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Endless Wiping After Bowel Movement: Reasons & Solution

We’ve all sat there and wiped away at our rear during a trip to the restroom, sometimes wondering, ‘when will it end?’. You are wondering how much toilet paper you are going to go through until you don’t need to wipe anymore. 

It’s not an abnormal occurrence and is more common than you might think. But it often leaves us wondering, ‘why?’ 

We scour through our brains for some possible solution to this problem. So, instead of leaving you to find out for yourselves, I did the hard work for you. 

Endless Wiping After Bowel Movement: Reasons & Solution

What Causes Excessive Wiping After Bowel Movement

So, what causes excessive wiping? Well, the obvious cause would be diarrhea. Any time we get a runny bum, it does force us into having to perform quite the extensive cleanup. But, for some people, it can happen outside of diarrhea.

Why Do I Have To Wipe So Much After I Poop?

The most common causes are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Diet, and/or muscle or nerve damage.

The latter can be an effect of aging or if you have recently given birth. If you do find yourself going through oodles of toilet paper upon every bathroom trip, do see your doctor. 

If the issue could be resolved, you may be able to make tremendous savings in toilet paper!

Why Do I Have To Wipe Again Later?

Endless Wiping After Bowel Movement: Reasons & Solution

If you have to wipe again after you have already wiped, or if you go to urinate and find that you need to wipe your rear even though the last time you ‘went’ was a while ago, it’s probably diarrhea. 

When you have diarrhea, even the tiniest bit of gas can make you need to wipe again. Or, the chances are, you just didn’t wipe well enough when you went to the restroom last time.

If you have extra runny diarrhea, you will want to be delicate with the skin around your rectum, as excessive wiping can make you a bit sore. 

Be choosy about the toilet paper brands you use if you suffer from diarrhea regularly.

Why Do I Have To Wipe Even When I Don’t Poop?

Generally, this will happen if you have a very soft poop or diarrhea. Sometimes even a bit of soft or liquid fecal matter can result in needing to wipe or feeling a bit ‘unpleasant’ down there. 

Sometimes it can simply be that you didn’t ‘get everything’, after you went earlier, and the residue is now making itself known. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, it’s not abnormal.
Or, if you passed gas throughout the day, something must have come out besides air, that needs wiping out.

How Many Times Should You Wipe After Pooping?

toilet paper

How many times you need to wipe after a trip to the restroom depends entirely on your bowel movements. 

If you have soft poops, you may have no residue on the paper after just one wipe. Harder consistencies may need a bit more of a wipe. So what consistencies require what kind of wiping?

  • Soft poops: 1 wipe.
  • Hard poops: 0 -2 wipes (more if sticky).
  • Sticky poops: 3+ (excessive). 
  • ‘Rabbit’ poops: 1-3 wipes.
  • Pasty poops: 3+ (excessive).
  • Small and hard poops: No wiping at all?

It depends on your diet as well, some poops can be hard but sticky. When hard alone, you may find that just one wipe comes back clean, but when it’s hard and sticky, you may need to wipe a lot more.

Solution To Endless Wiping

If you find you are wiping away so much you’re wiping yourself raw, then you need to change things up. 

If you are raw, the best thing you can do is change your toilet paper, some are quite rough and this will not help you out. You get what you pay for, there is something to be said for quality bum wiping material. 

Should You Use Wet Wipes After Pooping?

wet wipes

Wet wipes can be a good shout, but you should ensure they are not too perfumed or contain chemicals. You should also never flush a wet wipe, even if it is covered in… your rectal unpleasantries.

Wet wipes can clog the toilet, and they are extremely unfriendly to the environment, even the biodegradable ones – if they are flushed.  

Is Washing Your Bum Better Than Wiping?

Washing may be more hygienic than wiping, and if you can do so, then it can be much better for your body. You also avoid ripping yourself to shreds and feel cleaner. However, do not feel the need to use soap every time, you have precious skin oils, and using soap too much can lead to skin problems.

Just water will do!

Why After Having A Bowel Movement Does It Require Endless Wiping?

Endless wiping can be the result of diarrhea, nerve damage, constipation, and more. First, check your diet, intolerances can lead to toilet trouble and cause this, if not, consult your doctor.

How To Prevent The Never Ending Wipe?

When you are in the restroom, take your time to ensure there is no lingering fecal matter, and maybe try dabbling to prevent pain, or use wet toilet paper if you are sore. 

You can also get incontinence underwear to prevent any problems and make you feel more comfortable if it happens regularly.

Can Wiping Too Much Cause Irritation?

Wiping too much will cause irritation and can make your anus red, sore, and all torn up, making it even more unpleasant to go. 

Avoid it if at all possible.

How Do You Wipe Without Toilet Paper

Wet wipes are a good go-to if you do not have toilet paper. However, ensure you dispose of them properly if you do use them.
Another way to wipe without toilet paper is to simply wash the area with some water. Washing is actually more hygienic, as it washes all the bits off. 


There are several reasons why you find that you keep wiping and wiping down there, and it just feels endless. The worst reason is some sort of a medical-related condition. But typically, the biggest reason is diarrhea or you just don’t wipe according to your bowel movements.
Some bowel movements will require more wiping than others.

Needless to say, if you have any concerns whatsoever, it’s always best to consult with your doctor.

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