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Is Nle Choppa Vegan: Here’s The Answer

As a vegan, sometimes it can be fun to learn which celebrities and famous people share the same diet as you. While veganism has taken off by the storm, having an increasing amount of vegan celebrities can have an impact on veganism as a whole. 

More companies may be willing to bring out and develop vegan food alternatives, hoping to expand, work with certain admirable individuals, and use it as a way to increase business. 

Then, while most people are still very accepting of veganism, there are still some who are not, but if a celebrity they like and support is vegan, they may be more willing to learn about veganism and understand the diet better. 

Vegan celebrities really help the whole image of veganism, generally. So, knowing who enjoys our green diet can be advantageous. You never know when it may come up in conversation. 

So, of the famous people who are vegan, is Nle Choppa vegan? Or is that just the rumor mill spurring out more strange lies? 

Is Nle Choppa Vegan

Photo Credit @nlechoppamusic Instagram

Who Is Nle Choppa Exactly?

Nle Choppa is a US rapper, songwriter, music artist, singer, and musician who comes from Memphis, in the United States. 

He is not your ordinary guy. He is an up-and-coming rapper in the United States, He raises many X-factors which makes him popular. His real, birth name is Bryson Potts. In this article, we will look over his vegan diet in a moment. 

Why is it important that he is vegan? Well, celebrity and famous person images can help to influence the image of the vegan community, and the general knowledge about it, as I went over earlier. 

So… Is he vegan?

Is Nle Choppa Vegan Then?

So, is Nle Choppa vegan? Overall, yes the up-and-comer is vegan. 

He announced confirmation of this on Twitter saying: 

“Proud to say I’m vegan. I cheat on it sometimes just to live a lil, but I eat fruits and vegetables in the morning, then around 7 or 6 pm, I eat a vegan meal. You will tell the difference in your energy, how much stress relieves, and cleanses you and I swear it tastes as good as heaven” 

He then added on:

“I have been eating really well for years now”. 

This touches on what I was saying earlier about how the influence of public figures can influence the overall perspective of vegans. 

While Nle Choppa admits to cheating on his diet from time to time, he speaks of veganism in a positive way and educates his followers on the health benefits of maintaining this diet. Those who may have been unaware and perhaps had an incorrect idea of what veganism is, will learn from this.

Where Is He From?

Is Nle Choppa Vegan

Photo Credit @nlechoppamusic Instagram

Nle Choppa grew up in a tricky Memphis neighborhood, before he became interested in music, he played basketball and then started rapping with his friends at 14 years of age. Then he later created his first studio tracks and influenced some of his Southern rap heroes. 

He made his songs available online, as well as a mixtape “No Love – The Takeover” by 2018. 

He used to be known as YNR Choppa before he later changed it to Nle, which stands for No Love Entertainment.

What We Know About Nle Choppa

Want to know more about this vegan rap icon? I have looked into him and his music and can answer all the burning questions. 

What Does ‘Nle Choppa’ Mean?

Nle Choppa stands for No Love Entertainment. Choppa was a childhood nickname, so his rap name is a mixture of childhood history and brand identity. 

Is Nle Choppa Still Alive & Well?

Nle Choppa is active, alive and doing great. This may seem like a strange question to ask, however, the rumor mill was turning, and a rumor went around that he passed away in a car accident. 

This was just a rumor and Nle Choppa is certainly alive and well. 

Is Nle Choppa A Parent?

Nle Choppa has a great family life, he has one child and is noted as being a great dad. 

Photo Credit @nlechoppamusic Instagram


Is Nle Choppa Vegan Or Vegetarian?

This infamous rapper is vegan, not vegetarian. He actually has taken to cooking up vegan delicacies in his Memphis home. He now has his own food truck which is known as the “This Can’t Be Vegan” food truck. 

Why Did Nle Choppa Go Vegan?

Nle Choppa turned to a vegan lifestyle in the summer of 2020. He did so to help him discover who he wanted to be for himself and who he needed to be for his daughter, named Clover. 

His 3rd mixtape arrived in January, and was titled ‘Me Vs Me’. You can guess what it is about.

Is Nle Choppa Spiritual?

Yes, he is spiritual. He has had it questioned, some people have called him a ‘Fake Spiritual’, however, he is indeed spiritual. 

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