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Can I Be Vegan And Still Feed My Pets Meat?

As a vegan, you can be serious about your diet and your veganism or more lenient. As a vegan myself, I teeter somewhere between the two. I will use things that contain sugar, but am very cautious of food flavorings, because… You never know. 

If you are lenient about your veganism, chances are you are probably not too bothered by having to feed your cat or dog a meat-based diet. However, some stricter vegans may have some reservations about it. 

Most of us have seen that video where a woman discusses keeping her dog on a vegan diet, and most of us know the uproar that video caused, but what we all want to know is if what she was doing was right or wrong. 

Can I Be Vegan And Still Feed My Pets Meat

Can you be vegan and feed your pets meat? 

Honestly, this is up to you, however, I would recommend that if you are not comfortable with feeding a cat or dog meat get a different pet instead, such as a rabbit, or even a parrot!

How Do Vegans Justify Feeding Their Cats & Dogs Meat?

When it comes to vegans who are cat or dog owners, there is a justifiable reason to feed their pets meat. While humans are omnivores naturally, we can survive on either type of diet as long as we get enough nutrition. 

Cats and dogs, however, do not do well on this type of diet. A dog is more likely to survive on a vegan diet but you would have to be so strict about their nutrition and to get enough they’d have to be eating near constantly. And that is one hell of a lot of poop to be picking up. 

Cats are 100% unable to be vegan. Would you try and give a lion a salad? No? The same goes here. Even our house cats need to be on a meat-based diet. 

These animals naturally and biologically need to eat meat, their bodies require it. Therefore if you did not give the pet the nutrition it needs, the pet will likely get sick and likely die. This would be classed as neglect and animal abuse. 

Circling back around to that online video with the woman who was feeding her dog a vegan diet… There were countless comments about it being animal abuse. So, is it? Well, technically yes. 

You see, a veggie diet can suit a dog, every now and again, but dogs require a lot of protein, even more than we do, and a vegan diet would not provide this (though a vegetarian diet might), therefore, the dog will be malnourished, even if he is devouring half your fridge every day! 

Vegans justify feeding their cats and dogs meat because it is a natural requirement for them, they have to have these foods to be able to survive. 

If you are not comfortable with feeding a pet a meat-based diet, it is best to get a pet that survives on a veggie diet.

(Similarly, if you have a reptile and you are not comfortable with feeding it live insects, then it is best not to get one of these pets, as they need to eat insects as part of their biological requirements).

Can Vegans Have Dogs?

Can I Be Vegan And Still Feed My Pets Meat

Vegans can indeed have pet dogs, however, if you are not comfortable with meeting the dog’s needs (i.e. a meat-based diet) then it is best not to get a dog. 

Remember, it is a personal choice, and understanding species differences, we can be perfectly healthy on a vegan diet, but it is highly unlikely that dogs can. 

Even if you want a dog and decide they will be fine on a vegan diet (for some reason?) note that feeding an animal that requires meat in their diet, a vegan-only diet is on par with giving a dog only coke to drink instead of water. 

Eventually, they will become unwell and die. Even if they seem to be fine for a while.

Can Vegans Feed Dogs Meat?

Vegans can feed their dog meat. Remember the dog needs it to survive and be healthy. If you are worried, there are places where you can buy organic dog food, which is likely more ethical. This can be a way to feel a little better about Fido’s meals.

Do Vegans Feed Their Cats Meat?

Yes, vegans feed their cats meat. Cats are carnivores and they need meat to survive. Anyone (vegan or not) who neglects to feed their cat meat is committing an act of animal cruelty. 

Am I Less Of A Vegan If I Feed My Dog Meat?

No. If you are vegan and feed your dog meat, you are simply meeting the dog’s nutritional needs. 

Feeding an animal its natural dietary requirements does not make you any less of a vegan, it just makes you a good and considerate owner. Remember you are not eating it, and if you worry about the animal cruelty involved in the food production process, try buying organic dog food, it is better for fido and can put your mind at ease. 

Do not malnourish your pet to try and put a stop to animal cruelty elsewhere. Dogs and cars are trusting you to keep them healthy and safe.


1. What Can I Feed My Dog If I’m Vegan?

You can cook vegan-friendly food for your dog, but it is not recommended to feed them vegan all the time, as dogs need meat in order to live a healthier life.
If you care about your dog’s health, feed them meat.

2. Can Dogs Be 100% Vegan?

It isn’t recommended to feed your dog vegan food 100% of the time. Feeding them the occasional fruit and veg is fine, but they do need meat in order to be healthy.

3. Is Making Your Dog Vegan Animal Abuse

It can be animal abuse yes if you are not meeting the dog’s nutritional requirements. it is very difficult and unlikely that your dog will get all the required nutrients from a vegan diet.

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