food as “good” or “bad” and increases food obsessions. It does not teach healthy eating habits and rarely focuses on the nutritional value of foods and the benefit of regulated eating. Unsatisfied hunger increases mood swings and the risk of overeating.

The Bottom Line:

Numerous techniques can aid your weight loss goals. Some of the above tips are purely dietary, involving eating more protein or cutting back on processed foods.

Others — such as improving sleep quality or adding a workout routine — are more lifestyle-based. For example, chewing more slowly is one step you can take to institute mindful eating.

If you implement a handful of these tips, you’ll be well on your way to your weight loss goals.

Liked this article? have feedback? Feel free to post your questions/opinions below in the comment section! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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