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How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes

Having a nice new pair of shoes is awesome. It always makes you feel great, but then the inevitable happens. 

You are enjoying your shoes, walking around in them, but then because you are using them, they start to crease, and suddenly your gorgeous, glamorous shoes start looking old, rugged, and not so pleasant anymore! 

How can you stop this pesky problem from destroying all your lovely new shoes? It turns out some genius has noticed this problem and has started coming up with a way around it! Thank goodness! 

How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes

How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes

There are a few ways you can look to walk without creasing your shoes, however, doing just one technique probably won’t work on its own. You will need to do a few different things to prevent the creasing. 

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Keep your laces done up tight.
  • Choose shoes that fit properly. 
  • DIY yourself some padding inserts.
  • Avoid kneeling and crouching in your shoes.
  • Try to keep a good posture.
  • Walk heel first. 
  • Alternate your shoes with other shoes.

Can You Walk Normally Without Creasing Your Shoes?

How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes

This is quite the thing to ask because actually, you need to walk properly. You see, most of us probably don’t. In fact, I used to get told off for walking on my heels, but this is how you should be walking. 

Toe walking causes creasing. However, most of us will say “I don’t walk on my toes”, well, this actually refers to when you walk on the ball of your foot instead of your heels touching the ground. 

Walking on your heels is actually the answer to your shoes not creasing.

Why Are My Shoes Creasing When I Walk?

Our shoes crease as a result of the upper material of the shoe compressing. It will put pressure on the shoes as you walk. 

In order to prevent the shoes from creasing you need to walk properly, meaning you need to practice walking on the heel of your foot and not on your toes/ the ball of your foot, as it is this that will crease your shoes the most.

How To Uncrease Shoes?

Some people might use iron to increase their shoes. We would not recommend doing this off the bat, ensure you know what you are doing, or you could end up damaging your shoe. 

You should dampen the shoe with a cloth, and then lay this over the crease of the shoe. Then turn on your iron up to around 60 degrees and iron your shoe this way. You should also stuff the shoe so that it will maintain its shape. Doing this alone will help to straighten out the creases in your shoes. 

Do Crease Protectors Work?

Crease protectors are made to prevent creases, not get rid of them. They are not ideal for all shoes of course, but they do work for some. However keep in mind that when you wear these, you may get some creasing where the crease protector ends. 

They work by preventing your shoe from bending too much. However, most are made for sneakers.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Crease Protector?

The main thing there to use instead of a crease protector is just to walk correctly. You can make your own crease protectors yourself, however, which is always worth a try if you have the time. 

You can also use preventative measures in your storing so you ensure that your shoes are being properly stored. Fill them out to ensure that they will not crease in storage as well. 

What Are Sneaker Shields Used For?

Sneaker shields protect the sneaker, they are basically just crease protectors for sneakers. 

They can be a bit tricky to cut to adjust your feet, so they can be even more comfortable. They work well and help to prevent sneakers from getting creases. Since sneakers can be incredibly expensive it is well worth it.

Best Crease Protectors

One of the best crease protectors I have seen yet is these Madala breathable crease protectors.

Honestly, though, Madala does a range of brilliant crease protectors. Most of the ones they do are for sneakers, but they are comfy and easy to use, and they are sized well. 

I highly recommend checking out the Madala store on for so many great crease protectors and other shoe care gear. 

But, if Madala crease protectors are not quite for you. Then these Forcefield Sneaker Toe boxes might be even better. These are for women and for children. With the whole toe box crease protector, these cover the entire area that we usually end up creasing when we walk a bit silly. 

You see, most crease protectors are plastic but these are foam to be extra comfortable and ideal for kids. They also do sizes for men upwards of size 11.5! Impressive right?


Are you concerned about your shoes and want to know which shoes crease easily and which ones don’t? That is okay, I’ve looked up some of the shoes people have the most concern with and let you know which shoes crease easily right now.

Do Jordan 1s Crease Easily?

Leather is pretty awesome when it comes to durability, but it is also stiff, so it is susceptible to creasing, which is why so many people who love them get crease protectors.

Do Jordan 4s Crease Easily?

Jordan 4s are usually leather, nubuck, or suede. 4’s will crease easily, although those with soft leather or suede will take longer to the crease.

Do Nike Dunks Crease?

Dunks have a flat-toe box, so they crease pretty easily. Dunks are probably one of the most infamous shoes for creasing.


Shoes, especially good quality shoes are expensive. You want to preserve them and keep them looking fresh for as long as possible.
Shoe creasing is annoying, but unfortunately, it’s part of the wear and tear process.
Wear crease protectors for long-lasting fresh looking shoes.

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