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Is Gnocchi Vegan: Quick Answer

Is Gnocchi Vegan: quick answer for those interested to know the answer.

Gnocchi – a true Italian comfort food, glorified once again by the humble potato. But is it vegan? Let’s find out!

Is Gnocchi Vegan: Quick Answer

Is Gnocchi Vegan Friendly

It really depends. Traditional gnocchi isn’t vegan, because typically egg yolks are used in the making.  So, if you are in Italy, looking to order some proper gnocchi, I am afraid they won’t be vegan.
The sauces they are dressed in also matter; parmesan cheese is commonly used with gnocchi.

Now, a lot of the gnocchi in the stores are actually vegan. Look for the ingredients:

As you can see, these ingredients are definitely vegan, so this gnocchi is vegan.

There are 2 things you will need to specifically look for when you check the ingredients of any gnocchi:

  • Does it contain milk
  • Does it contain eggs

These are the main 2 ingredients that can make gnocchi non-vegan.

Is Sweet Potato Gnocchi Vegan

Once again, it will really depend on the brand and how they are made.

For example, I found some vegan sweet potato gnocchi, so there is definitely vegan-friendly sweet potato gnocchi out there.

Do Vegetarians Eat Gnocchi?

Yes, gnocchi is typically vegetarian-friendly, since they contain eggs and dairy. Gnocchi definitely falls under the vegetarian bracket.
However, some gnocchis can be served with meat, so if that’s the case, they would be unsuitable for a vegetarian diet.

How Are Gnocchi Made?

How Are Gnocchi Made?

If you are wondering what are gnocchi made of – traditionally, gnocchi is made using simple ingredients. A dough is made out of cooked potatoes, flour, and eggs.
The technique typically occurs when the rolling begins and the unique shape of the gnocchi are made.
Once the dough is made, it’s cut and shaped, then dropped into boiling water. This is what makes the gnocchi chewy.
Once the gnocchi float on top of the water, they are ready.

There are many ways that the gnocchi can be cooked from there. The classic recipes are:

  • Tomato gnocchi
  • 4 cheese gnocchi
  • Pesto gnocchi

But there are many many other ways.

Homemade Gnocchi:

Everything made homemade can be tweaked to suit your preference or diet. I have made many homemade gnocchis before suitable for vegans.
The method is pretty much the same, minus the dairy and eggs. You still get chewy comforting gnocchi but made vegan.

I made Vegan Tofu Gnocchi once, which is actually better than any other gnocchi, due to their high amount of protein content.

What Is Vegan Gnocchi Made Of?

What Is Vegan Gnocchi Made Of?

Vegan gnocchi is typically made using flour, cooked mashed potatoes, seasonings, flax eggs, salt, and a bit of oil.
A dough is made out of these ingredients, then it’s rolled and cut into shapes. The gnocchis are then dropped in boiling water; once they float to the top – they are ready.
From there, they can be either fried or tossed into your favorite sauce.
Now, when it comes to serving the gnocchi, a vegan tomato sauce is fine, with some shredded vegan cheese. Or, just fried with some garlic and spinach. There are many ways to serve gnocchi.


1. Is Gnocchi Usually Vegan

No, traditionally, and a lot of stores will sell nonvegan gnocchi. Look for the ingredients of every packet of gnocchi, if you see milk and eggs, put them back on that shelf.
However, there are vegan-friendly gnocchis in the stores, or you could make them yourself at home.

2. Do Gnocchi Contain Eggs?

Yes, traditionally gnocchi is made with eggs. However, there are many gnocchis in the stores that do not contain eggs but often contain dairy.

3. Is Gnocchi Pasta Or Potato?

Gnocchi is not pasta, gnocchi is a potato dumpling. However, gnocchi is typically dressed the same way many pasta dishes are. The sauces, the garnishes, and all of that.

4. Is Gnocchi Dairy-Free

Is Gnocchi Dairy-Free

During the making of gnocchi, they are totally dairy-free, however, it’s how they are served that typically has dairy in them.
Gnocchis are typically served with tomato sauce and cheese, or with creamy cheese sauce, or just cooked in butter with some veggies.
But, gnocchi on their own is dairy-free.

5. Is Gnocchi Gluten-Free

Unfortunately not. Especially the ones bought at the store, or ordered at a restaurant. The gnocchi-making process involves making a dough out of potatoes, but to make the dough, flour is added.
However, there are gluten-free brands out there, or, you could just make your own gnocchi using gluten-free flours.


We found that traditionally made gnocchi are not vegan. However, there are many vegan gnocchi out there in the stores. Furthermore, you can always make homemade gnocchi yourself.
Remember, gnocchis are basically potato dumplings, it’s the star of the show, so it’s easy to just make vegan-friendly gnocchi.

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