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How To Reduce Nose Fat: What You Need To Know

Some of us are born with small noses, the benefit of being painfully photogenic, others are born with noses that are a bit wider and spread across our face a bit more. Both types are beautiful. 

Sometimes something can happen to affect the shape of our nose. I know that life events caused my nose to get a little bump in it, I don’t mind it though. But not everyone feels as comfortable with their nose as I do. 

That’s just the thing, what if your nose seems a bit on the chunky side and you want to lower your sniffer to something a little more petite? Well, if only we could just order a new nose from Amazon right? 

How To Reduce Nose Fat

Sadly, that’s not the case, and while facial surgery is an option, the recovery period and issues that can come from it aren’t exactly downsizing after all. So, what do you do? 

Let’s look at your options! Everyone deserves to feel happy with how they look! 

How To Reduce Nose Fat

Generally, you cannot really reduce nose fat, because there is no fat in your nose. It is all just fleshy bits and cartilage. However, there may be some swelling or a bump in your nose, and if this is the case there are some natural tricks. 

It is rumored that toothpaste, ginger powder, and garlic can all help to rid you of a bump in your nose. This is because these are all anti-inflammatory products

You can also put an ice pack on your nose on repeat, but note this is for inflammation, swelling, or bumps! Not nose fat! Because… there is no actual such thing as nose fat.

How Can I Reduce My Nose Size Naturally?

How To Reduce Nose Fat

Some websites might suggest that you put ice on your nose on repeat to make it shrink, however, this is false. Then as we previously mentioned others recommend anti-inflammatories, which is fine… if there is an inflammation

However, if you are just looking to reduce your natural nose size in a natural way, this is going to be impossible. 

The only time in which you can make your nose smaller and reduce its size is if it has increased in size due to a traumatic event such as a crash or accident, and therefore your nose is swelling.

How To Reduce Nose Fat Naturally?

Your nose does not have any fat, your nose is simply flesh and cartilage, there is nothing else there. However, if you are overweight, your nose may not be in proportion to your face, and losing weight in your face could balance your face back out. 

How our cheeks and jaw (fatty areas) look will impact how our nose looks as well. 

How Can I Slim My Nose Without Surgery

If you have not suffered a traumatic event that has caused swelling, or if you are not overweight and have puffiness in your face affecting your facial proportions then it is unlikely you will be able to make your nose slimmer without surgery. 

The shape of your nose is determined by bone, and cartilage, so surgery is required if you want to change it. 

The easiest way to change the way your nose looks without surgery is to learn how to contour with makeup and try to use makeup to change how it looks that way.

What Causes Fat Nose?

A ‘fat nose’ or large nose is just a natural occurrence. However, you may be referring to a ‘bulbous nose’. 

A bulbous nose is what happens when a patient has a ‘ball’ on the tip of their nose. It can be caused by anatomy abnormalities in the alar cartilage, or by overlying soft-tissue coverage. 

This is natural, but if it is something you are finding that affects your self-image and quality of life, or if it has medical side effects, you can have surgery to change this. 

Are There Nose Fat Reduction Oil?

You can get nose massage essential oil, however, this is unlikely to reduce your nose side. There is no way you will get fat in your nose, and therefore any products that claim they can get rid of fat from your nose, are lying. 

It is possible that nose fat reduction oils are in fact placebos. In our actions, we view our noses as smaller and thus we feel more confident when in truth nothing has changed. This is often used in the beauty industry. 

If you want to reduce the size of your natural nose, you will need surgery. 

Can Toothpaste Make Your Nose Smaller?

Toothpaste and other antiinflammatories only work if you have inflammation in your nose. They will not reduce the size of the cartilage in your nose. 

How To Reduce Nose Fat With Toothpaste?


If you do have inflammation, you can use toothpaste or other anti-inflammatories to help it go down, however, it is still best to do what your doctor recommends. 


How To Reduce Nose Fat By Exercise

Exercise will not do anything to your nose as nose fat is not a thing. The nose is made of cartilage, not fat.

How To Reduce Nose Fat With Ginger

You cannot reduce your nose with ginger unless there is an inflammation in which case ginger and other anti-inflammatories may help to reduce swelling.

Foods That Make Your Nose Bigger

Your diet does not impact the size of your nose. This is determined by the cartilage in your body.


There is no such thing as a fatty nose. Noses don’t really hold fat.
It’s bones and tissue that make up the size of your nose. Genetics plays a role in how big your nose is. If you want to reduce the size of your nose, your best shot is surgery.

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