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Amazing Vegan Baked Stuffed Arancini

Amazing Vegan Baked Stuffed Arancini

Say hello to these Amazing Vegan Baked Stuffed Arancini, that taste incredible, that are crispy, that are satisfying and an explosion of flavors!

These Arancini are stuffed with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto And Vegan Cream Cheese! <—- to get back to what I just said earlier – an explosion of flavors! The crispness, the sourness of the sundried tomatoes, and the creaminess of the cream-cheese – this is the ultimate comfort food in a single mouthful!

What you need to know to make these arancini balls BOMB:

  • The trick to a good risotto is keeping your stock on a gentle simmer. This keeps the stock hot will mean everything cooks evenly when you add the stock to the pan.
  • Wet your hands when you’re shaping the balls. This will prevent the rice sticking to your fingers.
  • You can use any breadcrumbs you like (including gluten-free). Also, walnuts would work well as a cheaper replacement for pine nuts in the pesto.Do let me know how you found these Amazing Vegan Baked Stuffed Arancini though! And if there was anything you tried or something that worked better…Do drop me a comment below, or you can find me/message me directly on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook! I love seeing what my lovely readers think of my recipes!

Recipe makes about 12 large Arancini


1 medium-sized onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

150ml / 5 fl.oz vegan white wine

900ml / 30.4 fl.oz vegetable stock

300g / 10.6oz arborio rice

handful of fresh parsley (15g / 0.5oz)

1 lemon

4 tbsp nutritional yeast

6 tbsp vegan cream cheese

1/2 cup cornflour

1/2 cup/118ml plant-based milk

1 cup panko breadcrumbs

salt and pepper

1 tablespoon of olive oil, to brush the arancini before baking

For the sun-dried tomato pesto:

2 tablespoons of pine nuts/walnuts

120g / 4.2oz sun-dried tomatoes

2 tbsp nutritional yeast

A small handful of fresh basil leaves (10g / 0.35oz)

1/2 lemon

1/4 tsp chili flakes

salt & pepper

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 garlic clove

salt and pepper


1. Drizzle a little olive oil in a pan over a medium heat. While the oil heats up, peel and finely dice the onion and garlic. Add the onion to the pan and fry for 10 minutes or until soft, then add the garlic and fry for 2 mins.

2. Add the rice to the pan and fry for 2 minutes. Pour in the wine and simmer for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the vegetable stock in a saucepan and bring it to a gentle simmer so it stays hot. Add a ladle of stock to the pan, then stir until the liquid has been fully absorbed. Continue adding the stock a ladle at a time until the risotto rice is cooked (this should take around 20 – 25 minutes).

3. Meanwhile, chop the parsley and zest the lemon. Once the risotto is ready, transfer it to a large baking tray or dish and stir in the chopped parsley, lemon zest, juice from the lemon, nutritional yeast and pinches of salt and pepper. Set the risotto to one side until fully cool.

4. Next, for the pesto, add the pine nuts to a clean pan over a medium heat and toast for 2-5 minutes or until golden brown. Then add them to a food processor or pestle and mortar, along with the sun-dried tomatoes, nutritional yeast, basil leaves, juice of the 1/2 lemon, chili flakes, salt & pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. Finely peel the garlic clove and add it to the food processor, and process until broken down.

5. Once the risotto rice has cooled, add the cornflour and plant-based milk to a shallow bowl and whisk until fully combined. Then transfer the breadcrumbs to another separate bowl.

6. Next, scoop approximately 60g (0.2oz) or a spoonful of the rice mixture into your hand and press down to create a flat circle. Tip: wet your hands to prevent the rice sticking to your fingers. Add 1/2 a tablespoon of vegan cream cheese and 1/2 a tablespoon of pesto into the middle, then close in the edges. Spoon another 20g (0.7oz) of rice mixture on top to encase the filling.

7. Use your hands to shape the mixture into a compact ball, then roll the ball in the cornflour mixture, followed by the panko breadcrumbs until it’s fully coated. Repeat until you have rolled all the rice mixture into balls. You should be left with 12 or so balls. Place the ready balls onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

8. Preheat oven to 420F/200C. Spray/Brush the arancini balls with some olive oil and bake in the oven for about 35 minutes, flipping them halfway through so they cook evenly.
Alternatively, you can fry them, but I chose to bake them for a slightly healthier option! These are best eaten immediately!

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