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Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Does vaping cause weight loss or weight gain? Is it an effective weight loss strategy?
Have you ever noticed that after a good old puff on your electronic cigarette, you just aren’t snacking as much as usual? Can vaping make you lose weight? Or, does it do the opposite, and you just haven’t realized it yet? 

Well, I’m about to throw some information your way. 

I want to first note that you SHOULD NOT be using vaping as a way to lose weight, however, if you have been on cigarettes a while and are looking to lose weight as well, vaping might be the choice that cuts the tar from smoking and helps you lose weight. 

But it is NOT an answer to easy weight loss! 

Can Vaping Lead To Weight Loss?

So will vaping cause weight loss? Technically yes. If you vape nicotine it can keep your metabolism high and will likely suppress your appetite, so if you add a healthy diet, vaping with nicotine can actually encourage your body to have a caloric deficit. 

This encourages weight loss overall. 

Does Vaping Nicotine Cause Weight Loss?

Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Typically, nicotine does encourage weight loss. This is because nicotine can suppress your appetite. Of course, this is not a good long-term solution to weight loss, as it is an addiction

However, it can cause weight loss, so if you are sitting there wondering how exactly you have lost all this weight, it might be due to nicotine!

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain?

Vaping does not cause weight gain at all, it actually causes the total opposite. However, that being said, if you give up vaping cold turkey, then you might actually find that you do gain weight. This is because your body needs a replacement for your previous addiction. 

Food is usually an easy go as it gives us that happy, ‘feel-good’ feeling! 

But no, vaping won’t make you gain weight, although, if you vape too much you could get bloated from excess gas. Take in too much air, and you may get a bit gassy, which can cause bloating. 

Can You Lose Weight From Vaping?

You can lose weight from vaping in theory, but it is not a weight-loss method anyone should recommend. 

If you use nicotine, then it can function as an appetite suppressant. However, you can vape without nicotine, and those who do this may still find that they have lost weight. Why? 

It is similar to chewing gum, the air you take in when you chew gum goes into your gut, making you feel full. Vaping does not all go to your gut, but some do, so you will likely not feel as hungry. 

Similarly, some people just like to have something in their mouths, especially when bored. Usually, we will turn to food when we are bored, but if you are vaping, this serves the same purpose. 

How Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss?

How Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss?

Generally, vaping will cause weight loss due to the nicotine in it acting as a suppressant of appetite. 

This is most effective as an in-between between smoking cigarettes and quitting altogether. Most people will gain weight when they quit, vaping is a happy in-between way to stop that weight gain and cut out all the tar and other gross stuff in cigarettes.  

But why does vaping cause weight loss?

Does Vaping Make You Lose Appetite?

Nicotine is a natural appetite suppressant, and it is found in both cigarettes and in e-liquids. It will lead to weight loss, but not in the most natural of ways. 

It simply reduces your appetite and speeds up your metabolism, so your body will burn calories at a much faster rate than usual. 

While this might seem like a godsend answer to struggles in losing weight, do note that this is not a long-term solution to preventing weight gain, as it is not a good way to lose weight in the long term, for some liquids it can only suppress appetite for a short period of time.

Does Nicotine Make You Lose Weight?

Does Nicotine Make You Lose Weight?

Nicotine raises the metabolic rate while decreasing your appetite, so to be blunt, yes, it does make you lose weight, generally. But not in the most ideal way, and not always for the long term! 

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain Or Loss?

Vaping will cause you to lose weight, not gain it. Although many people who quit will often find that they gain weight afterward. 

Note that the weight loss is not drastic either, and so it is an ineffective weight-loss method. The best you are looking at would probably be around 10 kg lost from vaping or put on from quitting. 

Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight?

Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight?

Vaping does not make you gain weight. E-liquids contain vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol which have 4 calories per gram, and since you inhale these rather than drink them, you do not actually obtain these calories. 

I shouldn’t have to say it, but don’t drink E-liquids! 

Does Vaping Cause Belly Fat?

Vaping has absolutely no effect on your body fat content. It might make you lose weight due to increased metabolism, but it will not give you any body fat. 

If you have just started vaping and notice a little bit of a belly, consider that this could just be gas. Not to be crude, but the body can get a bit gassy when you start vaping because of how much air you are taking in. 

So not, it does not cause belly fat, but it might make you a bit gassy and bloated at first due to how much air you take in. 

Does Vaping Cause Hair Loss?

This still has some studies ongoing around it, so it has not been confirmed, however, there are some links to hair loss and vaping. This is mainly due to vaping constricting blood vessels which can restrict the blood flow to the scalp which can then cause circulation problems. 

This may cause some hair loss, but not on a drastic scale.

Smoking cigarettes also cause hair loss, which damages the hair follicles. This is not fully confirmed, however, so we would not swear by this yet, just be mindful of it.

Does Quitting Vaping Make You Gain Weight?

weight scale

It doesn’t make you, but it can. Does stopping vaping make you gain weight? Eh, I suppose so, you do not get the metabolic increase when you quit, and the appetite suppressant is gone, so yes, typically it may make you gain weight to quit. 

However, remember, we are not talking about a huge amount, and if you practice self-control enough to quit, you can have the self-control to watch what you eat as well!

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