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Does Collagen Make You Poop – Explained

Does Collagen Make You Poop - Explained

Have you ever taken collagen and found yourself needing to go to the restroom much more urgently? I know I have, it is not uncommon, but there is something rather unique about why it makes you ‘have to go’. 

It’s not so much as it gives you a runny bum, but instead, it’s more that it’s giving your gut the boost it needs. 

Collagen actually claims to improve gut health. But it’s not so much that it makes you poop, more that it regulates your digestion and thus keeps you regular. For those of us who are not so regular, or are more often constipated than not, it may seem like it makes us poop! 

Does Collagen Make You Poop More?

Does Collagen Make You Poop - Explained

Yes is the answer. Collagen is made from proteins that are found all throughout our bodies, from our skin and bones to the tissue that makes our digestive tract. It is also rich in amino acids, which are actually imperative for the health of our guts. 

It starts with glutamine which is a source of fuel for the cells inside our intestines, these would otherwise waste away if they did not have these.

So, collagen actually sources all the things our gut needs to function effectively and well, and in turn it makes us poop on a more frequent basis, regulating that part of our bodies. 

Does Collagen Peptides Make You Poop?

Even collagen peptides have this effect, although perhaps not as much as other sources of collagen, any collagen can have an effect on your bowel movements as it is added into your system. 

Does Collagen Powder Make You Poop?

Does Collagen Make You Poop - Explained

Out of all the sources of collagen, collagen protein powder is probably one of the ones that is most likely to make you poop. Collagen powders are often used for weight loss or to gain muscle. 

In both of these situations, you will often find changes happen to your digestive system anyway, however, adding in collagen will help to regulate your body. This is also partly due to how collagen affects our metabolism as well. 

Does Liquid Collagen Make You Poop 

Liquid collagen can also make you poop, like all others, it has an effect on your digestive system. It can increase the functionality and regularity of your digestive tract and bowels.

Does Vital Proteins Collagen Make You Poop?

Vital proteins, like any other collagen, will likely make you poop, but more so, it can actually be a way to ease constipation. This is because it can attract water molecules, thus helping the food in your body move through your GI tract with more ease. 

Does Collagen Affect Your Bowels?


Collagen is actually fairly well known for helping constipation. So, if you find yourself constipated on the regular, collagen can actually get things moving a little faster. 

In general, you should find that collagen will make you more ‘regular’ in your bowel movements, as it aids in the healthy functioning of the GI tract. Not only this, but collagen also aids in metabolism-boosting. 

This is also why it is heavily used in weight loss journeys as well. 

Does Collagen Make You Poop Green?

If your poop is green then it is likely due to having a diet that includes leafy vegetables, vitamins, and the ingestion of some supplements. It is unlikely that collagen alone will give you green poops, as it is a protein. 

However, if you have a diet heavy in leafy green veg, and you are taking collagen, then your diet is to blame here, and it is likely down to those leafy green veg. Some supplements may also be to blame. Things like spirulina might make your poop green, for example. 

Does Collagen Make Your Poop Smell?

Potentially.  But you cannot blame the collagen solely for making your poops smell worse than usual. Your diet can be at fault.
Not to be crude, but your poop is always going to smell, it’s never going to be a bed of roses. Okay, collagen might make it a bit worse, as it can give you diarrhea or slight bloat which can make your gas and poops smell worse, but poop in general never smells nice!

Does Collagen Make Your Poop Sticky?

If by sticky you mean, diarrhea, or more liquid than usual, yes, it can. Collagen is known for easing constipation, which does mean that it can result in diarrhea in some cases. 

We can’t say that we are certain of the exact consistency as we’ve never decided to whack on a pair of gloves and do a texture test, but it can give you a bit of a runny bum. 

Does Collagen Make You Poop More Often?

Collagen makes you more regular, so it is a good shout if you struggle with constipation, meaning that this amazing protein will be making you poop more often. It is unlikely that it will be sudden, but it will regulate your bowels. Which is a good thing! 

Does Collagen Help You Poop?

It does! It gets things moving down there, making your bowel movements more regular! 

What Are The Negative Effects Of Taking Collagen?

Nothing is perfect, collagen does have a dark side, possibly causing diarrhea and some mild stomach heaviness, but is there more to it than that? Does taking collagen make you poop, and that is the only side effect? Or does it have an even messier side?
Well, it all depends on how your body reacts to it. If you struggle often with diarrhea due to collagen consumption, then perhaps collagen isn’t for you, and you should stop taking it.

Does Collagen Give You Diarrhea?

It is possible for collagen to give you diarrhea. If you have constipation it might just ease it, or it could cause diarrhea. If your bowel movements are fine, it could cause diarrhea at first, so always be aware of this before you take it!

Does Collagen Increase Bowel Movements?

Does Collagen Increase Bowel Movements?

Collagen does cause more regularity in your bowel movements, helping your GI tract to process your foods and get things going much faster. This is all thanks to the hydrophilic molecule, which attracts acid and water molecules. 

Does Collagen Make You Fart?

Collagen can also make you fart, any time something changes how things work down below, it can increase how gassy you are, some report mild bloating as well, which would lead to gas. 

Does Excessive Collagen Intake Make You Poop More?

If you intake too much collagen, the chances are you will get diarrhea as it makes you, maybe a bit TOO regular. Ensure you only take as much as you should, and if you suffer side effects, speak to your doctor!
Collagen powders and liquid collagen typically have recommended dosages per day, do not exceed them.



In a nutshell, collagen can make you poop. But it’s a good type of poop. Collagen helps your colon and gut. Especially if you struggle with constipation, collagen consumption is a great shout.
But, if you are worried that collagen makes you poop just a bit more than you would like – you can use collagen cream. I use this collagen, you don’t have to take collagen internally to get the benefits. If protecting your skin and having a younger-looking appearance is what you want, then a collagen cream is great. This collagen is also VEGAN-FRIENDLY, which is great for the vegan folks.

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