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Is Molasses Vegan: Everything You Need To Know

Is Molasses Vegan: Everything You Need To Know

Is Molasses Vegan: Everything You Need To Know! In this quick guide, I will run you through molasses and help you find out if it’s vegan.
Molases is a pretty uniquie ingredient. it is mainly used in desserts, but occasionally it is also used in savory dishes. But, is molasses good for a vegan? Let’s find out!

Is Molasses Vegan?

Yes, molasses is vegan! Molasses is a byproduct of the sugar-making process, and it’s made from crushed sugar cane or sugar beets. First, manufacturers crush sugar cane or sugar beets to extract the juice. They then boil down the juice to form sugar crystals. Molasses is the thick, brown syrup leftover after they remove the crystals from the juice. Basically, molasses is a cousin of sugar, it’s made purely of sugar.

It certainly isn’t a very healthy ingredient, so it needs to be used in moderation. Molasses is pure sugar. although it does contain a little bit of protein (2.2g of protein per100g of molasses) and some vitamins and minerals.

What Are The Different Types Of Molasses?

Molasses isn’t just 1 type, as many products on the market, there are always different variations of something and a type. Let’s find out what are the types of molasses:

1. Dark Molasses
2. Light Molasses
3. Blackstrap Molasses

Manufacturers can also make molasses from sorghum, pomegranates, carob, and dates, which makes it a slightly healthier alternative.
Although molasses is made purely of sugar, it still contains some minerals and vitamins:

1 Tablespoon contains the following:

  • manganese: 13%
  • magnesium: 12%
  • copper: 11%
  • vitamin B-6: 8%
  • selenium: 6%
  • potassium: 6%
  • iron: 5%
  • calcium: 3%

According to research, blackstrap molasses contains more antioxidants than honey and other natural sweeteners, including maple syrup and agave nectar. Studies also show that these antioxidants can help protect cells from the oxidative stress associated with cancer and other diseases. So, go get some molasses! Just use it in moderation.

Is Molasses Vegan: Everything You Need To Know


This was my quick guide on Is Molasses Vegan: Everything You Need To Know. I hope you found it helpful.
Get yourself a jar of molasses and get baking with it! I like to make molasses cookies every so often when I have a jar at home to use up.
It’s good news though, molasses is vegan!

Anyway, let me know what your favorite molasses type is by dropping a comment below, or message me directly on my social media accounts:
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Have a great day!

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