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Can Protein Powder Cause Constipation: The Answers

Protein powder is a popular aid in helping you get fit, healthy, and in shape, enhancing your gym activity, and getting better results from your workouts. However, is there a chance that this popular fitness aid is backing up backsides across the nation?

Plenty of fitness fanatics who love jumping up the gym with protein powder have reported some degree of issues around the back. Is it the protein powder, or do they just need to do some self-reflection on their diet or lifestyle? 

While you could read this while on the treadmill, I recommend you don’t, so hit the stop, get off, and stick with me more for a moment, while I tell you if your protein powder is actually what’s blocking the pipes, or if it’s something else.

Can Protein Powder Cause Constipation: The Answers

Can Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

For some sensitive souls, it is possible that protein powder could make them bloated or constipated. This is dependent on the protein that is used, and the sugars used in it. 

If you find yourself constipated from using protein powder, then a fiber-heavy protein powder might help things flow a little smoother around the rear.

However, different protein powders will have different effects, so let’s look.

Can Whey Protein Constipate You?

Can Protein Powder Cause Constipation: The Answers

Lactose intolerants need to stay away here, but even if you aren’t sensitive to lactose, there are some whey protein powders that can make you all backed up. You should always look for protein powders that are fiber heavy to prevent constipation. 

Yes, even if you already have a high fiber diet. No one wants to be constipated during their workout.

Do Protein Shakes Affect Your Poop?

Protein shakes can affect your poop, but usually, they will have the opposite effect on constipation. In fact, protein shakes are more likely to make things extra runny. 

If protein shakes give you a runny rear, then you may want to switch to one that is dairy free, as you may be sensitive to lactose or simply have too much of it. 

Can Vegan Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

It is highly unlikely that a vegan protein powder will cause constipation. Especially if they include brown rice, hemp, soy, pea, or pumpkin seed. However, if they are giving you an overabundance of protein, this could constipate you. 

Too much protein will make you constipated, and you will need to seek out more fiber in your diet. However, constipation is not always related to this. You may be lacking other nutrition (especially fiber) if your protein shakes make up a great deal of your diet.

Can Soy Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

Generally, it shouldn’t, however, having a large dose of soy protein can increase the likelihood of constipation, or make it worse if you are already constipated. 

If you are using soy protein powder as a supplement, do speak to your doctor first to ensure it will not worsen an already pretty solid problem. 

Can Meal Replacement Shakes Cause Constipation?

Can Meal Replacement Shakes Cause Constipation?

It is possible that meal replacement shakes can cause constipation, however, it is not so much the shake’s fault as it is yours (no offense). This is because it depends on what is in the shake. 

If your shake is varied, healthy, and balanced, then you shouldn’t be getting stomach problems. However, if you are not getting a healthy, varied, and balanced intake from your shakes then it will cause issues. 

So, make sure you balance your meal replacement shakes before you swear by them.

Can Protein Powder Cause You Diarrhea Or Constipation?

Protein powders can cause stomach upsets. These can be from too much protein in the powder which can result in diarrhea or lacking fiber causing constipation. 

Overall, constipation is more heavily reported from protein powders than diarrhea is. 

Does Protein Powder Cause Bowel Problems?

Protein powders can cause bowel issues, although most of the side effects are digestive. Some may have issues digesting things such as whey protein which can cause diarrhea, gas, bloating, and cramping. 

However, most reactions to whey protein are due to lactose intolerance. 

Do Protein Shakes Cause Constipation?

Yes and no. A well-balanced protein shake should not cause constipation. However, most of us do not understand our bodies like we should, and may consume a protein shake that is not what we need, or doesn’t give us enough of something (fiber!) and therefore resulting in constipation. 

Know your body!

Why Does Protein Shakes Make Me Constipation?

If your protein shake is making you constipated, check the fiber content and consider getting a protein shake that provides you with more fiber. 

Fiber gets things moving and helps us ‘go’, so ensure your protein shakes have a healthy balance of protein and fiber.

Can Protein Powder Cause Bloating

Protein powders can cause bloat in some who are new to it. If you have lactose intolerance or suffer from IBS, this is more likely.

Why Do Protein Shakes Cause Constipation? 

Typically protein shakes cause constipation because of the overabundance of protein and a lack of fiber. Compensate with more fiber in your diet or switch to a fiber-heavy shake.

Protein Powder That Doesn’t Cause Constipation? 

If you want a protein powder that will not constipate you, seek out one that has a higher fiber content. Vegan protein powders are also usually great for avoiding constipation.


Can Plant-Based Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

Plant-based protein powders are less likely to give you constipation, as they contain more fiber than other protein powders do. 

Can Pea Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

Pea protein is unlikely to cause constipation as much as other protein powders, however, if most of the fiber has been removed it may cause constipation in some. 

Can Whey Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

Whey protein powder can give digestive issues in many, even if you are not lactose intolerant. You should choose a protein powder high in fiber.

Can Too Much Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

Overuse of protein powders will make you constipated due to a lack of fiber, ensuring you balance out your diet to stop this.

Can Rice Protein Powder Cause Constipation?

It can, but it’s important that you look at your overall diet. The rice protein powder alone won’t necessarily make you bagged up down there. If your diet consists of very little fiber, fresh fruit, and vegetables, then you may want to fix this.

Can Protein Powder Drinks Cause Constipation?

They certainly can. But if you make your protein powder drinks high in fiber, if for example, you add fruit or spinach to them, then you should be okay.


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Protein powders are used by many many people. But, just like any supplement, they have side effects. Constipation can be one of them.
Make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet, with enough fiber, fresh fruit, and vegetables and you should be good!

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