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Do Fibroids Cause Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

What is a fibroid? Well, fibroids are non-cancerous growths that often develop inside the womb. These growths are usually made from muscles and fibrous tissues and can be tiny or very big. 

Your doctor will sometimes call them uterine myomas, or even leiomyomas. Women tend to be completely unaware they even have them, as they will usually come without any symptoms. 

But, the burning question every woman has is; do they make you lose weight, or gain? 

Do Fibroids Cause Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

Can Fibroids Lead To Weight Gain?

Typically, fibroids alone do not lead to true weight gain. However, if they become quite large, they can weigh a few pounds themselves. 

Larger fibroids can also start to put pressure on other structures in the body, such as those in the pelvic or abdominal area, which can make your abdomen look bloated or swollen.

This is why if you suddenly put on weight, your OBGYN may be suspicious of fibroids being present.

Do Uterine Fibroids Cause Weight Gain?

Do Fibroids Cause Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

Fibroids of any kind, including uterine fibroids, are not known for making you put on weight, but if they are fairly large they can weigh a few pounds and add weight to your body this way. 

The more the fibroid grows, the heavier it will be and the more you will weigh. You do not put on body fat with fibroids, but the fibroids themselves will weigh enough to add weight to you. 

Does Uterus Fibroids Cause Weight Gain?

Fibroids inside the uterus do not make you gain weight in the traditional way, instead, they gain pounds as they get bigger and, thus, heavier. They do not put fat on your body or make you gain weight in the way we usually associate weight gain. 

They may make you look/feel bloated, but this is due to the size of the fibroid, and is not conventional weight gain or bloating.

Do Cervical Fibroids Cause Weight Gain?

The same is true for cervical fibroids, they do not directly make you gain weight, instead, the fibroids themselves get heavier and thus make you gain weight as they gain weight. 

Whether they are uterine or cervical, fibroids of any form will never make you put on body fat.

Do Large Fibroids Cause Weight Gain?

Oftentimes, large fibroids will cause you to gain weight, but not fat. The weight gained will be in the abdomen as the fibroids become larger, weighing a significant amount themselves. 

They can push on other organs, making you uncomfortable and look/feel even more bloated. 

Usually, when women experience a fibroid, they will usually experience more than one. If you suddenly put on weight, this can be a sign that you’re experiencing fibroids.

Do Fibroids Cause Bloating Or Weight Gain?

When you have fibroids, you gain weight based on their size. Think of them as being the fetus you really didn’t ask for. I say this because when you get pregnant, you will gain weight as the baby grows inside your womb. 

Similarly, when you have fibroids, you gain weight as the fibroid grows inside. Of course, there is a massive difference between being pregnant and having fibroids, but how something growing inside your reproductive organs affects your weight, is the same. 

Know that you gain no extra body fat from fibroids, their size alone is what contributes to weight gain.

They also cause bloating, or what looks like bloating at the very least. 

Do Fibroids Cause Weight Loss

Technically, no. However, having extensive compression of fibroids against the caecum, stomach, and duodenum can be the cause of anorexia, weight loss, and satiety in some patients which is extremely dangerous. 

This can often stem from mental health, as bloating from fibroids in this day and age can create body dysmorphia, especially when the patient is unaware of the cause of the ‘bloating’. 

However, they do not make you lose weight in instances outside of this, and the loss of weight in relation to fibroids usually comes with their removal.

How To Reduce Bloating From Fibroids?

In order to try and reduce the size of your fibroids, you should avoid foods with added salt or high-sodium processed foods. It is also wise to check your blood pressure daily and get exercising. 

Aim to lose weight around your waist. Do not think overall, but waist-focused weight loss can help to minimize your fibroids. You should also limit or avoid alcohol as well, and increase your potassium by eating a high plant-based diet. 

Doing these things can reduce or even totally eliminate fibroids! 

How Do You Get Rid Of Fibroid Weight?

If you have fibroids, you should consider a high fiber diet, including oats and cruciferous vegetables, and ensure you get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D can lower the risk you have of fibroids by a massive 32%. You should also avoid food that can affect your estrogen hormones such as tofu, soy, and red meats, and stay away from refined carbohydrates and sugary foods.

Can Removing Fibroids Cause Weight Loss?

Fibroid removal surgery (hysterectomy/ myomectomy) can actually trigger weight loss in some patients. Of course, if your fibroids are sizable, then removing them will also remove the weight of the fibroid anyway. 

However, it can trigger weight loss in some patients on top of this.

Weight Loss After Fibroid Removal?

If you choose to have a Uterine Fibroid Embolization, then you can lose weight as the fibroid shrinks. This will be more obvious if your fibroids are large. 

However, do not use this as a form of weight loss.


How Much Does A 5cm Fibroid Weigh?

Note that a 5 cm fibroid is around the same size as a lime. It will usually have a volume of 60 cc. At this point, you should start considering surgery as a possibility.

Can You Have A Flat Stomach With Fibroids?

You can have a flat stomach with fibroids if the fibroids are small. However, some fibroids can grow so big they can make you look pregnant. It depends on the fibroids.


In a nutshell, fibroids suck. They can grow pretty big, and if they do, you may weigh slightly more. Always, always consult with your doctor if you have any concerns at all.

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