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A Quick Guide On Are Mnms Vegan

A Quick Guide On Are Mnms Vegan

A Quick Guide On Are Mnms Vegan – everything you need to know.
Mnms is the type of treat you can have anywhere…at work, at the cinema, at home, literally at any time, anywhere.
The only problem is, when you go vegan, a lot of things you used to love and eat, are no longer an option. One of these is mnms…are they vegan? Let’s find out!

Are Mnms Vegan?

Unfortunately not. Mnms are not vegan because they contain milk (dairy) which is not vegan.  I know, it certainly sucks that you can’t eat mnms on a vegan diet…however, there is good news!
There are vegan alternatives to mnms. Mnms are basically milk chocolate covered peanuts, so replicating them shouldn’t be too hard.

What Are The Vegan Mnms Alternatives?

There is good news! The original mnms are not vegan-friendly, however, there are alternatives that can curb those cravings for mnms…

1. Unreal, Candy Coated Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Gems
2. Choco No No’s
3. YumEarth Organic Giggles Chewy Candy

Especially the first 2 options are the best vegan alternatives to mnms.
The beauty of veganism, especially in today’s time, is that everything the meat-eaters can eat can easily be replicated and done in a vegan way. Having a cruelty-free, environment treat is so much better than a bag of mnms.

What Are Mnms Made Of?
A Quick Guide On Are Mnms Vegan

Mnms are made using peanuts. sugar shell and milk chocolate to coat the peanuts. It’s a very simple, yet so effective and addicting treat.
Thankfully, as mentioned above, there are vegan alternatives to mnms…after all, the most popular m&m brand is peanuts covered in chocolate – so it shouldn’t be too difficult to replicate. In fact, you can easily make them at home!

A Brief History Of Mnms:

M&Ms are a product of the USA, originating from New Jersey. M&M’s were invented during WWII as a heat-resistant and easily transportable snack. They weren’t available for public consumption until after the war ended.
The original M&Ms has a semi-sweet chocolate filling which, upon introduction of other variations, was branded as the “plain, normal” variety. Peanut M&M’s, which feature a peanut coated in milk chocolate, and finally a candy shell, were the first variation to be introduced, and they remain a regular variety.

M&Ms have many varieties, a lot of which are more desired than the original these days.


So, this was my Quick Guide On Are Mnms Vegan – there was good and bad news. But let’s focus on the positive – you can still enjoy mnms, but you will just need to pick vegan alternatives.
Anyway, let me know what other vegan mnms alternatives you guys like (if  there are any) Feel free to drop a comment below, or message me directly on my social media accounts:

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Have a great day!

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