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Is BBQ Sauce Vegan? What To Look Out For

Condiments can save a meal sometimes. If a dish is a bit dull and is half boring to you to death, a dash of Ketchup, some mayo, or some BBQ sauce can really save the day. However, we don’t entirely trust our condiments to be vegan. 

And, this leaves us to wonder, if BBQ sauce is vegan, can we add it to our plant-based burgers when the patty is leaving our taste buds bored? Or, should we stay away? 

It is time for me to tell you exactly how you should feel about BBQ sauce. 

Is BBQ Sauce Vegan? What To Look Out For

Is BBQ Sauce Vegan

Generally, BBQ sauce will be vegan, there is little reason for it not to be. However, it is not totally safe, when you go out to your local store, you want to keep your eyes peeled for a few ingredients here and there that may make your favorite condiment stray from the light. 

BBQ sauce will always have a base that is very much like ketchup, it is typically supplemented with spices and a smokey flavor, but it is not always vegan. 

Does Barbecue Sauce Have Egg?

As far as absolutely anyone knows, BBQ sauce should actually be dairy-free. In fact, pretty much all condiments should be, aside from mayo, although, most mayo will be free of dairy as well. 

If mayo is dairy-free, then BBQ sauce certainly should be as well. Ketchup and BBQ sauce are both often dairy-free, there is no need for them not to be. So, no, there is no egg in BBQ sauce. So, you can rest easy. 

(Can you imagine how gross the consistency of BBQ sauce would be if it included egg! Ew!)

Does BBQ Sauce Have Animal Products?

BBQ sauce should always be vegan, or nearly always anyway. It is basically just ketchup with some spice and smoky flavor mixed in. However, on occasion, BBQ may not be vegan. 

This is usually the case with the most popular brands (so you are usually safe if you go off-brand). Many popular brands of this condiment will include anchovies in their ingredients. 

This is because of the saltiness this little fish brings and produces a flavor rather like umami. Always keep an eye out for anchovies in the ingredients list, but know that BBQ sauce is usually vegan.

Is BBQ Sauce Healthy?

Barbecue sauce is not assumed to be healthy and technically it isn’t but it does have some nutritional values. It contains some small amounts of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. 

That being said, it is highly unlikely you will actually get any real health benefits from this unless you decide to start drinking BBQ sauce by the cup, which is probably not a good idea. 

What BBQ Sauce Is Vegan?

Since most BBQ sauce is vegan, you can tend to trust some of the long-standing brands. 

While some brands will include anchovies, this ingredient is not as common as honey, so you always need to check for honey in the ingredients list whenever you go to buy BBQ sauce. 

Vegan BBQ Sauce Brands

So, which brands are best known for being vegan? Well, there are a few that are always vegan. Here they are: 

  • Heinz Original.
  • Stubb’s.
  • Kraft.
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce.
  • Bull’s Eye.

All of these are vegan. Heinz is probably the most common one to find worldwide, and therefore it is the best option. However, make sure that you buy the original BBQ flavor from Heinz, as it is this one specifically that is vegan.

Where To Buy Vegan BBQ Sauce

is bbq sauce vegan

If you live in the United Kingdom you can get vegan BBQ sauce pretty much anywhere. All superstores sell Heinz original BBQ sauce, so you will have easy access to a vegan BBQ sauce at any major supermarket. 

If you live in the United States, however, Walmart will surely have options for you. However, if Walmart is not quite your thing, and you don’t fancy going out, is rife with options. 

Kroger and Publix stores also have Vegan Kraft BBQ sauce. You could also go to online vegan stores and buy specialist vegan BBQ sauce if you really wanted to. 

What Is Vegan Barbecue Made Of?

In truth, BBQ sauce is basically a more heavily spiced-up version of ketchup. The primary ingredients in here that would make BBQ sauce not vegan would be honey and Worcestershire sauce. 

However, sometimes a company will put anchovies in their sauce, although this does not seem to be such an occurrence anymore and honey is the biggest problem. 

Most vegan-specific BBQ sauces will use soy sauce and maple syrup instead of these non-vegan ingredients. 


vegan bbq sauce

Need to know more? I’ve got you!

Is Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce Vegan

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and those who have a gluten-intolerance. This is thanks to their new BBQ sauces; original, and hickory.

Is Stubb’s BBQ Sauce Vegan?

Pretty much all of Stubb’s BBQ sauces are vegan, there are only two which are not. These are their ‘smokey Mesquite’, and their ‘Sweet Honey and Spice’ BBQ flavors. 

Is McDonald’s BBQ Sauce Vegan?

Mcdonald’s BBQ sauce is indeed vegan. However, to confuse you, their BBQ sauce is vegan but their smoky BBQ sauce is not as it contains honey.

Is KFC BBQ Sauce Vegan?

None of KFC’s BBQ sauces are vegan as they all contain honey, in fact, a lot of KFC’s options are not vegan. I recommend simply going elsewhere.

Is Burger King BBQ Sauce Vegan?

Burger King is more vegan friendly, with their BBQ sauce being noted as being vegan in the UK and in the US.

Is Chick Fil A BBQ Sauce Vegan?

At Chick-Fil-A, BBQ sauce is vegan as well as some of their other popular sauces, such as the Polynesian.

Is Heinz BBQ Sauce Vegan?

Heinz original sauce is vegan, however, their Kansas style, Memphis style, and Texas style BBQ sauces are not due to fish being in them.

Does BBQ Sauce Contain Dairy?

BBQ sauce is always dairy free, if it is not vegan it is due to usually honey, or anchovies.

Summary: Most BBQ Sauce Is Vegan-Friendly!

Overall good news, isn’t it? Most BBQ sauces, especially from famous brands such as Heinz are totally vegan-friendly.
However, do watch out for the odd BBQ sauce that may contain honey, Worcestershire sauce, or anchovies!

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