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Is Cotton Candy Vegan: Yes And No

Cotton candy, the sugary deliciousness that no one can resist at the carnival, or at parties. Most of us are certain that it is pretty much just sugar, but is it? 

The issue with not being 100% certain about cotton candy is that we can’t exactly be certain that it is vegan. 

We need to know what is and what is not vegan, especially when it comes to sweet things, because, as any vegan will know, sweet treats are always risky for vegans, because there are so many animal by-products in them. 

So… cotton candy, the sweet cloud, is it vegan?

Is Cotton Candy Vegan

Is Cotton Candy Vegan?

You will be glad to know that natural and organic cotton candy is indeed vegan. This is because organic sugar will not contain any bone char as refined sugar does

Natural or organic flavors and colors are also of importance, these will also be vegan as they will be made from actual and genuine foods. 

However, typical, artificial cotton candy is not vegan. You need to know how to tell the difference now, don’t you?

Is Carnival Cotton Candy Vegan?

You might assume that carnival cotton candy is vegan, however, most of the time it is not. Not just because of the sugars though. 

Pink and red cotton candy is often dyed using a red dye which is made from carmine or cochineal. There are plenty of other food dyes which are tested on animals as well. Orange-yellow dyes and reds are of the most concern. 

However, Carnival Savers cotton candy makes no statement of their cotton candy being okay for vegans, and with food dyes and refined sugars being commonplace, I would go with… No. They are probably not vegan. 

Is Cotton Candy Made From Animals?

Is Cotton Candy Vegan

Technically cotton candy is vegan, but it really does matter. If you are against refined sugar, and food dyes that contain animal products then, it could be a sketchy area for you. 

Refined sugar is made using bone char in processing, and red/pink colored food dyes are made with bugs (or more specifically a beetle). 

Can Vegans Have Candy Floss?

Vegans can have candy floss, but it does depend on the type of veganism, personal tastes, and the way in which the candy floss is made. 

Some vegans may not be super strict about refined sugar, however, others may be. So it depends on personal tastes and the type of veganism you choose. It also depends on how the candy floss is made. 

Some organic natural candy floss may be okay for any type of veganism, whereas another candy floss will be made with refined sugar and food dyes that make it not so. 

What Is Cotton Candy Made From?

Cotton candy only really has 3 primary common ingredients. These include sugar, flavorings, and corn syrup. 

It is mainly made by heating sugar and then liquefying it by spinning it through tiny holes which makes it cool rapidly into small strands. However, the type of sugar and the food dyes use dictate how vegan it is. 

But, it is primarily just sugar. 

Is Cotton Candy Dairy Free?

Yes, cotton candy is dairy-free since it is pretty much just sugar, flavorings, and food dyes. There is little else in there so it is dairy free. 

So those with lactose intolerance can always grab themselves some cotton candy at the fairground! 

Is Cotton Candy Bad For You?

The USDA Food Database has something to say about cotton candy, and no, it is not good for you. 

It is 100% sugar. A single 1 oz serving of cotton candy has 110 calories and an insane 28 grams of sugar. It may be a melt-in-your-mouth treat, and it may be light in your mouth, but it is not good for you and nor is it good for your teeth either! 

You most certainly should not be having it often. 

However, that being said, cotton candy is actually only made from sugar, which does mean that there is pretty much no fat content, making it a healthier option than many other desserts out there. And many sodas have more sugar in them!


Is Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Vegan?

It depends on your veganism standards. Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy may indeed be vegan if you are not strict. Charms’ Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy does have ingredients that may not be vegan including food colorings and sugar. 

Is Redline Cotton Candy Vegan?

Redline Cotton Candy makes includes ingredients that may not be vegan. Redline Cotton Candy is an energy drink, and while it should be vegan it includes ingredients that may not be and also is manufactured in a facility that processes shellfish, eggs, and milk. 

Is Rockstar Cotton Candy Vegan?

Rockstar Cotton Candy is an energy drink that may not be vegan. However, it does say gluten-free and vegan on it. It claims to be sugar-free. However, it does contain natural and artificial flavors. 

Is Fun Sweets Cotton Candy Vegan?

Fun Sweets Cotton Candy contains some ingredients which may not be vegan. This is mainly in the food colors: Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6.


Cotton Candy is often classified as vegan-friendly food, however, if you are buying it from the US, you are probably buying cotton candy that has used refined white sugar, which as we all know, has been made using bone char.
Now, other things can play a role such as food colors, Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 are not vegan-friendly, so if you notice that your cotton candy has a color to it, you may wanna find what it is.

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