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How Much Sugar Is In DR Pepper: All Sizes

There are so many soda options out there, but while coke and Pepsi are good and all, DR Pepper totally takes the cake. It is delicious and has something unique and special about it that coke and Pepsi just can’t compete with. 

However, we all know that none of these sodas are particularly good for us. But, is Dr. Pepper any better for you than coke or Pepsi? The secret is in the sugar. 

So, it is time to know just how much sugar is in Dr. Pepper, so you can find out whether or not it is worse or better for you than the rest of the sodas out there. 

How Much Sugar Is In DR Pepper: All Sizes

Is There A Lot Of Sugar In Dr. Pepper?

Coca-Cola is believed to be more unhealthy for you than Dr. Pepper. In a regular Dr. Pepper, you will find around 4.9 grams of sugar. This speaks for a can. 

However, the amount of sugar will obviously change depending on how big Dr.Pepper is. 

This drink is made from a 23 fruity flavor blend, and has 20 kcal per 100ml, with 4.9 grams of sugar. In contrast to coca cola, this is definitely better. Coca-cola has around 10.6 grams of sugar per 100ml. 

How Much Sugar Is In A Diet Dr. Pepper?

There are around 4.9 grams of sugar in a can of Dr. Pepper. This is less than some other non-diet soda options, such as coca cola which has over double that amount. 

How Much Sugar In 500ml Dr. Pepper?

How Much Sugar Is In DR Pepper: All Sizes

As is with any drink, the bigger it gets the more sugar you will find in it. If you get a 500ml Dr. Pepper, then you are looking at a sugar content of around 25 grams of sugar. Which equates to around 28% of the content.
Pretty crazy, huh?

How Much Sugar Is In Dr. Pepper Zero?

Dr. Pepper Zero like Pepsi Max and Coke Zero all have 0 grams of sugar. However, all of these drinks do contain a sugar substitute

That being said, do not be led astray, just because it has zero sugar in it does not make it healthy, sugar substitutes and sweeteners are not always very good for you, in some ways they can even be more of a risk to your health than sugar-based sodas. 

How Much Sugar Is In Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry?

Just like Dr. Pepper Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry also has 0 sugars. However, the same goes for this version. It contains sweeteners as well, which can be just as bad if not worse for your health in the long-term for health

How Much Sugar Is In A Can Of Dr Pepper?

In a single can of Dr Pepper, there is 16 grams of Carbohydrates and 16 grams of which sugars. This makes the total sugar content an incredible 18% of the total drink. 

This is quite the improvement on Coca-Cola, which has an insane 39 grams of sugar in a can.  So, even though Dr. Pepper is not exactly good for you, it is probably the better choice when compared to Coca-Cola. 

Which Is Worse For You Dr. Pepper Or Coke?

Dr. Pepper contains a lot of the same ingredients as you would find in coke. However, coke does contain more sugar. Dr. Pepper has less caffeine and more flavor than coke, it also has less sugar and does not contain the same taste. 

Another thing worth noting is that you could clean rust off your kitchenware with coke, but not Dr. Pepper, which is probably saying something about it being more suitable for consumption. 

Is Dr. Pepper Or Mountain Dew Worse For You?

If you wanted to figure out which drink was better for you, you would want to look at calories and caffeine. The most unhealthy option is Pepsi, which has 57 mg of caffeine. Then there is mountain dew with 55 mg and Dr. Pepper at 38.7 mg. 

Mountain Dew is actually worse than Dr. Pepper, due to its citric acid content, it can actually dissolve a mouse according to studies. So, it is safe to say Dr. Pepper is better for you than Mountain Dew. I figure that anything that could dissolve a mouse should probably not be consumed.

Are All Soft Drinks Full Of Sugar?

Are All Soft Drinks Full Of Sugar?

Unfortunately, the majority of soft drinks are. Even sugar-free soft drinks aren’t really good for you due to the fact that they contain artificial sweeteners.
Artificial sweeteners can have a very negative impact on your digestive system and can mess up your hunger.
It’s best to keep all soft drinks to a minimum, for the sake of your health and your teeth!


Want to know more about how much sugar is in your Dr. Pepper? I’ve got you. 

How Much Sugar Is In a 12oz Dr. Pepper?

If you are drinking a 12 oz can of Dr. Pepper, then you will drink 40 grams of sugar. 

How Much Sugar Is In A 16oz Dr. Pepper?

If you are drinking a 16 oz, Dr. Pepper, from your local shop, you will be consuming a whopping 54 grams of sugar. 

How Much Sugar Is In A 20oz Dr. Pepper?

If you get a comfortable 20 oz, Dr. Pepper, when you pop to your local gas station, fast food joint, or restaurant, you are looking at consuming a massive 68 grams of sugar! 

How Much Sugar Is In A 32oz Dr. Pepper?

Popping to your local gas station to get a drink? Fancy a large? Well, then you will be getting quite the help of sugar. A 32 oz cup of Dr. Pepper holds a crazy 102 grams of sugar!

How Much Sugar Is In A 44 oz Dr. Pepper?

When it comes to getting your favorite soda, you should always go big or go home, for a giant 44 oz Dr. Pepper you will be looking at 139 grams of sugar. 

It is probably best to stay away from large cups of Dr. Pepper if you are diabetic, or if you need to cut down your sugar consumption.


All and all, soft drinks are just not good for us. The amount of sugar in them is just insane. Yes, they are tasty, but are they worth the potential damages they can cause us?
I think not!

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