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A Quick Guide On Is Tahini Vegan

A Quick Guide On Is Tahini Vegan

A Quick Guide On Is Tahini Vegan – I will run you through in detail everything you need to know about tahini.
Tahini is one of those ingredients that require a mature palate. It’s something like olives, the older you get, the more strange flavors you start to like. Tahini has got a very strong bitter taste, and it certainly isn’t for everyone.
Tahini is an incredibly versatile ingredient. it can literally work on every single dish/recipe.

Is Tahini Vegan?

YES! It is vegan. Tahini is made from toasted sesame seeds, then blitzed until the oil is split and it turns into a runny consistency. I have got a recipe for tahini, and literally, all you need is sesame seeds and optional salt.
Tahini is an incredibly versatile ingredient.

I always recommend that you read the ingredients list of anything you buy. Just in case, I haven’t seen tahini that’s not vegan on the market (yet) but just keep an eye on the ingredients list though, you never know why they sneak milk powder these days.

What Is Tahini?

Tahini is a middle eastern ingredient, it’s used a lot in Arabic countries. Tahini is made from sesame seeds. You know peanut butter? Tahini is the same, but it’s made with sesame seeds instead of peanuts.
Hummus has got to be the most popular use of tahini.  However, cookies and desserts are up there too.

Tahini has got quite a bitter taste, so you should really have the palate for it, or simply use it in moderation. Using tahini in desserts might be your best bet if you don’t like the taste. Using it in desserts can really mask the strong tahini flavor.

Tahini is also sooo good for you! It packs a great amount of protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fat. it’s high on calories mind, so use it in moderation if you are watching your calories.

What Is Tahini Used For?
A Quick Guide On Is Tahini Vegan

Literally in everything. It’s used in desserts, dressings, dips and so much more.  It’s one of my favorite condiments, seriously. To make a quick tahini dressing, all you need is:
Tahini, lemon juice, a touch of water, miso, salt & pepper. Voila!

Another classic way to use tahini is to drizzle it on top of your stuffed pitta bread with falafel. I mean, your options are endless.


So, this was my  Quick Guide On Is Tahini Vegan – I hope you found it useful.
If you don’t massively like the taste of tahini, I still recommend you to consume it. It’s so good for you, and the more you consume something, the fonder you get. Try it on hummus first, hummus is a great way to not taste the tahini while it’s still there.

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