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Is Flour Vegan: Explained

Flour, something very plain, used in so many things, for so many things, surely it’s vegan? Why would it not be vegan? 

One of the biggest issues with finding out if the flour is vegan is the huge amount of different types of flour! Are all of them vegan? 

Stick around, and I will walk you through every type of flour and let you know if it is actually vegan.

Is Flour Vegan - Explained

Is Flour Vegan Friendly?

Overall, flour is vegan-friendly. Many flours are not bleached using any bone char (like sugar is), and so it is okay, but some flours are not because of this. 

Flour, pure flour, is just crushed up plants, so it is vegan friendly, however, some issues arise in the use of things like bone char. Let’s look at some types of flour. 

Is All Purpose Flour Vegan?

Is Flour Vegan - Explained

The additives in flour are usually where the problem comes from. In all-purpose flour these are usually vegan, however, sometimes a manufacturer will source the iron from meat, using animal-based iron. 

You should double-check the manufacturers before you buy to check, some mass producers may use animal iron, so double-check it first. 

Is Bleached Flour Vegan?

Bleached flour is actually vegan. Bleaching agents create this flour, and these agents are actually vegan. It is not bleached like sugar is, so you have no need to worry. 

Is Unbleached Flour Vegan?

Unbleached flour is also vegan, just like bleached flour is, instead it just doesn’t have the agents that bleached flour does. 

Is Rice Flour Vegan

rice flour

Rice flour is also vegan! Good news! It is basically just rice, which is also vegan as well. So, vegans can rejoice! 

Is Cake Flour Vegan?

Vegans can enjoy cakes too, and some vegan cake recipes can be absolutely to die for! I tried this amazing triple dark chocolate vegan cake once and am pretty sure I went straight to heaven. 

What was this made with? Cake flour! Cake flour is also vegan! 

Is Tapioca Flour Vegan?

Tapioca flour is vegan, good news! The ingredients in it, including cassava root, are vegan as well as the processing method is also free of any animal product. 

Do beware of Tapioca though, while the flour is totally vegan, not every product made with Tapioca is. 

Is Bread Flour Vegan?

Is Bread Flour Vegan?

Bread flour is also vegan friendly! Imagine, if it weren’t, you’d never get to have a sandwich or a tasty slice to dunk in your soup! I don’t even want to think about it, it’s too horrible. Aren’t we all glad bread flour is vegan! 

Is Coconut Flour Vegan?

Coconut flour is vegan, as you might expect. It is also high in fiber, and it is gluten-free as well, so it is one of the best flours out there. It makes a great option for many vegan desserts! Basically, it’s simply dried coconut ground into the finest powder. 

Is Malted Barley Flour Vegan?

Malted barley flour is also vegan, simply made from malted barley and malted grains, with no dairy or animal products in it at all!

Is Corn Flour Vegan?

Is Corn Flour Vegan?

Cornflour is suitable for vegans to eat, it is a flour that is made from maize, so it is plant-based. We are glad because some of the best ‘naughty’ junk foods we can have include corn flour!

Is Semolina Flour Vegan?

Semolina flour is not a very popular flour, but it is also vegan. It is a coarser flour made from durum wheat, not other wheat, which is common. When this wheat is milled, the parts which are the most nourishing get ground up into semolina. 

As this type of wheat is golden, it creates a pale yellow flour, which actually looks rather magical! 

Is Spelt Flour Vegan?

Another not-so-popular type of flour, spelt flour, is also vegan! It is one of the nicest flours. It has a very ancient variety of which has simply been unchanged in spite of the many advancements in the flour making industry. 

This is also low in gluten, so can be a good choice for those who are intolerant to gluten.

Is Cassava Flour Vegan?

Cassava flour is another not-so-well-known flour, but it’s amazing. It comes from a root vegetable. This means it’s not only suitable for vegans, but it’s also grain-free, nut-free, and gluten-free as well! 

Why Is Flour Not Vegan?


For the most part, flour is actually vegan. However, it is worth being cautious of some of the most common types of flour from the most popular manufacturers. 

Many manufacturers will include additives into flour to extend its life, while a vast majority of these are actually vegan, not every one of them is, some of them are usually vegan, however, iron is the one to look out for, as it can be vegan or animal-based. 

While flour is usually okay, proceed with caution.

The only flour that definitely isn’t vegan – Cricket flour. (Yuck!) 


I’m not done yet, you all have so many flour questions, and I intend on answering them all! So, let’s answer a few more. 

Is White Flour Vegan?

By its nature white flour is vegan as its ingredients are always plant-based, however, do keep an eye on those additives, especially from large manufacturers. 

Is Whole Wheat Flour Vegan?

Wheat flour usually is vegan, but it does contain additives of vitamins and minerals, so you should contact the manufacturer to ask about this. Which is easier said than done. 

Is Cultured Wheat Flour Vegan?

Cultured wheat flour is usually vegan. It is fermented with something known as Propionibacterium freudenreichii, which is often found in dairy products, however, it is not sourced from them, so it is vegan! 

Is Flour Vegan And Gluten Free?

Most flours are vegan, and some are gluten-free, but not all. Generally, flour such as rice flour, quinoa, amaranth, almond, and coconut flour will be listed as gluten-free. Brown rice flour is also vegan.

Can Vegans Eat Flour And Sugar

sugar flour

For the most part, vegans can eat flour, however, sugar is another thing. Some sugars are certified as being vegan, however, many will include bone char

Is Self Rising Flour Vegan?

Self-rising flour is vegan friendly as it has baking powder in it, which is also vegan, so you can bake with it as much as you want to. 

Is Enriched Flour Vegan

Enriched flour is generally okay, with no added animal products, for the most part, it is fine, but it is best to check.


Overall, it’s great news all around. The majority of clours are vegan-friendly, some are gluten-free, and some are actually good for you!

So worry not when you shop for flour next time, this article hopefully provided you with all the information you needed!

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