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A Guide On How To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan

A Guide On How To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan

An informative Guide On How To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan.
Congratulations! You have decided, or you are thinking of going vegan – that’s the hardest step to take! The rest is easy.

Now you are already a vegetarian – that’s even better. It will make the transition to veganism so much easier.

Now, just the fact that you are here – reading my article, means that you are researching, you are curious, you are thinking to yourself “Can I go vegan? – How hard is it?” but you need that last bit to really push you over to the top, and really cement that decision in your mind completely.
Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place! I have got facts, real facts, that if they don’t convince you to go vegan, then I don’t know what will.

Let’s see what vegetarians eat that vegans don’t:


Literally, all you need to cut from your diet is these 2 things. These 2 things are the only things that don’t make you vegan. And trust me, it’s really not hard to replace these two food items in a vegan diet.
If you are a crazy dairy cheese lover, buddy, there are so many vegan cheese options out there!!
You are in luck because if you were thinking of going vegan in the late 80s or 90s, you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy all these ‘veganized’ products there are in the market today.

There is plenty of vegan cheese, vegan pizzas, vegan burgers, vegan ‘eggs’. vegan ice-cream…I mean, anything that you can think of, has got a vegan version of it – that’s pretty darn good too!

Why Go Vegan:

So, you are probably thinking “Come on, I am not eating animals, I just eat their eggs and milk” you see, I thought that too (I was vegetarian before I turned Vegan)
The problem is, well the PROBLEMS are, that first of all – you are supporting the animal industry by buying their products.
You are not buying dead animal meat, but you are buying the products from the people who kill these animals, that meat-eaters eat.

So really, it’s like buying dead animal flesh. Because you are supporting that industry, you are buying their products (dairy or eggs), so they will continue to kill animals.

The second issue is – even if you don’t willingly (directly) contribute to animal killing, you are contributing to their torture.
Let me tell you what happens in the chicken farms, from where you get those eggs you love.

The Cruelty In The Egg Industry:


1. Chickens never see the day of light.
2.Chicks are born in incubators – and they will never see their mothers.
3. The males and females are separated once born. The ‘lucky’ females will spend the rest of their lives producing eggs. Whilst the unlucky males will be tossed in the bin, or suffocated. Other methods include grounding them up alive.
4.The female chicks have the ends of their beaks cut off with a blade.
5.Hens are cramped in a cage with no space whatsoever
6.The cages are piled up on top of each other, which means urine and feces from the top layered cages drop to the bottom ones.
7.When hens die, they are often left to rot with the other living hens in the cage.
8. If a hen survives for 2 years after incredible tough, cruel life, they are then sent to be slaughtered.
9. They hung upside down and electrocuted.
10. That’s the end of their lives, their whole life was to bring those eggs to your table

The Cruelty In The Dairy Industry:


1.Cows are artificially impregnated by basically raping them using tools to insert the male sperm.
2.Shortly after birth, calves are taken away from their mothers –  and often never to see their mothers again.
3.After being taken away from their mothers, calves will spend much of their lives in extreme confinement.
4.Calves have their horn buds removed using a hot iron.
4.The milk mother cows produce for their calf is instead taken from her and sold to you in the supermarket, in the form of cheese, yogurt, or just milk.
5.After a few years of a constant cycle of pregnancy and lactation, a cow’s milk production declines – so it’s time for them to be killed.
6.They are transported to the slaughterhouse. Inside these chambers, they are shot in the head, a process meant to render them unconscious. However, it’s not always effective and many cows are still conscious when they have their throats slit.

Raising cows for their milk emits toxic greenhouse gases – namely methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide – into the atmosphere.  Nitrous oxide and methane are in fact even more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide.
Consuming dairy products puts you at an increased risk of several serious health conditions. Dairy has been linked to higher risks of various cancers, especially cancers of the breast and prostate. This is due to milk’s high levels of insulin-like growth factors.

Look, guys, I am not trying to ‘put you off’ being a vegetarian, I am merely giving you the facts and the reality of those industries.
It’s not a pretty picture, and really – you don’t need those products to survive, in fact, you are much better off without them.

Other Reasons To Go Vegan:

A Guide On How To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan

1. For The Animals – Obviously!

The exploitation, torture, and killing of the animals in itself is a very good reason.
Being vegan demonstrates true compassion for animals.

2. For The Environment

One of the most effective things an individual can do to lower their carbon footprint is to avoid all animal products. This goes way beyond the problem of cow farts!
Destroying habitats and using toxic pesticides to grow animal food, the industrial meat industry is contributing to the extinction of thousands of species, many of which haven’t even been discovered yet. We depend on a healthy environment for our own survival.

3.For Your Health

A well-planned vegan diet can provide us with everything our body needs; all the nutrients, vitamins, protein – everything.
The vegan diet is suitable for any age. Don’t think you are late, or early.
Some research has linked vegan diets with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Going vegan will also expand your knowledge in cooking, and excite your palate.
There is nothing healthier and better than homemade cooking. As a vegan, you will learn some new dishes, and perhaps even enjoy cooking a lot more.

A Guide On How To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan

So, this was my Guide On How To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan.
You are vegetarian, that’s great, you won’t just have to go cold turkey straight from being a carnivore.
You have already taken a massive step by becoming a vegetarian, you just need one more step, one tiny step forward, and become vegan for good. Ditch the dairy, ditch the eggs, save the environment, protect your health, stop feeding into those industries that torture animals.

Become vegan for you, for others, for a better world – a world of compassion.
Animals – they are our friends, and they belong to walk Earth and be alive just as much as we do – so let’s live in harmony, let’s live in peace – together.

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