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How To Make Weight-Loss Less Dreadful!

How To Make Weight-Loss Less Dreadful!
Here are a couple of tips on How To Make Weight-Loss Less Dreadful!
Whenever people think about weight-loss, they immediately think of constant starvation, forbidden foods and just being grumpy! But, we are here to tell you, that if your mindset is like that when you decide to lose a bit of weight, your not doing it right!

Weight-loss shouldn’t be an unpleasant or grumpy journey!

Yes, obviously, you will have to pay a bit more attention to what you eat and will have to limit some of the cakes and biscuits, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be ‘allowed’ to eat them! You can still eat them and lose weight! – It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Losing weight is so simple – if you are in a calorie deficiency by the end of the day, you will lose weight. If you are over the calorie limit, you will gain weight! It’s that simple. Basically my point is that if you eat a slice of cake that’s 450 calories, and then you consume 1,000 calories more for the rest of the day, that will bring you to 1,450 in total, which means you will be in a calorie deficiency and you will lose weight.
Now, of course, I am not encouraging you to eat cake during your weight loss journey, but what I am saying is, that just because you are trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and that you have to forbid certain foods.

So let’s point out a couple of ways on How To Make Weight-Loss Less Dreadful!

1. Don’t Forbid Any Foods!

As we mentioned earlier, it will obviously make you feel miserable! And a slice of cake once in a while won’t harm you, in fact, you should probably reward yourself with a sweet treat every time you lose a kilogram for example! It will make your weight-loss journey a lot more fun and you will be more motivated!

Also, eventually, your will won’t be able to resist it anymore, and you will indulge in all these “bad” foods in huge amounts if you are too strict. So all the restricting and the starvation would have been for nothing.

2. Find A Friend To Lose Weight With!

How To Make Weight-Loss Less Dreadful!

Deciding to lose weight with a friend, or a partner can be a lot more motivational and fun! You can also bring the competitive side of you, which will motivate you even more to lose weight, so you can beat your partner or friend at it! You can also share tips and ideas with each other, you can both have fun cooking healthier meals. It will make all this so much more enjoyable and fun!

3. Don’t Shop When You Are Hungry!

How To Make Weight-Loss Less Dreadful!

There is nothing worse than going to the store for some food while you are hungry, and just passing through all the yummy foods you ‘can’t’ eat! This will either lead you into buying a lot more than you need or you will end up buying junk snacks you don’t need at the house when you are trying to lose weight!
Make sure you have eaten before you go out for food shopping, it will save you some money and potentially some extra calories!

4.  Try To Cook More At Home!

How To Make Weight-Loss Less Dreadful!

It really sucks, crunching on a tasteless salad you bought from the store on your lunch break… But if you cook at home, you can adjust the flavors and seasoning to your preference, and you will have more control on how it tastes and what goes in it! Not to mention, that it will save you money in the long-term, and the food will be a lot healthier.

5. Don’t Focus Too Much On The Scale Numbers!

How To Lose Weight Without Starvation

Seriously, don’t obsess, because it will only make you moodier and stress you. Yes, obviously the goal is to lose weight, so the scale is a good indicator that you are doing a good job, but if you look at it all the time, it won’t do you any good! Try looking at it once a week, the best time is first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty.
Focus more on how you feel and look, rather than in numbers. If you like the way you look then don’t worry too much about how much the scale is showing!

The Bottom Line

So, what have we learned from this article? We learned that we are allowed to eat cake and fries during our weight-loss journey, we shouldn’t obsess on the scale and we should try to cook or eat more yummy foods in order to enjoy the process!

Also, the secret to a successful long term weight loss is to change some of your eating habits for good.
For example, if you tend to eat greasy takeaway food every night, try cutting that to once a week, try cutting your portion size, eat more fruit and veg…all this will help you keep your desired weight. It’s really pointless going through the whole process of trying to lose weight, and when you do, you end up going back to your old habits, which will just bring back the old weight!

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