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Are Pretzels Vegan: A Quick Guide

Are Pretzels Vegan: A Quick Guide

Are Pretzels Vegan: A Quick Guide that will run you through everything you need to know about pretzels and whether they are vegan.
Pretzels are comfort food. They are crunchy, salty and so satisfying. They are a very comforting quick snack, not the healthiest, but it certainly is delicious.

When you switch to veganism, there are so many questions you need answering; you are here today, which means you have asked yourself this question “Are pretzels vegan?” Let’s find out!

Are Pretzels Vegan?

The answer is yes, but there is a but. As with any shop-bought goods,  it’s important that you check the ingredients at the pack, to see if there is any milk powder or egg going on in there.
Technically, pretzels should be vegan and a lot of brands are. Pretzels are made with flour, salt, and oil. These are all technically vegan ingredients.

What About Soft Pretzels? Are They Vegan?
Are Pretzels Vegan: A Quick Guide

When I buy soft pretzels, they are normally out of a bakery, so always make sure you as the person at the bakery whether they are vegan. Technically as I said, if made traditionally, they should be vegan, but always ask! A lot of bakeries that sold soft pretzels had butter or milk in them, so check with the bakery before you go and buy blindly.
There is nothing better than a hot soft pretzel at the mall while you are shopping – what’s even better, is that they are very likely to be vegan too 😉

What Pretzels Are Vegan?

Shop bought pretzels tend to be crispy and small, normally in a packet, so I will drop a couple of vegan brands that never fail to disappoint:

  1. Rold Gold Tiny Twists Pretzels
  2. Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels
  3. Quinn Wholegrain Pretzel Twists
  4. Utz Sourdough Specials Pretzels

And the list goes on. But as I said, always read the back of the packet – check the ingredients, always!

A Brief History Of Pretzels:
Are Pretzels Vegan: A Quick Guide

Pretzel is a type of baked pastry made from dough that is commonly shaped into a knot. Its unique shape is what distinguishes it from other baked goods and makes it a tiny bit more special.
It’s a technic in itself,  achieving that shape by hand.

The origin of pretzels is not quite known for sure, but Germany could be one of the countries that the pretzels originate from.
Pretzels have been consumed for many many years, it’s quite the ‘ancient’ baked good if you like. Each country has its own twist on how they make pretzels. Even the shape tends to vary from country to country.

Pretzels can be done sweet and savory, crunchy and soft. They can be enjoyed as a snack, or as a breakfast.


Are Pretzels Vegan: A Quick Guide – I hope this was good news! You can eat pretzels on a vegan diet – yey!
As I said above, pretzels aren’t the healthiest snack, but everything in moderation is fine. I eat pretzels sometimes, and I am supposed to be the health freak.
Now go get some pretzels!

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Have a great day!

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