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Do Girls Poop – Myth Debunked

Do Girls Poop - Myth Debunked

Do Girls Poop – myth debunked for all the men out there that wonder whether or not girls poop. So, as a woman myself, I am thinking to myself, how do men even ask this? Isn’t it obvious?
Then I think “Oh! I think I know why some men don’t know” Keep reading, I will spill the beans in a minute…

Do Girls Really Poop?

Yes!!!! Girls poop, fart burp – you name it – the whole lot. After all, girls are human beings, their digestive system is the same as the boys’.

So, if girls definitely poop then, why are so many men asking “do hot girls poop?, or do girls poop a lot” I think I know why!

Hear me out!

When I had my first 2-to 3 relationships – I would never EVER poop in the guy’s house, I would never fart, never burp, nothing like that! Why? Because I think in society women are seen as these pure ‘clean’ creatures that are there to just be pretty.  It’s a stereotype, men can fart and burp – women can’t, or more like – shouldn’t.

Because I felt the need to do that, I am sure a lot of girls felt the need to do that too. This obviously causes a reason for men to ask themselves “do girls actually poop“.

How Often Do Girls Poop?

This will depend on many factors, weight, age, health conditions, food intake and so much more. But typically, an average healthy girl poops 1-2 times a day.

Surprised? – I thought you might be! Yeah, believe it or not, girls do poop and they do it quite regularly too!

How Do Girls Poop

Just like men do! They pop their trousers down, sit on the toilet, and do their business. Simple as that.

What about the holes down there though? Which hole do girls poop from? Do girls poop out of their vagina?

Come on, guys! I just said it – girls poop just like men!!! Which means the poop comes out of the anus. The colon is connected through the anus. The journey begins in the mouth, then travels all the way down, and the last point of disposal is the anus.

Do Girls Poop As Much As Guys?

Do Girls Poop - Myth Debunked

They can, yep – on some occasions, girls can poop more than men! As I mentioned above, this will depend on many factors, but in reality, the more food you eat, the more you will poop out, and often.
Now, if a girl eats 2 cheeseburgers, and a boy eats 1 cheeseburger, guess who will poop more? – Yep you guessed it.

When Do Girls Poop?

Now, if you never see your girlfriend pooping ANYWHERE, or at all, where and when the hell does she poop? The answer is, pretty much whenever she feels the need. You either don’t notice when she goes to the toilet or alternatively, she doesn’t poop in your house at all, as she is still not comfortable in the relationship.

Also, if you are wondering whether girls poop in public – THEY DO. Obviously, you do try to dim down the noise…

Do Girls Fart?

Do Girls Poop - Myth Debunked

Again, you’ve probably never hurt your girlfriend farting, so you are like “Damn girl, do you ever fart, yo”
The answer is, yes, girls fart…a lot! The thing is, in order for you to hear your girlfriend or friend farting, she will need to feel extremely comfortable.

The positive takeaway from this though, is that the moment you hear your girl farting, you know she is into you, and she is relaxed 😉


So, that’s it guys, we found that girls do poop, and in fact, they can also poop just as much as men, if not more on certain occasions.

Are you surprised? Remember, girls are human beings, just like you, and a lot of the everyday functions that you perform as a man, often applies the same to women.

Girls eat, just like men, girls snore, just like men, girls fart, just like men, girls poop, just like men.

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