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Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose: The Facts

Weight loss affects a great deal of us, it can impact parts of our bodies we never thought of. However, when we lose weight, not every part of us gets ‘fat’, sometimes what we are experiencing is puffiness. 

We might get a bit puffy if we are overweight, but what we need to know is what parts of our body will be affected when we decide to shed the weight we have gained. 

I don’t know about you, but I have often sat there and wondered what certain parts of my body would look like if I lost weight. Would I even look like the same person? What if I gained weight? Would it change? 

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose

We tend to consider our stomachs, arms, legs, and private areas, but… what about our faces? Or more specifically… something like our noses?

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose?

Can losing weight affect your nose? Well, first of all, the nose is made of cartilage, and it actually does not have a high-fat content to it. It is pretty much just a bit of muscle, flesh, and then cartilage and eventually bone. 

This means that the shape and size of your nose are not dictated by whether you gain or lose weight, since there are no fat cells in there to affect this. 

However, if you lose weight your face might change shape, which may give your face a slimmer look overall. 

It can make you lose fat from your jaw and your cheeks, which creates a naturally slimming effect, making your face look slimmer overall, and perhaps even making your nose look different, simply because your face has changed.

Why Does My Nose Look Smaller After Losing Weight?

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose

Your nose may look smaller after you have lost weight because your face has changed shape. Weight loss does not actually change the shape of your nose, but it will change how your nose looks in relation to your face. 

Since your nose is made from cartilage and not fat, it won’t get smaller when you lose weight, so the only real way to change your face shape is to get surgery, but it is best to seek out professional advice before you do this. 

Does Losing Weight Make Your Face Smaller?

Losing weight will not directly affect your nose. It can affect your face, however, it is unlikely to affect your face straight away. Your face will change shape if you lose an excessive amount of weight. 

You can have fat in your cheeks and jaw area, and losing weight can add to the loss of fat which will slim your body and areas in your face such as your cheeks and jaw. 

The best way to lose weight to get this effect is to do cardio and aerobic exercise and maintain a healthy diet, ensuring you are eating the right things and getting your heart rate. You may end up with a slimmer face. 

Does Nose Get Bigger With Weight Gain?

You cannot gain weight in your nose, this just is not possible as there is no fat in your nose. However, other areas of your face such as your cheeks and jaw do have fatty areas. This means that you may find that your nose looks different. 


Well, this is because your face shape will change as you gain weight, making your nose and face have different proportions and thus maybe making your nose look bigger, or even smaller in proportion to your face than it did before. 

Can You Target Nose Weight Loss?

You cannot target nose weight loss as your nose does not lose or gain weight. It has no fat so it does not get affected by your weight. So this actually means you cannot target to lose weight on your nose. 

However, what you can do is target your face. If you think your nose has been affected by your weight loss or gain, this is probably in part due to losing or gaining weight on your face. You can target your face to lose weight, however. 

This is the best and truly only way to target weight loss in your nose.


The nose doesn’t actually change after a weight loss or weight gain. it’s your face overall that changes, which may make you think that things in your face have changed, such as your nose.
You cannot make your nose bigger or smaller with weight loss or weight gain.

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