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Is Olivia Rodrigo Vegan 2023

Is Olivia Rodrigo Vegan 2022

Is Olivia Rodrigo Vegan 2022 guide for you! I am not gonna lie, I have been a long-term fan of Olivia Rodrigo, not only is she beautify, but she is also an amazing singer.

But, what goes into Olivia Rodrigo’s diet? Is it plants? Is it vegetarian, or none of that?

Let’s find out!

Is Olivia Rodrigo Vegan?

Olivia Rodrigo is she vegan? Unfortunately not, Olivia Rodrigo is not vegan. However, if we look at it on the bright side, just like Zendaya, Olivia Rodrigo is a vegetarian!

Another thing that is worth noting, is that the statistics show that many vegetarians often take the next step and become vegan for good!

Has Oliva Rodrigo Ever Been Vegan?

Now, there have been some claims that she is vegan, or that she has been vegan, but she has never personally confirmed that. She might be eating vegan every so often, but she is not a committed vegan. So, until she confirms officially, the answer is no, she has never been fully vegan.

What Is Olivia Rodrigo’s Diet? What Does She Eat?

Is Olivia Rodrigo Vegan 2022

She likes to start the day with a bowl of cereal! Surprised, eh? I was too. So, a humble bowl of cereal for breakfast, great, what next?

We have to remember that she is also half Filipino, so she often cooks and indulges in Filipino cuisine.

But, she focuses mainly on eating greens and salads as part of her regular diet plan. She also drinks a lot of water throughout  the day.

Does Olivia Rodrigo Exercise? What Is Her Workout Plan?

To be fit as Olivia Rodrigo – you gotta sweat a bit. And that is exactly what Olivia does. Her work out plan is quite intensive.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Running! She tends to run outside, rather than on the treadmill. She tends to run 3-5 miles every day.
  2. Abs! If you want to have her beautiful flat toned stomach, you gotta work those abs! She hasn’t gone into detail on what her abs workout looks like, but they must be working well!
  3. Resistance training and more cardio! This includes – mountain climbers, bridge lift exercise, leg raise, bodyweight pull up, kneeling push-ups, and etc.

Will Olivia Rodrigo Ever Go Vegan?

There is a high chance that she might. As I mentioned above, it is very common for vegetarians to go vegan for good. Particularly long-term vegetarians – they are used to not eating meat, so cutting off dairy  and a handful of other products isn’t as difficult.

Summary – So Olivia Rodrigo Isn’t Vegan?

Unfortunately not, but we found that she is a vegetarian, which is a step in the right direction. There is a chance that she may go fully vegan in the near future, so that’s all we can hope for, for now.

We also took a glance at her diet and her workout plan. She is a talented song writer/singer and an actress, but, I will always secretly hope that she turns vegan one day!

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