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Does Pre Workout Make You Gain Weight

Does Pre Workout Make You Gain Weight

Does pre-workout make you gain weight? Are you a gym-goer and you are stressing about what could possibly cause weight gain?
You have come to the right place, as I have all the answers for you!

First, ‘s Things First – What’s In Pre-Work Out?

Pre-workout is a type of supplement that has caffeine, vitamins, and creatine. its whole purpose is to get you ready for your workout. More like getting you pumped and energized.
I have got to say, the ingredients are not that great at all, you are much better off just drinking a cup of coffee with some sugar in it if you really fancy a quick pick-me-up, give-me-energy, type of thing.

But, I have got the answer for you!

Does Pre-Workout Make You Gain Weight

Does Pre Workout Make You Gain Weight

The answer is no, the supplement contains a very low amount of calories per serving. 1 scoop contains 10 calories. And if you are well researched, you will know that it’s the overall calorie intake that causes weight gain, not a supplement, or a drink.
If for example, you consume a serving of Pre Workout supplement and eat 3 slices of bread with peanut butter, then hit the gym, that’s a different story. You have just consumed a lot of calories, and it’s definitely not due to the supplement.

If you consume the supplement on its own before you hit the gym, then it won’t make you gain weight.
All that matters is that if you are in a calorie deficit at the end of the day, you will lose weight, if you are over your calories, you will gain weight. Simple.

Will The Creating In Pre-Workout Make Me Gain Weight

Does pre-workout with creatine make you gain weight? It’s common knowledge that creatine makes you gain weight – fast! But the truth is, it really doesn’t. Creatine makes your body retain water, and it mostly goes to your muscles. If you step on the scale after a week of consuming creatine, and you notice that you have ‘gained weight’ this is just water weight, it’s not real weight.

So no, the creatine in Pre-workout doesn’t make you gain weight.

Does C4 Pre-Workout Make You Gain Weight

Does C4 Pre-Workout Make You Gain Weight

Nope, c4 pre-workout won’t make you gain weight, because of the number of calories it contains per serving; 5 to be exact.
However, if you combine c4 pre-workout with a high-calorie diet, you will gain weight.

Does Pre-Workout Make You Lose Weight

weight loss

This will very much depend on what your diet is. More importantly, how many calories you are consuming. The pre-workout in your diet is irrelevant, it all comes down to how many calories you consume per day.
If you are in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Simple as that.

Does Pre-Workout Make You Bloated

That would very much depend on how sensitive you are to its ingredients, It’s very individual. If your body is sensitive to what it contains, you will get bloated.
Some people report that it makes them bloated, others don’t. So it’s very individual.

Does Pre-Workout Make You Gain Muscle


It can assist you in gaining muscle, but taking it alone without hitting the gym hard, won’t magically turn you into Sylvester Stallone.
However, Pre-Workout contains creatine, and creatine in the long-term can make you appear bigger, due to water retention in your muscles. Furthermore, Pre-workout energizes you and helps you get through the gym sessions, which will lead to muscle gain if done correctly.

Does Pre-Workout Make You Poop

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There can be side effects to taking pre-workout, especially if your body is sensitive to some of its ingredients.
Studies have shown that there can be gastrointestinal stress caused by creatine if you take more than 10 grams per day. And we all know that pre-workout contains creatine.
So be careful with the dosages!

Does Pre-Workout Make You Sweat More

it can potentially trigger your body to sweat more due to its caffeine. However, this won’t affect everyone, it would be on a very individual basis, furthermore, the dosage you take would also have an effect on whether you will sweat more or not.

Does Pre-Workout Make You Hungry

It can yes. Pre-workout contains caffeine and creatine, both of these are known to dehydrate you. if you do not hydrate well enough, you will feel hungry. Why? Because sometimes when your body needs water, it will send hunger signals, when really, you need water.
Furthermore, it’s important that you eat well, especially after a workout.


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So, we found that Pre-Workout doesn’t make you gain weight, it’s the total amount of calories that you consume in your day that will determine whether you gain or lose weight.
Also, physical activity burns calories, but it makes you hungrier. You have got to find that balance with your calories, whatever your target is, whether it’s to lose or gain weight. The calorie balance is key.
So keep taking your pre-workout, without any worry.

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