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Can Calories Be Absorbed Through The Skin: The Facts

So many of us spend so much time counting calories and worrying about what will add up to the calories, we often worry about how many we ingest, but… can you absorb calories through your skin?

It may seem like a strange question, but the truth is, most of us actually have absolutely no idea how our body processes calories, if we all did, they probably wouldn’t be such a problem. 

So, before you get stressed and start wondering how your body absorbs calories, and get worried about everything around you influencing your calorie intake let’s answer your questions.

Can Calories Be Absorbed Through The Skin

Can You Absorb Calories From Oil On Your Skin?

The simple answer is no, your skin isn’t your digestive system, which means it will not absorb any calories. It is totally possible that your body can absorb substances that contain a calorific value through the skin, such as the fat often used in skin creams, for example, however, the actual calories would be of 0 used as nutrition as they don’t reach the digestive tract, so actually… Do nothing. 

You can absorb things that contain calories through your skin, but you cannot actually absorb calories through your skin. 

Where In Your Body Do You Absorb Calories?

You cannot absorb calories through your skin because your body can only absorb calories in one place: Your small intestine

Calories are all absorbed inside the small intestine. The majority of digestion of fat will be absorbed once it reaches your small intestine, which is also where the nutrients you have ingested are also absorbed. 

In essence, it is your digestive tract that absorbs calories, thus you need to digest something to gain calorific value from it. 

You can use a calorie deficit calculator to establish how many calories you should be consuming a day.

Identifying this can help you cut down on the amount of food you consume, which can with weight loss.

Can You Absorb Calories Through Smell?

You cannot gain calories through smell, as aromas do not enter the digestive tract, and nor do smells contain calories. However, researchers do believe that the smells of foods can affect how the human body responds to calories. 

This actually means that the people who are unable to smell their foods might actually burn calories, whereas people who do smell their food may be more likely to store them. 

This comes from the theory that the body’s sense of smell could possibly be linked to the body’s ability to store fat and how it burns fat. 

So, smells do not directly make you gain weight or take in more calories, but they could be influencing how our bodies process calories and perhaps even impact our metabolic rate. 

Does Lotion Have Calories?


Skin creams and lotions do not provide your body with any calories, as calories are processed in the digestive tract. Skin creams do often contain calories, however, they are not safe to eat, so you will not gain any calories. 

Your skin cannot absorb calories either, so any calories inside of lotion cannot be absorbed into your body. 

Calories are absorbed inside your stomach and your intestines by ingesting food and breaking down the molecules of said food. Your skin does not ingest or break down any of the oils from beauty products for energy use. 

All lotions do is add moisture and hydration to your skin to aid in preventing dryness and maintaining elasticity, there is no energy gained from lotions. 

“But, I feel more energetic after I have had a skin treatment?” 

This can be true, but not due to calories, simply from feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Does Putting Oil On Your Body Make You Fat?

When you apply an oil-based cream to your skin to add that extra moisture, the oils and fats inside of the cream are not absorbed into your body to make you gain any extra weight. Your skin does not absorb calories or fats that can influence your weight

Skin oils only affect your skin. 

Does Lotion Make You Gain Weight?

Lotion does not make you gain weight. The function of oils in moisturizing products is to help reinforce lipids in the stratum corneum (skin) to make it more difficult for hydration to escape, and thus keep your skin moist, flexible, and soft.

What Happens When Your Skin Absorbs Oil?

When your skin absorbs oils, the essential molecules are able to pass through the skin’s outer layer, it then passes into the dermis, capillaries, and bloodstream. 

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