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Period Smell: I Can Smell My Period Through My Pants

Period Smell: I can smell my period through my pants – does this happen to you too? If so, you have come to the right place, because I will unpack a lot about period.

Look, I am gonna be honest here, periods are a messy business. there is nothing clean about them. Your body is flushing out all sorts of things, and the truth is these things smell.

So, let’s get to the bottom of why.

Period Smell: I Can Smell My Period Through My Pants

Why Does My Period Smell So Bad

You have to remember, that your period consists of blood, tissue, and bacteria. All these are smelly substances.
They are also typically warm when they exit your body through the vagina.
What I am trying to say is, that your period is going to be smelly, and that is fine. But, that is why it’s important that you practice good hygiene
Another reason why your period is smelling is that you are using pads instead of tampons.
The discharge would fall into your pads, externally, causing a stronger smell. With tampons, the discharge is internal.

The second reason why your period might be smelling worse than usual is that you are not changing your pads or tampons frequently enough.

Why Can I Smell My Period Through My Pants

Period Smell: I Can Smell My Period Through My Pants

There are a couple of possible explanations for this:

  • Your underwear has period discharge  on it
  • You are using period pads instead of tampons or period cups
  • You are not changing your period pads or tampons frequently enough

Can Others Smell My Period?

You would be surprised by the fact that others cannot always smell your period as much as you can.
Other people can smell your period, only if your smell is very strong, and they are either sitting very close to you or are just near you.
But, even then, the chances are that they can smell you are low.
You can smell it because you know it’s there, and you know your own body and smells.
Just to be on the safe side, always wear perfume or deodorant.

How Can I Stop My Period Smelling So Bad?

period products

If you are wondering how to stop bad period smell – what you need to do first is accept that things are going to be smelly during that time of the month.
However, you can do certain things to avoid the heavy period smell, these include:

  • Change your pads & tampons regularly. Don’t leave them for more than 2-3 hours, especially if you have a heavy period.
  • Use tampons instead of pads. With pads, the discharge is external, causing a stronger smell, whilst with tampons the discharge is internal, which can reduce the smell.
  • Clean the area frequently, with either water wet wipes, or simply washing the area with some water.
  • If discharge falls on your underwear, instead of your pad or tampon, make sure you change your underwear for a fresh one, otherwise, it will smell.

What To Do When Your Period Smells Like Death

If your period smell is stronger than usual, there are a couple of things you should check first:

  • When was the last time you changed your pads/tampons?
  • Have you recently washed the area down there
  • Are you using pads instead of tampons
  • Is there a period stain on your underwear

Ask yourself those questions, and make the necessary changes.



Is It Normal For Period Blood To Smell Like Fish?

Yes, it can be absolutely normal. Your period can have different smells, depending on the bacteria. As long as your discharges don’t remain fish-smelly after your period, you should be fine.

Does Period Blood Smell Good?

Blood actually hasn’t got an actual smell. However, because the period doesn’t just consist of blood it consists of tissues, and bacteria often develop too, which causes a smell.

Why Does My Period Smell Like Poop

Have you noticed that when your period is due, you often tend to go for number 2 in the toilet too? Your whole body is in a way detoxing and is flushing out as much as it can.
prostaglandins relax the muscles of your uterus, but this can also include your bowels too, hence the reason why you tend to poop more.
There is a big chance that you are confusing your farts with the smell of your actual period. The period itself shouldn’t smell like poop.

I Can Smell Myself Through My Pants After Period

There are a couple of reasons why that might be. When your period ends, or you think has ended, it actually hasn’t. Some discharge is still left in the tube, but it just travels more slowly, since the flow isn’t as heavy as at the beginning of your period.
A day or two after you don’t feel the need to wear any tampons or pads is actually when the final bits can come out after a while. So if you can smell your period after your period, it just means that it hasn’t ended fully, just yet.

Summary: Periods Suck!

I mean come on, is there a lady out there that actually enjoys having a period? You get cramps, you start to crave food (typically unhealthy food), and your panties smell. What is there to like.
But, there are ways we can avoid the strong period smell. Practice good hygiene, change those pads and tampons regularly, and make sure you eat well and drink plenty of water!

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