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How To Wash Period Underwear: Everything You Need To Know

As women, we are always going to stress about our period hygiene. It’s not that it is stressful, it’s just that our bodies are painfully sensitive to every little thing, and the last thing we want is to screw it up. 

No one wants to end up with thrush just because their period underwear wasn’t spotless. I’ve been there. It sucks, it hurts, and thrush cream could definitely do with being cheaper.

Our vaginal flora and fauna are so sensitive, and our periods do not exactly smell like a bed of roses, so a good wash is key. But, you don’t want to overdo it, because too many chemicals could mess your body up too! 

Ridiculous, I know. Where does it end? 

How To Wash Period Underwear: Everything You Need To Know

So, let us find out together how you should be washing your panties to keep your vagina healthy and your panties not smelling like period. 

How To Clean Period Underwear

We often go too far into overdoing it when it comes to our period, you don’t have to. We go into overkill. Many of us were raised with the idea that periods are gross. Let me kill that notion a second. 


You should never overwash, over-soap, or over-anything when it comes to anything that is going anywhere near your little lady. Too many chemicals, soaps, and smells will mess her up with something royal. 

So, stop it. 

Your underwear doesn’t need bleaching or scrubbing with the biggest bar of soap on earth. It’s simple. Very simple. Just… wash it like normal.

How To Wash Period Stains Out Of Underwear

Stains are the worst. You need to first hold the stained area under a cold tap of running water. Rinse it off and get the worst off of there. Soaking for 10 minutes, or even overnight should do the trick, then pop it on a cold cycle. 

You might think the heat is the trick. You would be thinking wrong. 

Cold works wonders.

How To Wash Period Blood Out Of Underwear

How To Wash Period Underwear: Everything You Need To Know

If you have some heavy stains or some excessive bleed, you can still salvage your panties. 

2 parts of baking soda and 1 part of water are applied to the stain and left for 30+ minutes can lift it. Rinse the panties and then pop them in a cold wash. 

How To Wash Reusable Period Underwear

Reusable period underwear, like a pair of ‘period pants’ (yes they do exist, and they’re great), you can wash them like normal. 

If you have a heavy bleed, you might want to rinse them through or wash them by hand first. But, you can just throw them in with the rest of your washing. 

How To Wash Period Underwear By Hand

How To Wash Period Underwear By Hand

If you decide to wash your period underwear by hand, just do it like with anything else, but rinse with cold water first. The cold water helps lift the worst off, and a normal hand wash will do the rest. 

If your stains are excessive, baking soda and water overnight will do the trick!

How To Wash Period Underwear Without Washer

If you don’t have a washing machine, or if yours broke, don’t worry. You can just hand wash them very easily. A hand wash can go a long way. No need for a washing machine, just avoid bleach and fabric softeners.

Can You Wash Period Underwear With Other Clothes?

woman wearing underwear

Of course, you can! No, it is not going to get blood over everything, that’s not how that works. 

Turn your period underwear inside out, rinse them to get rid of the majority of the… grossness, and then chuck them in the washer with all your other laundry. 

There will be no stains on anything. It just doesn’t work that way.

Period Pants Smell After Washing

You might notice a slight smell after you have washed them a few times. Honestly, this is more to do with the washing than the period itself. This is usually the case if they are left in the washing machine or if you do not totally dry them. Its damp smell. 

But no one else will be able to smell your menstrual blood, that’s not what the smell is.

How Does Period Underwear Work With Clots?

How do pads work with clots? Exactly, ‘period pants’ work just the same way that pads do. But you can get heavy flow period underwear that is equipped with an extra layer to help you get through the day. 

Just make sure to rinse them when you’re done with them. The clots won’t go anywhere. They just work the same as pads, but are more comfortable and reusable!


Do You Have To Wash Period Underwear Right Away?

Not necessarily, although it is best to do so. I’d at least recommend rinsing them out right away, to prevent them from drying out and being a more tedious clean.

How To Dry Period Underwear

drying clothes

You dry your period underwear just like you dry anything else. But, always check manufacturer instructions before you go throwing them in the dryer.

How Do You Disinfect Period Underwear?

Period underwear doesn’t need disinfecting. Keep chemicals away from anything that goes near your vagina! Just rinse and wash them. A wash and rinse routine is more than enough.

Can You Put Period Undies In The Dryer?

Most period undies can be put in the dryer, but not all, always check manufacturer instructions before you do so. 

How Long Can You Soak Period Underwear?

You can soak them as long as you want to. If they are filthy, soak them overnight, just avoid harsh chemicals.


woman with period pain

We all know how messy periods can be, not to mention painful too!
I personally swear by period pants, and trust me, if you follow the instructions above on how to clean them, you won’t have any problems at all!

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