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Does Alcohol Make You Snore – & Snore Remedies

Does Alcohol Make You Snore - & Snore Remedies

Does Alcohol Make You Snore – & Snore Remedies – What can you do to reduce snoring, and help your partner get a better might’s sleep?
So I have got all that covered for you in this guide. Also, stay until the end, because I have a good solution for you in terms of stopping your snoring.

We have all been there, even women. We have all snored at some point in our lives and kept our partners up all night.

But does alcohol make you snore more? Let’s find out!

Does Drinking Alcohol Make You Snore

Does Alcohol Make You Snore - & Snore Remedies

Yes, it does. You see, when you drink alcohol, you relax. And that shows in your sleep. Your muscles in your throat are so relaxed, that you start snoring.
Snoring occurs when there is a form of blockage in your airways (Scarry, I know) When you are breathing in and out, there is a tight squeeze, of the air trying to get in and out, which leads to the sounds of snoring.

Why Does Alcohol Make You Snore Louder

Because alcohol relaxes the muscles in your throat much more when you have consumed alcohol. If your snoring is louder than usual when you have had some drinks the night before, it’s due to the alcohol.

Wine And Snoring

Alcohol is alcohol, doesn’t matter in what form it’s consumed, the body treats it the same way. Alcohol is known to make you snore either more than usual, louder than usual or both.

How To Stop Snoring After Drinking Alcohol

How To Stop Snoring After Drinking Alcohol

There are definitely ways you can avoid snoring after drinking.
So here’s the list of things you could do:

  • Use mouth guards and mouthpieces. This is an especially effective method, that I personally used in my house. Partner snores like a bear, and this is currently the only thing that helps him the most.
    I recommend these here. Honestly, they have been a life savior, there were so many times when I have had to sleep on the couch due to my partner’s loud snoring, so get yourself one of these mouthpieces, and your problem would be solved.
  • Stay Hydrated! While you are drinking, make sure you consume water as well, so that you don’t get dehydrated. Being dehydrated can lead to thickened mucus in the mouth and throat, this can cause the surfaces to thicken up, making your snoring louder and longer.
  • Don’t Sleep On Your Back, Sleep On Your Side. If you sleep on your side, you will have a better chance of breathing better and avoiding causing a strain to your airways.
  • Cut Down On Alcohol. Having a drink or two in the evening is fine, but going overboard would really mess up your sleep, and will also make you snore more, louder, and for longer.

Is Snoring When Drunk Dangerous

Is Snoring When Drunk Dangerous

Is it dangerous to snore whilst you are drunk? Can you block your airways completely and suffocate?
The truth is, no, there isn’t a real danger. The moment your airways start to block completely, you would automatically start coughing or trying to breathe loudly, which would wake you up, causing you to stand up and cough up the mucus.

Does Alcohol Make Snoring Worse?

It does yes, not only does alcohol make your snoring worse, but it also affects the quality of sleep. Although you do fall asleep quicker if you are intoxicated, that doesn’t mean you are getting quality sleep.


There is certainly a connection between drinking and snoring. If you are someone who likes a drink but doesn’t want the snoring bit when you go to sleep, I cannot honestly suggest AirSnore™ enough.
This product has truly been a life savior, I am able to sleep in my bed with my partner without having to wake up constantly of his snoring. Furthermore, when he puts that mouthpiece on, he doesn’t snore at all.

So, if you apply the methods above to reduce the snoring + put this mouthpiece on, you are going to have a wonderful peaceful night of sleep.

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