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Can Vegan Eat Gluten: Generally Yes

Who doesn’t like a good thick slice of bread, dunked in some hot soup, but – can vegans eat gluten? Should all vegans be gluten-free?
Millions of people eat bread. Sure, there is gluten-free bread, but the majority of bread is made with gluten.

Before I proceed to answer your burning question of whether can you eat gluten as a vegan, let’s first break down what gluten is.

Can Vegan Eat Gluten: Generally Yes

What Is Gluten?

Bread is made out of wheat. Wheat contains gluten, and gluten is basically the protein part of wheat.
The gluten is worked and stretched during the bread-making process, and basically, that is why bread is so tasty.

What Food Contains Gluten?

You would be surprised how hidden gluten can be. It can be present in quite a lot of foods humans consume on a regular basis.

  • Bread
  • Cake
  • Cookies
  • Scones
  • Biscuits
  • Pastry
  • Croissants
  • Soy Sauce
  • Pickles
  • Stocks
  • Gravy
  • Some Fries
  • Some Hot Chocolate

And the list goes on!

Can Vegans Eat Gluten?

Can Vegan Eat Gluten: Generally Yes

Gluten is found in wheat, and wheat is vegan, which means gluten is vegan! Vegans can certainly eat gluten. However, it really depends on what products the gluten is added to.
For example, a butter croissant contains gluten, but it isn’t vegan friendly due to the product containing butter. And as we all know, butter is not vegan.
So, gluten on its own is vegan, but it all falls down to where gluten is added, and to what products and foods.

Can Vegans Eat Gluten Free Bread

It really depends on how gluten-free bread is made. A lot of gluten-free bread contains eggs or dairy.
So, if you are buying gluten-free bread from the shop, make sure you read the ingredients carefully to ensure that the bread is vegan-friendly.
Or, just make your own vegan gluten-free bread!

Is Almond Milk Gluten-Free?

Almond milk is a very common dairy-free alternative in the vegan diet. But is almond milk gluten-free?
Almond milk is naturally gluten-free, however, some brands may have added gluten to their manufacturing process. So, make sure you read the ingredients when you shop, just in case.


sourdough bread

1. Can Vegans Eat Wheat Gluten

Yes, they absolutely can eat wheat gluten. But as long as wheat is added to food products that are vegan friendly as a whole.

2. Can Vegans Eat Gluten Free Cupcakes

It will really depend on how the cupcakes are made. If they have eggs or dairy, then the answer is no. But if they are made with vegan-friendly ingredients, then yes.

3. Can Vegans Eat Vital Wheat Gluten

Yes, vital wheat is a very common vegan ingredient that is perfect for making high-protein seitan.

4. Can Vegans Eat Gluten Free Pasta

It will very much depend on how the gluten-free past is made. If it contains dairy, animal products, or eggs, then no. But if the gluten-free pasta is made using vegan-friendly ingredients, then yes.

Summary: Vegans Can Eat Gluten!

sweet bread

Gluten is vegan friendly in itself, but it’s often where gluten is added that makes the products containing gluten unsuitable for a vegan diet.
So, when you are shopping for your bread or pancakes, make sure you read the ingredients list carefully to ensure that they contain vegan-friendly ingredients.

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