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Find Out Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop

Taco Bell, we can’t deny that it is delicious. If you are a fan of Mexican food-Tacos, then this junk food chain is to die for. However, you won’t have to die for it, but you might get an unhappy stomach from eating it. 

This is just something that many people claim to experience after indulging in their favorite tasty junk food item from the chain restaurant. But… Why? You would think that a major food chain would ensure that their food doesn’t make your colon ache like it’s just hitting the gym all day.

For many people, stomach pain, diarrhea, sickness, and suddenly very regular bowel movements come hand in hand with Taco Bell. 

Find Out Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop

But why? Is it specific to certain food items? Or, is it perhaps a sign that you have intolerances that need addressing? 

Stick around, and we will tell you exactly what happens after eating Taco Bell.

Why Does Eating Taco Bell Make You Poop?

So, here’s the deal, when food from Taco Bell reaches your stomach, the spiciness in the food will cause a burning sensation. Some of their food does contain peppers and spices, even if you do not notice it so much. 

However, a majority of the time, if you find yourself making a trip to the restroom right after you have eaten a type of food, it is likely due to a gastrocolic reflex, which is something very normal that everyone experiences, however, the experience will vary from person to person. 

However, there are chemicals that are found in these spicy foods that trigger a ‘fluidity’ in your bowels, this is known as capsaicin, it is found in chilies, and it can be a bit of an issue when mammals eat it. 

Although some people have a better tolerance than others, it is possible for it to have a laxative effect on some people. 

Why Does Taco Bell Make Me Gassy?

Why Does Taco Bell Make Me Gassy?

Even if Taco Bell is not making you take trips to the restroom, it can simply make you pass gas, so your rear sounds like the brass section of an orchestra. Why is this? Well, as we said, spicy foods can be responsible for a gastrocolic reflex. 

This is a reflex that will control the movement of your lower gastrointestinal tract after you have each. In response, it will have to increase its motility as it stretches due to the food. This can not only make you poop, but it will also likely make you gassy too.

Consider it much like when you have had a very high fiber intake, and you get a bit gassy as a result. It is a very similar thing.  

Why Does Taco Bell Make Me Sick?

Not everyone gets sick from Taco Bell, however, there are cases of this. There are several reasons this could be. The first one that we need to consider is the possibility of ingredient intolerance. 

It is entirely possible that you could have an intolerance to something in the tacos that you didn’t know about. Sickness and Diarrhea are a sign of intolerance. 

However, they are also a sign of other things too. These two symptoms are most commonly reported at Taco Bell, and the most reported diagnosis after the fact is Salmonella and Norovirus. 

As we said, we cannot say this is specific to Taco Bell as a chain, however, if food hygiene is poor at one branch, it is entirely possible that sickness or Diarrhea can be caused by this. 

Why Does Taco Bell Give You Diarrhea?

Why Does Taco Bell Make Me Gassy?

It may sound strange but if you have to rush to use the bathroom after eating Taco Bell, this is not always a sign of Diarrhea, it can just be that the spices and chemicals inside the food have given your gastrointestinal system a wake-up call. 

As you might expect from anything that includes spices. 

However, as goes for sickness, if you do find that you are suffering from diarrhea, this could be an intolerance to the food, to spices, to chilies, or it could also be down to poor food hygiene practice at your branch. 

Why Does Taco Bell Make Your Stomach Hurt? 

Typically, stomach aches can be caused by spices, especially if your body is not used to them, you have an intolerance, or you’re having a lot of them in a short sitting. 

However, some food critics who have visited the chain restaurant report poor food prep care, which can be the cause of stomach upsets, and even illness. 

Does Everyone Get Diarrhea From Taco Bell?

Not everyone will get a bad stomach from Taco Bell. Some people will be more tolerant of spices than others, as everyone’s body is built differently. 

Some branches of the chain may also have better food prep food and hygiene standards too, which will prevent illnesses from spreading and sicknesses like Salmonella or Norovirus from spreading. 

How Common Is Food Poisoning From Taco Bell?

That’s not all, there are stats about the poor prep practice in the U.S. Taco Bell Branches. Around 150 people in 21 states alone have suffered from salmonella poisoning from Taco Bell and there has already been one lawsuit against the chain for food poisoning. 

However, if you consider how many people eat at Taco Bell every day, it is not that high a number, but it is still enough to make you think maybe they should close and get everyone properly trained before resuming to prevent these issues.  

What Happens If I Consume Food From Taco Bell Regularly?

What will happen if you eat Taco Bell too often? Well, we can safely say, pretty much the same thing as if you ate McDonald’s too often. 

Many meals at Taco Bell are too big, fried, cheesy, with red meats, and will be very high in calories. 

You can get obese and gain heart disease from eating too much of this food. 

However, if we consider the spices as well, if you eat too many of these spices too often, your body can suffer from it, especially in your gastrointestinal tract, 

Is It Ok To Eat Taco Bell Once A Week?

Find Out Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop

We will probably say not. As delicious as it is, try to avoid this. In the long term, you can be looking at hypertension, diabetes, metabolic dysfunction, heart disease, and more. 

But, to be fair, it does depend on what you order. 

What Taco Bell Food Items On The Menu Make You Poop?

Speaking of what you order, some people would claim ‘Taco Bell doesn’t make me poop’, which makes us think, that maybe not everything on the menu has a laxative effect on customers. 

So, which menu items make you poop? 

We have put together a list of the known items on their menu that will probably warrant a trip to the restroom after! 

  • The Steak Quesarito.
  • The Spicy Tostada. 
  • The Steak Quesalupa.
  • Spicy Double Chalupa.
  • Triple Layer Nachos.

A lot of these items either include spices like the Chalupa and its jalapeño peppers, others have sour cream with them, as well as cheese and red meat, which may make sensitive tummies a bit… loose. 

Taco Bell And Pooping, What’s The Connection: FAQ’s

So, going over what we know, we have a few more questions. We know you are wondering about Taco Bell and its tendency to have a laxative effect on those who enjoy it. 

So, before we leave you to wonder if you really need those Tacos right now, let’s answer a few of your questions.

Is Taco Bell Toxic?

Taco Bell is not toxic. It is unhealthy, about as much as Whataburger, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and so on. It may sound strange, especially if you have had an unpleasant experience, but it is not toxic. 

The reason for its laxative effect on some people is simply down to ingredients, or poor food hygiene by a particular member of the kitchen crew. 

Why does this matter? Well, you can learn something about your body, if it’s not the result of poor food hygiene, then instead, your body may be sensitive to a certain food group, or spices, or you may just have a picky gut.  

Why Does Taco Bell Have A Cancer Warning?

Well, Taco Bell, like many places that try to make their food look extra appealing, so they use a tint. 

This tint comes from using a caramel color, which is a synthetic coloring agent that if you eat a lot of it, has the potential to cause cancer. 

It is not something to freak out about if you have Taco Bell every now and again, but it should be a warning that it should not be the main part of your diet. 

Does Taco Bell Put Laxatives In Their Food?

What’s the real story, are there laxatives in there? No, a lot of foods can have a laxative effect on our bodies. Fiber and lactose (oats and cheese, for example) are natural laxatives, and Taco Bell includes a great deal of these foods. 

They don’t mix in laxatives, it’s just how food works.

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