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Does Kimchi Make You Poop

Does Kimchi Make You Poop

Does kimchi make you poop – a question every kimchi lover has asked at some point? Well, I did, and I will tell you why.
KImchi is a fantastic addition to your diet, but can it be harmful too?

I recently started to eat quite a lot of kimchi, because I simply cannot get enough of it. But, too much of anything is harmful, and this is exactly what happened. You guessed it, I had to urgently run to the bathroom for a release.

But, on a more serious note, I am going to let you know exactly whether or not kimchi makes you poop.

Does Kimchi Help Constipation?

It does help with constipation. Kimchi is high in healthy gut bacteria, furthermore, kimchi is high in fiber, the perfect remedy for constipation.
Does fermented food make you poop? Absolutely it does. Fermented food is recommended for consumption if you struggle with constipation.

So get yourself some kimchi now!

Does Kimchi Give You Diarrhea?

Does Kimchi Make You Poop

Kimchi has incredible benefits for your gut. It’s high in probiotics and is effective in aiding your digestive health.
However, too much of the good stuff can be harmful. If you eat too much kimchi, there is a chance that you can experience diarrhea.
Stick to small portions of kimchi if you have experienced diarrhea before.

I had a whole can of kimchi once, and I had terrible diarrhea several hours later. So I made sure that I ate smaller portions of kimchi – which didn’t cause any stomach pain or diarrhea. Portions are key, too much of anything, even water can be harmful.

Does Kimchi Make Your Poop Smell

It can yes, but it’s worth noting that poop smells in general. Also, depending on what else you ate during the day, will also determine how strong your poop smells.

Does Kimchi Clean You Out?

Kimchi is known to be very beneficial to your digestive system. Because kimchi aids digestion and feeds your gut bacteria, it can help you poop more. It’s particularly useful if you struggle with constipation.
However, if you consume too much kimchi, it can cause diarrhea.

Can You Eat Too Much Kimchi?

Yes. Although kimchi is extremely beneficial, especially to your digestive system, too much of it can cause side effects. These include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Stomach Pain
  • Gas
  • Heartburn

However, smaller portions of kimchi shouldn’t do any harm. So watch how much kimchi you eat.

Does Kimchi Make You Fart?


It can yes. Fermented food is known to be difficult to digest by your body. Saukrat and kimchi are difficult to digest, making your body produce more gas, which leads to farting.
Furthermore, kimchi contains fiber and probiotics, which help your gut. Whilst your body is breaking down the kimchi, gas will be released in the process.

Is Kimchi Hard To Digest?

Yes, kimchi contains cabbage, cabbage is difficult to digest. It can be particularly more difficult if you struggle with IBS or have a problem with FODMAPS.
If you find that when you consume kimchi, even in smaller amounts, you get very bloated and super gassy, it means that your body doesn’t agree with FODMAPs.

This means you should probably not consume kimchi if it causes you discomfort or even pain.

Does Kimchi Make You Bloated

Yes, kimchi can cause you to bloat. Kimchi contains cabbage, and cabbage is known to cause gas. It’s also hard to digest, making it difficult for your body to break it down, which causes excess gas.
However, if you experience extreme bloat, it might be a sign that your body is too sensitive to foods like kimchi, cabbage, and FODMAPs.

Does Kimchi Make You Lose Weight

veggies ginger garlic spices pepper

Kimchi alone won’t make you magically shed down the extra pounds. However, it can aid your weight-loss journey.
Kimchi contains fiber, as well as probiotics. Fiber can help you feel fuller for longer, which can lead you to consume fewer calories throughout the day, which in itself can lead to weight loss.


Kimchi can be very beneficial to your digestive system. Likewise, it can help you get relief from your constipation.
Just like anything, too much of anything can be harmful, so watch your portions when it comes to consuming kimchi and other fermented food, and you should be alright!

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