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Benefits Of Eating Sweet Potato

Benefits Of Eating Sweet Potato
The Benefits Of Eating Sweet Potato are many!
Sweet potatoes are amazing,  so versatile, so delicious. You can do so much with them, but let’s start with the health benefits:

1. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber

As well as containing an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, and they’re a good source of most of our B vitamins and vitamin C. One of the key nutritional benefits of sweet potato is that they’re high in an antioxidant known as beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A once consumed.

Nutritional value per 100:
Energy (90 kcal)
Carbohydrates 20.7g of which  Sugars 6.5 g
Dietary fiber 3.3g
Fat 0.15g
Protein 2.0g

2. Sweet potatoes can also help manage diabetes

Sweet potatoes are categorized as low to high on the glycemic index scale, and several studies have indicated that it can minimize the occurrence of insulin resistance and low blood sugar levels, as well as high blood sugar in people who are suffering from diabetes.

Their low glycemic index means that the sweet potatoes release sugar into the bloodstream slowly, unlike other starchy foods. This steady release of sugar is what aids in controlling the blood sugar levels of individuals so that it does not go low or high.
Also, sweet potatoes can be used in the regulation of blood sugar levels. This regulation is witnessed in both types of diabetes, type I and type II.

3. Your Gut Health Will Improve

Benefits Of Eating Sweet Potato

The fiber and antioxidants in sweet potatoes are advantageous to gut health. Sweet potatoes contain two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble Your body cannot digest either type. Therefore, fiber stays within your digestive tract and provides a variety of gut-related health benefits.

Fiber-rich diets containing 20–33 grams per day have been linked to a lower risk of colon cancer and more regular bowel movements. The antioxidants in sweet potatoes may provide gut benefits as well.

4. Sweet potatoes are anti-inflammatory food

Sweet potatoes contain a significant amount of vitamins, most of which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
Including sweet potatoes in your diet, will significantly reduce the chance of inflammatory in your body.

Also, sweet potatoes have a high concentration of choline, which is a very versatile nutrient. One of the main benefits of choline is that it reduces inflammatory responses in the body resulting in less inflammation.|
As we already know from this article —> Beat Acne With Diet 
Inflammation in your body can cause spots and bad skin, that is why it’s important we consume foods that have anti-inflammatory properties!

5. Sweet Potatoes Are Good For Weight Loss

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, which means that it will keep you feeling full for longer.
Studies have shown that one of the major soluble dietary fibers in sweet potatoes, pectin, is effective at reducing food intake, reducing weight gain, and also increasing the activity of satiety hormones in the body.

Scientific studies have also shown that a higher intake of fibers is strongly correlated to reduced body weight. An increase in the consumption of sweet potatoes will result in an increase in fiber intake, which will, in turn, lead to lower body weight.

6. Sweet Potatoes Are Extremely Versatile


Baked Sweet Potato With Crispy Chickpeas And Tahini


Healthy Sweet Potato Brownie

Sweet Potato Brownies

From savory dishes to desserts, pancakes, pies, salads, sweet/savory muffins and so much more! They are incredible! And as we mentioned above, they are so sweet and guilt-free and are an excellent healthy alternative to sugar.

And the Benefits Of Eating Sweet Potato can go on…

Now, if you feel like you are going to be including sweet potatoes in your diet, let me link you a couple of yummy recipes you can do with them:

Guilt-free high protein sweet potato brownies:

Baked Sweet Potatoes With Crispy Chickpeas and Tahini

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    Ever since I started my fitness journey, I always try to have a slice of a sweet potato in my plate. Thank you so so much for this amazing article! Learned a lot ♥

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