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Beat Acne With Diet

Beat Acne With Diet
You Can Beat Acne With Diet For Good, Not With Skin-Products!

The skincare industry currently in 2019 is worth $141.3 billion! That is insane! I am sorry to break it to you, but there is no magic cream or product that will clean your skin for good.
They may help you, but you will never completely get rid of the problem. The skincare industry doesn’t want you to be cured, they want you to keep coming back for more. That’s how they make their money, why would they want you to get rid of the problem, if your problem is filling their pockets?

People think that they can just fix the problem from the outside by buying expensive skincare products and hope for the best. What people don’t seem to realize is that the problem needs to be solved from the inside, because that’s from where they are getting the issues in the first place.

This might come off as a rude example, but I believe it will help you understand better:

The rot in an apple begins from the inside and grows and grows and grows until it finally affects the skin from the outside, and you know its rotten inside because the skin from the outside is telling you so!

So people start putting expensive creams and products to their skin, thinking it would work….but it just won’t, because the problem is not from the outside but from the inside!

You reflect what you have from the inside to the outside. And how do we fix that from the inside? You can’t buy a skin product and drink it, so we solve it with a diet!

Diet will not only save you hundreds, but it will also cure/reverse so many other health-related issues without you even realizing it.
Let’s have a look at the reasons why you might be getting acne and bad skin.

1. Your diet is too rich in refined sugar!

Beat Acne With Diet

Sugar is one of the main reasons for having bad skin. Excess sugar causes inflammation in your body. Eating too many foods with a high glycemic index can lead to inflammation in the body, which affects the skin.
High-glycemic foods such as white bread, soda, salad dressings, candy, and other baked goods contain refined and processed sugars and starches that cause your insulin to spike.

When you eat sugar, insulin levels rise, which subsequently increases the inflammation in the skin. And since inflammation is a key component in the formation of acne, you end up seeing flare-ups and an increase in the amount of acne on your face.
The good news is you don’t have to completely eliminate sugar to get your skin looking great, you just need to pay attention to where it’s coming from.

There is a difference between added sugars and the sugars that are naturally found in foods such as fruits and vegetables, including these foods in your diet is OK because they add nutrients and nutritious value to your diet.
For clear and healthy skin, it’s the processed sugars and simple carbohydrates you want to avoid, but of course, don’t stress too much, obviously, we can treat ourselves every once and a while.

A moderate amount of sugar in your diet is unlikely to have clinically evident effects on the skin, but excessive levels of sugar may exacerbate skin aging in the long term. In general, lowering sugar and saturated fats and increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and omega fatty acids is prudent advice for skin health as well as overall health.

It always goes down to the same problem when it comes down to health-related issues; if you eat highly processed food you will have problems! Not just for your skin, you will struggle with other health-related issues.

Eating healthy and avoiding processed food is your solution to every single problem.
Of course, the skincare industry doesn’t want you to know that, because that’s how they make their billions, by selling their products to people who have already messed up their diet and need the magic cream.

2. Diet Rich In Junk/Highly Processed Food.

Junk food

This is another big reason for having bad skin!
Processed food causes inflammation in your body, most of the processed food you buy is loaded with salt. Not to mention sugar too and trans fats. Salt makes you dehydrated because it retains water. Dehydration causes inflammation.

3. Dairy Products…Yes, Cheese!


Cheese goes to the category of processed food.
There’s significant evidence to support that dairy can irritate or cause acne for some people. Dairy cows are treated with artificial hormones that affect their milk supply.
Those hormones may throw your hormones off balance when you consume milk products. This could trigger acne. Another theory is that the growth hormones already in milk naturally aggravate acne no matter what.

Another theory is that milk products, when combined with the high levels of refined foods and processed sugars, disrupt insulin levels and make skin more prone to acne. When we digest the milk, they release a hormone similar to insulin, called IGF-1.
This hormone is known to trigger breakouts.
Sometimes the hormones in milk can also interact with our own hormones, confusing our body’s endocrine system and signaling breakouts. Lactose is the natural sugar present in milk. After infancy, it becomes more difficult for humans to break lactose down and digest it.

And if you belong to the 65 percent of people who are lactose intolerant, your acne-related breakout could be due to a lactose sensitivity or allergic reaction. Have you ever read or heard anyone saying that chocolate or pizza makes their acne worse? It’s because both of these foods contain DAIRY.

3. Intolerances to certain foods

Beat Acne With Diet

You might be mildly lactose intolerant or to Gluten, so spotty skin could be one of the side effects.
So, another reason why dairy might be the reason for your bad skin.
A popular misconception is that food intolerances just affect the digestive system, but this is far from the case, and skin conditions such as acne are an equally common sign of intolerance. Whilst acne could be triggered by an intolerance of any kind, some foods and drinks are known for being particularly problematic.

For example, an intolerance to alcohol can trigger acne, as it can result in the skin becoming dehydrated. This causes it to hold onto dead skin cells that would otherwise be shed, increasing the chance of hair follicles becoming blocked.
However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to food and acne, things really are individual; just because one person’s breakouts are triggered by alcohol, gluten or dairy, doesn’t mean that yours will be.

The only real way to tell if food is contributing to your acne is to get to the bottom of things with a food intolerance test.

4. You Are Not Drinking Enough Water!

Beat Acne With Diet
Certainly, water intake helps you keep yourself hydrated. Your body and skin feel rejuvenated as you are hydrated.
Hydration helps your skin from going dry and flaky and helps you fight skin acne and many other skin issues you may get in the future. Drinking enough water is hydrating your skin cells.
Especially when you have dry skin, it helps in getting rid of dead skin cells which may show up on your face too. By drinking water, you help yourself from building up toxins which can be a cause for acne. It may also help you fight bacteria responsible for your acne because drinking water helps you flush out toxins.

Inflammation is one of the reasons due to less water in the body. Drinking water can help you fight inflammation and thereby reducing the lifespan of the acne. As we already read from above, the inflammation in your body causes acne. One of the reasons why eating fruit and vegetables is beneficial to your skin, is because they contain high amounts of water in them!

5. Your Genes

Beat Acne With Diet

Yes, unfortunately, your genes could potentially be one of the reasons for your bad skin. But, improving your diet will most definitely help your battle with bad skin and you will definitely notice improvement.
It can be a bit more difficult, and it might take longer until you see results, but as we mentioned earlier, healthy eating can reverse so many health-related issues.

Blaming Genes for your problems, like weight, and skin issues is an excuse for not trying to get better. It can all be solved with determination, motivation and a healthy diet!


6. Alcohol Consumption

Beat Acne With Diet

Alcohol is a natural diuretic, which means the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become. As we mentioned earlier, being dehydrated can be very bad for your skin. Alcohol saps the natural moisture from your skin as well, which can make wrinkles a lot worse. It can also trigger rosacea outbreaks.

7. Fizzy Drinks


The main ingredient in the fizzy drinks is sugar! So we are going back to number one in this article. You can start connecting the dots now!
If you think drinking no added sugar fizzy drinks or diet coke can do the trick, it won’t. Because they use highly processed artificial sweeteners to make it taste sweet. So we are going back to processed food, which if we remember from earlier, is bad for our skin!


The most commonly used sweeteners are – aspartame, acesulfame-K, saccharin, and stevia leaf extract. For instance, in Diet Coke and Coke Zero, they use a blend of acesulfame-K and aspartame. If you think all this crap is better and you will be able to get away with it, you are not. In fact, these may even be worse than regular sugar.
A lot of the fizzy drinking contains caffeine, and caffeine dehydrates your body.

8. Consuming Too Much Caffeine


Caffeine dehydrates you as we mentioned earlier!
Consuming too much caffeine doesn’t necessarily cause acne, but it can most definitely worsen it. Caffeine makes you feel alert and awake but also leads to a heightened stress response in the body.
Stress hormones, such as cortisol, may increase the amount of oil produced by your sebaceous glands, meaning you can be more prone to breakouts.

The Bottom Line:

In Order to Beat Acne WIth Diet, you have to change your lifestyle in order to see results.
Unfortunately eating healthy for a day or a week won’t solve your health problems.
You need to make it an everyday thing, a lifestyle, and most importantly you need to enjoy it!
It can be very difficult to make this big change, it’s a process. So take it easy, one step at the time!

Don’t give up, start small and be realistic.
Some days you will end up eating a slice of cake and drinking 2L of coca-cola, but that’s fine. Don’t think all the efforts so far were for nothing, we are humans don’t forget.
As long as you eat healthy tomorrow and try to eat healthy as much as possible before you realize it, you would go months without drinking any fizzy drinks!

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