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Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for supplements that can help me be the best me I could dream of. I didn’t use to be like this, I used to heavily rely on just eating as healthy as possible, but that is not always possible.
But, it is well worth the time to check out the side effects of these supplements, and remember supplements are not there to replace a healthy diet! 

But, does collagen affect weight? Well, it seems that there is much concern over the effects that collagen can have on our bodies. If we are totally honest, collagen should not make you gain weight, not like chowing down the calories. 

There are people asking does collagen make you retain water, which would create the illusion it is making you gain weight. Well, it’s time to find out! 

Will Collagen Make You Gain Weight?

Collagen won’t make you gain weight in an unhealthy way, it’s not like piling on the pounds from a massive McDonald’s, instead, if anything collagen will make you bulk up, and if you do gain weight it will be muscle weight. 

This is not unhealthy, and if anything it is the one type of weight people actually do want to gain!
However, if you are worried, you can use collagen cream. I use this collagen, you don’t have to take collagen internally to get the benefits. If protecting your skin and having a younger-looking appearance is what you want, then a collagen cream is great. This collagen is also VEGAN-FRIENDLY, which is great for the vegan folks.

Does Collagen Powder Make You Gain Weight?

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

Collagen powder is at its core level a protein powder, so it will help you bulk up when you have taken a trip to the gym. In that sense, it does make you gain weight… muscle weight.

However, when it comes to weight from body fat if anything collagen will make you lose weight, not gain it. There is more scientific evidence that collagen will make you lose weight instead of gain it. 

Does Collagen Peptides Make You Gain Weight?

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

The answer is no, it won’t make you gain weight. Collagen is an essential protein that is highly present in our skin, muscles, tendons, and bones, and while it is integral to maintaining a strong structure in our bodies it is also beneficial for weight loss. 

Of course, it can aid in muscle strengthening, which is the one area it may make you gain weight, but for the most part, whatever type of collagen you are ingesting, it will make you lose, not gain. 

Does Collagen Supplements Make You Gain Weight?

No matter what type of collagen you are ingesting, it will make you lose weight, supplements included, anything that you are putting directly into your body will aid in weight loss. 

So if you are trying to lose weight and want a helping hand from a supplement, collagen is a good way to go!

This collagen here is very popular so don’t fear consuming collagen, grab yourself a tub of collagen.

Does Collagen Protein Make You Gain Weight?

man on a scale

Collagen protein is great for weight loss, but it is absolutely brilliant if you are wanting to lose weight but gain muscle strength, it can really help. 

Collagen is probably the most notable and prominent protein inside the human body, and it is a key part of the bodies’ makeup for skeletal muscle. 

Studies have actually managed to show that the use of collagen can actually help in building muscle mass in people who suffer from sarcopenia, which is the progressive loss of muscle mass that naturally occurs with aging. 

So, when we consider if collagen protein makes you gain weight, yes and no. It will not do so with everyone, but if you seek to increase your muscle mass if you have sarcopenia, then you may indeed gain weight from muscle building.

Does Collagen Protein Powder Make You Gain Weight?

Possibly, yes. Collagen is a form of pure protein, and thus many consider if adding collagen to their diet can increase their bodies’ muscle mass. Overall, yes, it is entirely possible that including collagen in the diet can support muscle mass. 

This in turn will make you gain weight. 

Although you can take collagen in many ways, if you intend on building muscle mass, collagen protein powder is the most likely form you will be ingesting. 

Does Drinking Collagen Make You Gain Weight?

Overall, collagen when drunk can make you gain weight, but it also depends on your lifestyle, intent, and muscle use. If you drink collagen to lose weight but do not work out then you may not see results in gaining weight as others would 

Does Vital Proteins Collagen Make You Gain Weight?

If you take a collagen supplement, it is unlikely to make you gain weight. In fact, collagen supplements are designed to help you on a weight loss journey with a healthy diet and good exercise. 

Does Collagen Pills Make You Gain Weight?

Collagen pills will not make you gain weight, although collagen can make you gain muscle mass, this is more seen with protein powders which are usually used for that purpose. With collagen pills, you are more likely to see weight loss.

Does Collagen Make You Lose Weight?

Collagen is more likely to make you lose than gain weight. This is because they may increase the feeling of being full or satiated. This can help in reducing weight and help weight loss as it will reduce how much you feel hungry. 

This makes you less likely to snack and makes you take in fewer calories  

Does Collagen Help You Gain Weight?

The only way in which collagen would make you gain weight is through muscle mass, aside from this it won’t make you gain weight unless you increase your daily calories and burn less than you consume.

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Collagen – FAQs


Nothing is without repercussions. There are side effects to everything, so what are the side effects of collagen? Here’s the deal…

Does Collagen Make You Gain Water Weight?

There is a possibility that collagen may cause you to retain water. It is often found in the capillaries in which it helps to support them, it can keep your capillary walls strong by stopping them from leaking. 

However, water retention should not be drastic. 

Does Collagen Affect Weight?

Collagen is best known for helping in weight loss journeys, as it helps you to feel fuller and snack less often. This means that while collagen can help you gain muscle mass, it is more likely to help you lose weight in the long run. 

Does Collagen Help With Belly Fat?

Using collagen liquids can help you to easier burn off belly fat, it is proven to have many effects on our bodies, one of which is aiding our metabolism. You won’t feel like snacking anymore and will feel more full, aiding with shedding that pesky belly fat. 

Does Collagen Make Your Face Fat?

Collagen should not make any part of you look fat, especially your face. Collagen aids in weight loss, so it should not increase weight unless in muscle, which is highly unlikely in your face. 

Does Collagen Cause Bloating And Weight Gain?

It does depend on the collagen you use, but you might feel bloated or heavy in your stomach, however for the most part this should not be the case, and you should not gain weight from collagen. 

Can Collagen Make You Hungry?

Collagen should have the opposite effect, making you feel less hungry and less prone to snacking! So don’t worry about it making you feel hungry.
But remember, taking collagen supplements, without a healthy balanced diet, you may feel hungry, and in a need of nutrients. Collagen on its own won’t necessarily hold your hunger for very long.



If you like collagen, and consume it, but you are worried that collagen can make you gain unwanted weight, you have nothing to worry about. Collagen doesn’t make you gain weight. It may assist you in gaining muscle mass, but without the increased amount of calories, you won’t gain weight.

Collagen powder does contain calories, but they are very low for the dosages. Nowhere near enough to cause any form of weight gain.

As I mention above, if you are worried about collagen making you gain weight potentially, I recommend using a collagen cream. I use it, and I have seen great benefits.
But Collagen peptides or any form of collagen shouldn’t result in weight gain, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

If you are interested in more collagen and weight gain-related content on certain supplements, read this article – Does Pre Workout Make You Gain Weight, Does Collagen Make You Poop and – Peptides For Weight Loss – Does It Work?

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