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Chinese Weight Loss Herbs

Chinese weight loss herbs are a thing? Do they work?

We are all widely aware that the East has some really cool stuff. Their eating habits keep them at a lower weight than in the western world, they have herbs and medicines that can aid in health that we never hear of in our day-to-day lives.

Do they have weight loss herbs? Do they really work? 

Everyone is always skeptical about something when it comes to weight loss. There are so many claims that particular products can do this or that, but never do. So, people always approach these things with a little suspicion. 

It’s time to crush that right now. Let’s get deep into Chinese weight loss herbs! 

Chinese Weight Loss Herbs

What Chinese Herbs Help Weight Loss?

Well, to start, there are many herbs that can aid in weight loss and burn fat. However, no herb will ever work on its own, you need to work with the herbs! 

In Chinese medicine, there are often many sour and pungent food types that are used for weight loss. Fruits like bitter melon and jiaogulan tea can help to aid in digestion and control weight. 

Jiaogulan is very good for health and weight, with diet and exercise you cannot go wrong, but it has to be consumed in smaller amounts.

You can also consider the following traditional Chinese herbal medicines: 

  • He Ye.
  • Fu Ling.
  • Huang Qi.

All of these are known to be good for weight loss.

Where Can I Find Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss?

Chinese Weight Loss Herbs

Amazon can provide easy shopping for herbal medicines for weight loss, however, you need to know what you’re looking for, so going to a herbal medicine clinic or a doctor to discuss your options first is very important. 

Not every herb will work for everyone, and you cannot treat it like a simple solution. You need to act alongside it. Find out what will work for you before you dive head in and start spending money.

What Herbs Are Good To Reduce Belly Fat?

You do not necessarily need to go for Chinese medicines for losing belly fat. Here are some herbal remedies that you can use to help get rid of stubborn belly fat:

  • Dandelion (great in tea).
  • Coriander.
  • Peppermint.
  • Guggul.
  • Gurmar.
  • Triphala.

These are great in teas, in fact, using herbs in teas will be one of the best ways to lose weight, especially if drunk in the place of pop or alcohol.

What Are The Best Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss?

Our previous mentions of He Ye, Fu Ling, and Huang Qi are the recommended best Chinese herbs for weight loss medicines. 

You can also get Bao He Wan which is a variety of herbs in a weight loss formula. Consult a Chinese medicine doctor who can set up a treatment plan for you.

What Chinese Herbs Is Good For Weight Loss?

dried flowers

The best herbs are as previously mentioned: 

  • Huang Qi,
  • Fu Ling
  • He Ye
  • Combination herbal medicine: Bao He Wan.

How Do Chinese Medicine Lose Weight

A lot of Chinese medicines will affect the synthesis of lipids and will affect your metabolism via AMPK to bring about weight loss.

AMPK is the protein that is a regulator of energy and balances the supply of nutrients with the demand for energy.

What Herb Burns Body Fat?


There are many herbs that will burn body fat. Here are some easy-access favorites: 

  • Fenugreek.
  • Ginger.
  • Turmeric.
  • Ginseng.
  • Oregano.
  • Cayenne Pepper.
  • Black Pepper. 

All of these are easy to get in the western corners of the world, and there are many teas already with these ingredients. Ginseng alone is good for male reproductive health, heart health, the immune system, and your metabolism. It’s a favorite of mine!

Chinese Herbs To Lose Weight – Do They Work?

Chinese herbs can help you lose weight, but not alone. 

Half of losing weight is in your own mindset, your dedication to doing so. 

Chinese herbs can suppress your appetite, and increase your metabolism, aiding in the burning of fat and helping digestion. However, you also need to put in the work to change your diet. 

Even with these herbs, you can’t eat junk food every day and expect them to work for you. 

Chinese Herbal Weight Loss Belt

A majority of weight loss belts act as corsets, simply stopping you from eating until you get really full, but this premise does not work so much. You need to have the mindset for them to work as well. 

Chinese Herbal Soup Weight Loss

Typically, Chinese soups will be low in calories, especially their cabbage-based soups. They fill you up before meals and help to reduce your calorie intake. 

Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss Side Effects

Always be aware of the side effects of anything you use. Some herbal products from China can be contaminated, so always ensure you purchase from a reputable source.

Treating Weight Loss With Chinese Herbs 

Chinese herbs can work, but you need to work with them. Regardless of the weight loss method you use, you need to put your mind to it as well and do your piece. 

Chinese Herbs To Lose Weight?

Chinese herbs can totally work as a weight loss method. However, always speak with a doctor beforehand and ensure your herbs come from a reputable source!


dried herbs

In a nutshell, Chinese herbs to lose weight can assist in your weight loss journey, but they alone will not magically help you drop the pounds, without you changing some of your eating habits too.
Remember, if you burn more calories than you take in, this will result in weight loss. So stick to that, and you will be just fine!

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