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Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland: Reviewed By a Vegan

Are you vegan, in Portland, and hungry? I know that feeling! But don’t worry, that is exactly what I am here for. I am here to tell you all of the best vegan places to chow down even when you’re out of town and somewhere new. 

Today, we will look at Portland, Oregon. They are known for the glorious smell of coffee in the morning, the misty air, and gorgeous green trees. It is also one of the most vegan cities in the United States, with over 60 eateries that are totally vegan

Of course, with such a vegan presence the other dining options have to at least add a few vegan options to their repertoire. 

This city is now known as being a vegan hub, with food, lifestyle, and more! But, today we are focusing on food because we all know that the heart is truly in the stomach. 

So, let me take you on a journey through the best of vegan bites in Portland, going through each epic section of this wonderful city in the Pacific Northwest! 

Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland

Vegan Eats In Portland! 

What exactly makes this city tick? What makes it rank so high in the vegan community? It can’t just be the number of vegan eateries (although it is impressive I must admit). 

No, it is actually the fact you can head anywhere you want and get some tasty vegan food! 

But, with vegan shops, restaurants, and cafes around, why would you head to a non-vegan place? What is epic about this city is that it’s not just the food, there is even a place here that does exclusively vegan tattoos! 

But, sticking to food, now… let’s get chewing down. We will start with cafes… because nothing quite beats a coffee to wake you up in the morning!

The Best Vegan Cafes! 

Starting with a place for the morning wake-up bean enthusiasts (like myself). 

There are some truly great places to start your day with a vegan coffee in a vegan cafe. Let’s take a look! 

Sweetpea Baking Company

Photo Credit @sweetpea

Sweetpea Baking Company has been producing vegan specialties for some years now, and always at high quality. 

If you love donuts, go on a Saturday and enjoy your favorite vegan donuts. If you prefer cronuts then go on a Monday! 


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 9am-3pm

As well as all the sweet treats you can get here, Sweetpea serves a gorgeous savory breakfast that packs a punch, and let’s not forget their salad selection. 

Considering they started in 2005 and are still going strong they are considered one of the oldest vegan dining establishments in the area.

Jet Black Coffee Company

Photo credit @JetBlackCoffe

Enjoy some Water Avenue Coffee right here. It is gorgeous.


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 7am – 3pm

My favorite thing about this place is how they stock up on items from vegan bakeries such as Sweetpea, Shoofly, and Bowery Bagels. So, you know you are getting quality!

Tiny Moreso

Photo Credit @tinymoresopdx

You will also find this establishment on NE 42nd. Its whole menu is gluten-free and vegan, with the only exception being some honey-inclusive items. 

You can have a morning breakfast of toast with avocado, or maybe some nut butter.


Opening Hours:

Tue-Thur: 11am – 5pm

Fri-Sat: 11am – 7pm

Sun & Mon: CLOSED

Check out this location to enjoy some seasonal cheesecakes, with some smoothies and fresh juices. If you want something heavier, they have paninis, soups, and salads. It is perfect for lunch, dinner, or brunch! 

Nectar Cafe

Photo Credit @Nectar Cafe

This cafe roasts its own beans, so if you love coffee with a passion, this is the place to be. 

They are found on NE 42nd and even have a fresh juice bar inside which makes some tasty smoothies. Their menu produces plenty of vegan treats, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

You can enjoy kombucha, chai, and matcha, as well as some teas. 


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 7:30am – 5pm

Sat-Sun: 8am – 5pm.

I will never stop raving about their unique cocktails, although Rise N Shine is probably my favorite. Who doesn’t want some bourbon and heavy coconut cream cocktail to relax?

Shoofly Vegan Bakery & Cafe

Photo Credit @Shoofly Vegan Bakery & Cafe

This place is without a doubt a titan of the Vegan Portland Scene, they have got everything going for them. Pies, cookie trays, cupcakes, and specialty cupcakes. 

Serving their baked goods with seasonal food and fresh fruit, if you want top-tier cake, you know where to come! 


Opening Hours:

Mon- Sat: 8am – 3pm


If you want coffee, a bit of breakfast, or even just a calming place to enjoy a cuppa and a cake in the middle of a hard day, this is where you should be! 

The Best Vegan Restaurant Dining

Photo Credit @epifpdx

Best In The NorthEast


Looking for a vegan restaurant and pisco bar? Well, this one takes its inspiration from the Andes. The owners are Chilean, and they give your vegan dish a South American twist. 

It’s a bit on the fancy side, but that is nothing to complain about.


Opening Hours:

Wed-Thur: 5pm – 8pm

Fri-Sat: 5pm – 9pm


Fill your belly with some gorgeous baked and fried empanadas. You can also feast on small plates, sopapillas, sopas, and salads all made from pumpkin bread. 

It is one of the biggest pisco bars in the US, and is well worth trying!

Erica’s Soul Food

Photo Credit @ericas soul food

Vegan food truck? Yes, please! 

This is a food truck found on NE Russell Street. It gives you a mouthful of flavor that comes from the American South. 

Boiled Peanuts! Yes, that’s right. Oiled fresh for 10 hours with onions and tomatoes, it is better than it sounds! It reminds you of boiled crawfish, but… just, vegan!


Opening Hours:

Wed-Sat: 12pm-2pm/ 4pm-7pm

Grab yourself some chicken wings, which are deep-fried, and then tossed over in her special sauce. 

Enjoy my favorite, smothered tofu in mushroom gravy served over delicate white rice. 

Ben & Esther’s Vegan Jewish Deli

Photo Credit @Ben & Esther’s

Jewish diets and vegan diets are not all that different, not when you consider strict Jewish kosher law. That is why this place is an epic place to have a small bite. With classics such as matzo balls, whitefish bagels, knishes, lox bagels, and challah bread all done vegan/


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 7am – 3pm

Try out their tasty vegan potato latkes as well. Find them at easy access on NE Sandy! 

Blossoming Lotus 

Photo Credit @Blossoming Lotus

This place serves some delicious vegan dining and has been for quite some time. They cover plenty of different dishes, barbecue, taco salads, mac ‘n’ cheese, and even brown rice bibimbap. 

You can get chili coils, pickled carrots, scallions, and more! 


Opening Hours:

Mon-Thur: 11am – 8pm

Fri: 11am – 9pm

Sat: 9:30am – 9pm

Sun: 9:30am – 8pm.

Their drinks are just as divine, with lavender lemonade, iced coconut chai, and kombucha. On NW 21st they also have a place where you can get a more limited menu with some fresh juice! 

Best In The SouthEast



Photo Credit @SushiLove

SushiLove is found on SE 82nd Avenue and is the hotspot for totally vegan sushi. Something I never thought I would see in all my life. 

Their entire cart is 100% vegan and it is also 100% gluten-free. They serve up elegant rolls which are totally delicious as well as lobster salad, served up with avocado, cheese, and also cucumber. 


Opening Hours:

Temporarily Closed

You will also get some edamame with some spicy garlic and ginger sauce, and also miso soup. There are plenty of options to satiate your sushi cravings. 

Paradox Cafe

Paradox Cafe

Photo Credit @Paradox Cafe

Paradox cafe is a primarily vegan dining place as it is only a few blocks south of the park, so it is ideal to get a snack. It is ideal to have a bite here and then enjoy a walk through the park.


Opening Hours:

Non Disclosed

This is a nice little spot, but we have to note just how many vegan places there are in this area of Portland. Perhaps the most on the planet. 


Photo Credit @marista

Mirisata served up some vegan food with a flare. They have impossible beef rolls, polos cutlets, and more. Come here if you want some heat, although you can get some milder dishes. 

I recommend their sunday brunch menu, where you can get many options, although they do have more on their veggie menu, their vegan menu is not half bad. 


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 12pm – 9pm

They give you a meal that is spiced up and spruced up so you get the best of your meal, whether you like it hot enough to burn your face off, or just mild and enjoyable.

Next Level Burger

Photo Credit @Next Level Burger

Visit SE Hawthorne and you will find Next Level Burger. You can get some vegan burgers and vegan dogs with some organic fresh toppings. This place is the epitome of vegan fast food done the right way,


Opening Hours:


Fri-Wed: 11am – 10pm

You can get tater tots and chili fries here, something you cannot always get at other vegan eateries. 

La Taquiza Vegeana

Photo Credit @La Taquiza Vegeana

Portland vegans tend to enjoy this place when they have a hankering for a lot of Mexican food. Enjoy beans, tacos, and rice? Get them all here. 


Opening Hours:


Wed-Sun: 12pm – 7pm

La Taquiza Vegeana is a food cart that can serve up tacos laced with potatoes, chorizo, cilantro, and so on. Enjoy some Mexican flavoring and chow down like a king. 

Virtuous Pie


Here they dish out vegan pizzas, appetizers, desserts, and ice cream. Okay, I feel you, it’s called Virtuous Pie, but they serve pizza. But, who cares? You can get Stranger Wings pizza with a basket of fried ‘wings’. 


Opening Hours:

Mon-Thur: 11am – 10pm

Fri-Sun: 11am – 11pm

If you aren’t a big pizza person then you can enjoy their salads and mac ‘n’ cheese! 

Obon Skoudo

Vegan Japanese food is not always easy to find. But, if you are in the mood for some Japanese food, this place is the place to go. On SE Grand Avenue. 


Opening Hours:

Wed-Mon: 11:30am – 9pm

I highly recommend garlic with white miso onigiri, it will surely fill your belly and make your eyes hungry. Tofu Katsu, Katsu Curry, Teppanyaki, and Giant tater tots are all up for grabs. 

Try their bento too! 

Hemp Bar

Photo Credit @Hemp Bar

Hemp Bar is the ideal place if you are ready for a drink, but booze seems like a bit much, and you just want to have a nice vegan place to enjoy a cocktail. 

You can get a tasty CBD-infused drink here, they make cannabis into awesome craft cocktails and mocktails.


Opening Hours:

Fri-Sun: 12pm – 6pm

Mon-Thur: 2pm – 6pm


I especially enjoyed the spiced cranberry fizz, Horchata cold brew, and the CBD seltzer. Nibbling on their buffalo tofu wrap also made it all that much better.

Van Hanh

photo credit @Van Hanh

If you enjoy Asian appeal in your food, try this vegan and veggie place which will serve up vegan beef pho, spicy noodles, vegan fish cakes, and lemongrass chicken.  


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 10am – 8pm

Van Hanh mostly serves Vietnamese food, so if that is your kind of thing, give them a try. They are found in the SE Division.

Mama Dut

Mama Dut

Photo Credit @Mama Dut

This is another Vietnamese dining opportunity. They serve up comfort foods like bao buns pho, and crispy vegan pork belly. They are a wonder in their own right with so many options. 


Opening Hours:


Wed-Sun: 12pm – 2:30pm/ 3:30pm-7pm

While Vietnamese dining is not for everyone, if you do enjoy a vegan plate of tasty Vietnamese dining, this is probably the best (and coziest) place you could go!

Best In The NorthWest!


photo Credit @Harlow

This is a comfy, cozy cafe that serves up vegan and veggie food. Found on NW 23rd where you can find bowls, wraps, and many smoothies of different types.


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 9am – 8pm

Honestly, my opinion of this place is that it is a great place for variety and tastes best in the summer!

The Whole Bowl

Photo Credit @The Whole Bowl

This is a simplistic and cheap place to get vegan food found on NW 23rd. Their bowls are all sans gluten and wheat, as well as other foods people do not always want to eat. 

While they are not strictly vegan, they are a great place to make things vegan. That’s right, their dishes can be made vegan if you just ask!


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 11am – 8pm

While I know we would all prefer if you didn’t have to ask for them to be made vegan, it does make it easier to pick out anything you enjoy 

Homegrown Smoker

This dining space is actually a food truck that is on the city outskirts, and if I’m honest, it’s not really Northwest, it is over the river. However, they are worth the trip across the water. 

Selling buffalo wings, barbecue rib plates, chili cheese fries, and hush puppies. Why would you not be psyched about this food truck?


Opening Hours:


Wed-Sat: 11am – 8:30pm

Sun: 11am – 8pm

It is comfort food fit for a king! You won’t regret a trip here!

Best In The SouthWest!

Plant Based Papi

There is not a lot in the South West, but the one place there stands out strong. 

It may even be the best vegan food most of us have ever tasted! It was once a pop-up, not a brick-and-mortar dining spot that makes every vegan drool.


Opening Hours:

Tue-Sat: 4pm – 9pm


They serve up Latin American food which dips into multiple cuisines, you can get some comfort food such as mac ‘n’ cheese, fried chicken, vegan parm with Italian bread, and even a good ol’ burger! 

Just try and say no!

Black Owned Vegan Dining

Dirty Lettuce

Dirty lettuce won’t make you feel dirty. You can find them on NE Fremont and enjoy their many southern dishes and bites like shrimp, grits, jambalaya, BBQ ribs, and candied yams.

Oh, yeah, and they are 100% vegan, so you can enjoy it without worry.


Opening Hours:

Thur-Sun: 12pm – 8pm


Dirty lettuce is our favorite as they have so many delicious options you can’t say no to, and it is all vegan and regional dining!

Fuel Cafe

Pop down to the Northeast there is Fuel Cafe on NE Alberta. You can get some great brunch food here. 

There are not droves of vegan options but the ones they do have are amazing. 


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 8am – 3pm

Chow down with their biscuits and gravy, a breakfast burrito, migas, or even a tofu scramble to start your day off the right way!

Bole Ethiopian 

Photo Credit @Bole Ethiopian

Here you will find a whole page of vegan options offering Eastern African food. The dishes are well-seasoned and delicious, it really hits the spot.


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 12pm – 9pm


Whether you are hankering for something new or are missing African dining, you can get it perfectly done here, and perfectly vegan!

Akadi West African PDX


Head to the SouthEast to find this family-owned establishment with homemade recipes that have traveled through the generations. 

It is found in SE Division and is the result of Cote D’Ivoire’s imagination. 

The menu is not 100% vegan, but they have plenty of vegan options there. 


Opening Hours:

Wed-Sun: 5pm – 10pm


I highly recommend the spicy okra with fufu, it is a delicious dish. Oh, and eating is different here, eating is a communal act, so sharing food is encouraged. Take your vegan buddies there and share!

Vegan-Friendly Dining 

Uchu Sushi & Fried Chicken


Dishing out warm edamame, green dragon rolls, vegan rolls, and a vegan tempura roll, if you want vegan sushi… or just some tasty fried chicken this is the only place you need to go to! 

Try their vegan Iggy Popper to have your mind and stomach blown!


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 12pm – 10pm

Los Gorditos

Photo Credit @losgorditospdx

Los Gorditos is not 100% vegan but they do have a menu of veganized Mexican cuisine. You can find them in 5 different spots around the town, so you are never too far away from a vegan taco or torta!


Opening Hours:

(Subject to location) 

12th & Division: Mon-Sat 10am – 9pm/ Sun: 10am – 6pm.

NW Davis: Mon-Fri: 10am – 4pm

83rd & Powell: Mon-Sat: 11am – 8pm/ Sun: 10am – 6pm.

50th & Division: Mon-Sat: 10am – 9pm/ Sun: 10am – 6pm. 

North Killingsworth: Mon-Sat: 11am – 8pm.

Rudy’s Pizza PDX

Photo Credit @Rudy’s Pizza PDX

Want vegan pizza? Go here, it is all you could ever dream of! Get a hearty cheesy bread and some vegan nuts on the side!


Opening Hours:

Sun-Thu: 11am – 10pm

Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm

Finding Good Vegan Eats In Portland – Have A Good BITE!

This city is absolutely covered in epic vegan food options, honestly, I know I missed out on a few, these are just the ones that carved their way into my brain with their prominence. 

I hope this list gets you the food your tummy desires, and you can enjoy a wonderful experience in the Portland vegan food scene. 

Although this city is famous for its coffee and its donuts, it is a great place where vegans can dine without any worry, with so many options. It truly is a city for the frantically enthusiastic foodie! 

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