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Glamnetic Lashes Are They Vegan? A Guide On Vegan Lashes

Glamnetic Lashes Are They Vegan? A Guide On Vegan Lashes

Glamnetic Lashes Are They Vegan-  A Guide On Vegan Lashes – if you are like me, and love to look glamorous, finding vegan lashes is essential to look your best!

Just because you are vegan does not mean you cannot look like a superstar when you want to. It is such a shame that so many cosmetic companies use animal by-products in their makeup and products. 

Luckily, more companies are releasing vegan products now, and as they grow more popular, there are vegan mascaras now, and all sorts. More and more companies are releasing more vegan-friendly products. So, what about Glamnetic? 

Is it possible for you to get vegan false lashes from a company as glam as Glamnetic? 

Here’s the deal, yes, you can get Glamnetic lashes that are vegan. Their whole company is not vegan, but they do have an entire line of vegan beauty products! 

But, let’s not spoil the fun, we want to introduce you to Glamnetic first!

Getting To Know Glamnetic eyelashes

Getting a good pair of vegan eyelashes is important. Not many sellers out there will do these, so it is essential to make the most of what you can find. Glamnetic is perfect for vegans who want to have luscious lashes.

Glamnetic recently stole the market with their lush eyelashes. They do many lashes, but they have a vegan lie that is just perfect for you. 

Glamnetic has got a great review and has positive referrals from clients. This is all down to the company’s CEO, who only founded the company in 2019 and is known for her innovativeness, opportunism, and ability to problem-solve. 

There are plenty of Glamnetic lashes that are vegan, their vegan lines are made from synthetic fibers. And not only this but their nail products are also vegan-friendly too! 

Is Glamnetic Cruelty-Free?

Are these vegan false lashes cruelty-free? Of course! Even their non-vegan lashes are cruelty-free! Glamnetic makes their lashes from mink but only harvest the mink hairs once the mink has shed. So no harm comes to the mink at all in the acquiring of these lashes materials. 

They do not have any toxic materials in them either. 

The lashes also meet the property requirement for magnets due to iron oxide, which is FDA-approved and safe. This all means Glamnetic lashes are cruelty-free, meet standards’ ad are healthier as an alternative to other lashes.

How Long Do Glamnetic Lashes Last?

There are many lashes you can get from Glamnetic which are vegan, but you will want to know how long they will stay on, as many standard lashes do not seem to stay on that long. 

It may sound strange to some but Glamnetic lashes can actually be used several times. However, how many times will depend on the materials involved, their thickness and length, and how well you take care of them. 

Once you put the lashes on, they can last nearly an entire day (10 hours). You could easily wear these lashes for over a month if you take good care of them. 

You need to look after them to get the most out of them.

Glamnetic Lash Care

How to clean Glamnetic lashes? Well, it is very simple. Once you have applied the lashes and are ready to take them off at home, you need to remove them. 

  • To start, carefully peel them off from a corner.
  • Clean your skin with an oil-based makeup-removing substance.
  • Clean them with makeup remover or micellar water.
  • Apply some cleanser to a q-tip or cloth and rub them gently on the magnets until the residue is removed.

Are Glamnetic Lashes Safe For Vegans?

If you are looking for luxury vegan lashes, Glamnetic lashes are a great way to go, they are vegan, cruelty-free, and with so many options you will feel gorgeous no matter what style of lashes you want.

They are made from synthetic fibers and can give you the perfect look. They have many options for vegans, so you are not just limited to one style, either. 

The lashes are high-quality and are totally safe for vegans, with no animal byproducts, safely sourced materials, and Glamnetic has a cruelty-free policy. 

What is even better is that even though these lashes are vegan, they are top quality, and so they look and feel like any other lashes, they are just vegan instead. There are 30 different styles of lashes available in their faux mink selection. 

30 lashes! All available to vegans! Amazing! 

Glamnetic even shows you how they look on their site, so you can get an idea of which you want, however, if it is still a tough choice you can buy a set from them. 

They are cheap, straightforward, and some even come with a magnetic eyeliner that makes them perfect for people who have never worn false lashes before!

What Are The Best Vegan Lashes?

Glamnetic Lashes Are They Vegan? A Guide On Vegan Lashes

Are there vegan lashes? Yes! Which are the best? Oh, tough question. 

Here’s the deal, what vegan lashes are the best totally depends on you, but we cannot argue that Glamnetic lashes are an absolute dream for vegans. 

So, as for the best brand of vegan lashes, we are going to have to say Glamnetic. 

But which is the best of their line?

If we had to choose, we would say their ‘Viral’ line of lashes is the best. There are different options with many choices. 

They are not so heavy you will look extra, but they will still give you that sultry, seductive eye. They are medium, and fluffy, with alternating fibers for any eye shape. You can get them from 10 mm to 15 mm in length, 

They are fully vegan, fully cruelty-free, and what’s best is they even curl like they were made from real mink, without actually being made from mink!

What Are Vegan Lashes Made Of?

A lot of lashes are from mink fur but they can come from other animal fur or silk too. Thankfully, there are a lot of brands these days that offer cruelty-free lashes that are made from synthetics or real human hair. There are even faux mink and faux silk lashes now.

Are Mink Lashes Vegan?

Typically, mink lashes are not actually mink, they are named this because the texture of the fibers used is just as soft as a minks coat (notoriously soft). So, mink lashes actually are vegan and are cruelty-free. 

As we also know, if mink is used by Glamnetic, the only fur taken from them is fur they have shed themselves. However, Glamnetic’s vegan line is synthetic materials, and no mink fur anyway. 

Are Silk Lashes Vegan?

Silk eyelashes are great, and boy do they sound posh and glam! The silk lashes are made from new synthetic vegan fibers that are crafted to mimic the aesthetic of real human eyelashes. This makes them look even better! 

Are Kiss Lashes Vegan?

Kiss does offer vegan lashes, sure. You could buy them. However, we do not recommend them, their company is not cruelty-free, and while they do offer vegan products, the company still has room to improve in their attitude towards animal cruelty. 

However, we will let you be the judge.

What Brand Of Lashes Is Vegan?

If we look at PETA and their analysis of what lashes are vegan, there are plenty to choose from. 

E.L.F does have many options, and they are famously vegan, many vegans do shop their cosmetics with E.L.F. 

Tarte, is a brand who have some great lashes that are available in many styles and do not harm animals at all. 

There is also Eylure and PUR. 

However, we really do recommend Glamnetic, especially for an easy fit, ease for new fake lash wearers, and affordability.

Cruelty-Free Lashes

When you are shopping for cruelty-free lashes, it is a bit tricky to know where to start and who to trust. The key is to look up the brand, of course. 

Brands will tell you if they are vegan or not. Start off by noting who sells vegan products. Once you have done this, check to see if the company is cruelty-free. 

Some companies will sell vegan products but not continue to be cruelty-free, which is kind of counterproductive in many ways. 

Always check to see if a company is cruelty-free, a great way to do this is to check with PETA. 

Cruelty-free is not just about animal products, but also animal testing, if their suppliers test on animals, or if a third-party tests on animals on the behalf of their company. 

Contact a company if you are not sure, and ask the hard questions. Put them on the spot!

Where To Buy Glamnetic Lashes

Despite how new Glamnetic are as a company, they spread far and wide fast! 

You can get Glamnetic lashes on their website, on Amazon, and even on Sephora. 

JCPenney also sells Glamnetic Lashes now too. 

We would say that almost all large cosmetic sellers have taken on Glamnetic recently, so they are not difficult to buy. 

A couple more points on why this is important. 

  • If you are still skeptical about Glamnetic buy from their online store and ask them questions yourself to ensure you are happy with your lashes.
  • Remember that Glamnetic are cruelty-free
  • Remember, they have many vegan lash lines.

That’s not all, Glamnetic lashes are easier applied with a magnetic eyeliner that keeps your lashes in place, and the eyeliner is vegan and cruelty-free too! So, with this, it is safer, and you are unlikely to get an allergic reaction.

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