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Is Olive Oil Vegan – Let’s Find Out

Is Olive Oil Vegan - Let's Find Out

I recently learned how to infuse olive oil which prompted me to put together a piece on whether olive oil is vegan for my audience.

Now, olive oil is a widely known oil, primarily used in Spain, but now it’s world-famous oil, that has great benefits to our health as well.

Here’s an interesting fact, Spain produces 50% of the world’s olive oil…cool, huh?

Anyway, we were here to find out “is olive oil vegan-friendly“, so let’s get to it!

Is Olive Oil Gluten Free And Vegan?

Is Olive Oil Vegan - Let's Find Out

Yes, and yes – olive oil is completely vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Olive oil is made out of olives, typically, a good quality olive would cold-press the olives extracting the oil from the olives.

But, in the age of machinery and AI – this is all pretty much done without the need for physical human touch.

Perhaps, the reason why you are wondering whether olive is vegan is due to the fact that people tend to add things to either better the shelf life of the product or the taste.

Often, this does happen, but with olive oil, it’s pretty simple, and clean, you get what it says on the tin – oil made out of olives, and we all know that olives are vegan.

What Oils Are Vegan?

If you think about it, most oils are made using plant-based ingredients, but let’s take a look at other vegan-friendly oils:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Sesame Seed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Peanut Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • And the list goes on…

Now, I truly believe, and it’s not just me who believes that, is that olive oil is the healthiest type of oil out there, especially extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil.

However, I wouldn’t cook with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, just use it to finish the meals, or to your salad dressing or salads.

Other types of olive oil are fine to be cooked with but remember not to heat olive oil to 400F, otherwise, it may start releasing toxins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Olive OIl:

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vegan

1. Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vegan

Yes, extra virgin olive oil is vegan and suitable for a plant-based vegan diet.

2. Why Is olive Oil Not Vegan

Olive oil itself is vegan, but when you add it to recipes that arent’ vegan or you combine it with condiments/ingredients that aren’t vegan friendly, then olive oil won’t be vegan in that particular case.

3. Is Country Crock Plant Butter With Olive Oil Vegan

Yes, country crock plant butter with olive oil is vegan and quite tasty for that matter!

4. Is Smart Balance Olive Oil Vegan?

No, it isn’t vegan, due to it containing  Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), which unfortunately is derived from sheep’s wool.

5. Is Kraft Olive Oil Mayo Vegan

It is not vegan, because it contains eggs, eggs are not vegan friendly.

6. Is Virgin Olive Oil Vegan

Yes, virgin olive oil is completely vegan and suitable for a vegan diet.

7. Is Olive Oil Part Of a Vegan Diet

Absolutely it is, olive oil can be part of any diet. As a vegan, I use olive oil regularly, on pretty much anything I cook.

8. Is Bacon-Infused Olive Oil Vegan?

Well…we all know bacon comes from pork, so no, bacon-infused olive oil is not vegan.

9. Is Olive Oil Raw Vegan

The answer would depend. Only cold-pressed oils are suitable for a raw vegan diet – any other types of oils wouldn’t be suitable.


So, olive is suitable for a vegan diet, and in fact, used quite a lot, and it is part of an everyday vegan diet.

Remember, olive oil is made out of olives, and olives are vegan-friendly. Now, the good news is, that no other nasty ingredients are added to the olive oil to make it non-vegan (like stabilizers, preservatives or colorings )

Typically, cheap, bad-quality olive oils may have these additives, so always watch out, and read the ingredients. But, if you buy a good quality olive oil, there is nothing to worry about.

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