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Is Monster Vegan: 2023 Answers

Some of us like coffee when we need an energy boost, but others delve straight into the hardcore stuff like a Monster. 

There are plenty of people who absolutely adore Monster energy drinks. While they aren’t exactly good for you with their ungodly amounts of sugar/sweeteners, what we really want to know is if they are vegan! 

Are they? 

Well, yes and no. 

Is Monster Vegan: 2022 Answers

Is Monster Vegan Friendly?

Generally, most monster energy drinks are actually vegan, however, not all of them are. Monster has stated that their L-carnitine and their taurine are indeed vegan. 

But not all are vegan, and in some countries, there are ingredients such as carmine used. So, always check the label if you are getting a monster.

Is Java Monster Vegan?

Java Monster is one of the Monster drinks that are not vegan. This is because it contains milk. However, Java Monster has released an energy drink that is 100% vegan, this Monster is an Oat milk energy drink, so they use oat milk instead of cow’s milk, making it vegan! 

It’s nice to see that the manufacturers are thinking of us and don’t want us to miss out! 

Is Monster Ultra Vegan?

Is Monster Ultra Vegan?

Monster Ultra is also vegan! It tastes citrusy, which is a wake-up call in itself, but it also tastes lighter, is not as sweet, and is refreshing! Who needs coffee, am I right? 

All this and it’s vegan! It is nice to see a company that is really taking the vegan community into consideration. Go Monster! 

Is Taurine In Monster Vegan?

When you first heard about taurine, you were probably a teenager, and you probably heard someone say it’s bull semen. Well… no. Once upon a time, taurine was an animal byproduct. However, times are changing. 

You don’t need to worry, you aren’t gulping down bull semen like those kids in high school told you. Taurine is actually plant-based. In fact, it can also be created synthetically.

But, monsters themselves use the plant-based version of taurine. So, it is actually vegan! 

Is Monster Punch Vegan?

monster punch

Monster Punch is also called Monster Juice. There are many statements saying it is vegan. In terms of everything else here it is. 

However, like with any Monster drink, keep in mind that these drinks do contain artificial colors and sugar. These are debatable issues for vegans as sugar may not always be vegan, and the same goes for artificial colors too. 

You can decide for yourself if it’s vegan or not.

Are Original Monsters Vegan?

There are some ingredients in some Monster drinks that can come from plants or from animals. But, Monster tends to prefer plant-based options instead. This means that Monster Original drinks are vegan-friendly. 

This includes the entire Original line of theirs. So, even if some of their extra fancy flavors are not vegan, all their Original ones are. 

What Monster Is Vegan?

Most Monster drinks are vegan. However, always be aware that energy drinks like these will contain artificial colors and sugar. These are too hot topics for vegans as companies tend to not disclose what these are, and animal byproducts can be used for these. 

Really, it is up to you to decide.

But here are some of the vegan-friendly Monster energy drinks:

  • Monster Original
  • Monster Ultra
  • Monster Punch

Which Energy Drinks Are Vegan?

red bull

There are a ton of popular energy drinks out there, but as a vegan, you are going to worry about whether you can have them. 

Not every energy drink is okay for vegans. But, which ones are vegan? 

Here are a few named energy drink companies that are vegan or are mostly vegan: 

  • Rock star.
  • Red Bull.
  • Relentless.
  • Monster.
  • Emerge.
  • Boost.
  • Lucozade.

These are some of the top-selling energy drinks you will find in the UK and the US, and they are all vegan, or the majority of their lines are vegan. 

Good news right? Finally, something that caters to us in mass!

Are There Vegan Certified Energy Drinks?

Some energy drinks are certified vegan. The ones in the list above, for the most part, are vegan. Red Bull is one of these, and Rock star is another, as is Lucozade. 

Some of these companies have changed their ingredients to cater to the vegan community and not have us left behind. Such as monster, who switched from using animal-byproducts in their taurine in the past to now using plant products.

Are Monster Energy Drinks Cruelty-Free?

Generally, Monster do not say they are not cruelty-free, but they are not certified as being cruelty-free either. While their drink ingredients are vegan for a lot of their beverages, you should still be careful. 

See the reasoning is animal testing. There is nothing related to animal testing in their policy, which raises all kinds of eyebrows. 

Indulge in a Monster if you wish, but keep an air of suspicion about it, you don’t know what happens behind closed doors.

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