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Can Vegan Eat Potatoes: It Depends

Can vegan eat potatoes? It’s a question that so people may find totally dumb, but it’s an excellent question because the answer isn’t as simple as most people think.
The first thing you need to ask yourself is, how are potatoes cooked, and is it the way they are cooked that could potentially make potatoes non-vegan?
You see, you don’t see people going around eating raw potatoes.

Can Vegan Eat Potatoes

Typically, it’s always the cooking process involved that determines whether a food type is vegan or not.

If you think about it, broccoli wouldn’t be vegan, if it’s cooked in dairy cream for example. Does this make sense?

Can You Eat Potatoes On a Vegan Diet

Yes, you can eat potatoes on a vegan diet, however, it all depends on how the potatoes were cooked.
For example, if you are at the restaurant and order potato Dauphinoise – you are not going to get a vegan-friendly potato dish. Butter potatoes are another one.
So, it’s really important that you are aware of how the potatoes you are served are cooked.

Why Can’t Vegans Eat Potatoes?

Potatoes on their own are totally vegan, but potatoes require cooking. That’s where things go wrong for potatoes. A lot of potato dishes are cooked in non-vegan-friendly ingredients, such as dairy.
That is why you should always find out exactly how the potato dish is cooked if you haven’t cooked it yourself.

Can Vegans Eat Potato Chips

Can Vegans Eat Potato Chips

It depends. Some potato chips are totally vegan friendly, others aren’t For example, Lays potato chips aren’t a fully vegan-friendly potato chip brand, however, they have a lot of vegan-friendly flavors.
You just have to read the ingredients.

Are Potatoes Good For Vegans?

Potatoes certainly are good for vegans, and not just vegans. However, it all depends on how the potatoes are cooked. For example, french fries aren’t a healthy potato option.
There is nothing wrong with a baked potato, for example. But typically, it’s the toppings of that baked potato that can determine whether it will be a healthy potato meal or not.

Are Mashed Potatoes Vegan

mashed potatoes

It really depends on how the mashed potato is prepared. Typically, the answer would be no, mashed potatoes bought at the store or at a restaurant are not vegan, due to them containing dairy. Either in the form of milk or butter.
There certainly are mashed potato brands out there that make vegan-friendly mashed potatoes, but you will just need to look at the ingredients carefully, each time.
Or, just make your own mashed potatoes.

Are Boxed Mashed Potatoes Vegan?

Typically, boxed mashed potatoes are not vegan friendly due to their containing milk. However, always check the ingredients anyway, as some boxed mashed potatoes could be vegan-friendly.

Are Red Potatoes Vegan?

Just like white potatoes, red potatoes are totally vegan, it’s typically how they are cooked that makes them non-vegan.

Are Sweet Potatoes Vegan

Can Vegan Eat Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are totally vegan. However, just like the white potato, it all depends on how the sweet potato is cooked. If it’s drenched in butter, then I am afraid it won’t be vegan-friendly.

Here’s a quick list of some vegan-friendly sweet potato recipes:

Are Vegetarians Allowed To Eat Potatoes?

red potatoes

What about the vegetarian folks? Well, potatoes are definitely suitable for a vegetarian diet. In fact, they can eat many more potato dishes than vegans can. A lot of potato dishes are cooked in dairy, and as we all know, dairy isn’t vegan, but it is vegetarian.

Summary: Potatoes Are Vegan!

Potatoes are a vegan-friendly food. However, it’s how they are cooked that determines whether or not the potato dish itself is vegan.
Homemade is best, so make those potato meals at home, and you are guaranteed to have a perfectly vegan-friendly potato meal!

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