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Is Paul Rudd Vegan 2023

Is Paul Rudd Vegan 2022

Is Paul Rudd Vegan 2022 guide for you. Today we will find out what does Paul Rudd eat and whether Paul Rudd is vegan!

We all love Paul Rudd, let’s all first admit that.
There are tons and tons of memes of him, furthermore, he is known to never age.

Is veganism what’s keeping him youthful at his age? Let’s find out!

Is Paul Rudd Vegan?

Is Paul Rudd Vegan 2022

Paul Rudd isn’t a vegan, nor a vegetarian. You might be wondering whether he was vegan due to the fact that he appeared on Hot Ones, and ate cauliflower wings instead of chicken wings. The truth is though, he is not vegan, not even plant-based.

He has stated though, that he is “trying to do better” which means that there is the hope of him becoming vegan one day.

Is Paul Rudd Vegetarian or Vegan?

Is Paul Rudd Vegetarian or Vegan?

Neither, unfortunately. However, it’s worth noting that his diet consists of a lot of plants, meaning he does like veggies and plant-based food, it’s just he hasn’t officially taken the step to eliminate meat and dairy and become fully vegan.

But, that doesn’t mean that he won’t ever go vegan – he follows a very clean diet that consists of a lot of veggies.

Will Paul Rudd Ever Go Vegan?

Will Paul Rudd Ever Go Vegan?

Paul Rudd has explicitly said that he is “trying to be better” in terms of what he eats, which certainly gives the vegan community hopes that one day he may turn vegan for good.

A lot of fellow celebrities are vegan, and others are vegetarian, these include:

And many others.

The thing is, the world is going vegan by the day, the numbers are increasing, and vegan options are everywhere now. It’s so easy to be vegan today.

What Does Paul Rudd Eat?

Is Paul Rudd Vegan 2022

Now, as mentioned above, he does indulge in plant-based food quite a lot, but he does eat meat. Saying that he has said that he is cutting meat down. Which is good.

However, he doesn’t eat any sugar or drinks any alcohol. Perhaps this is why he is looking so young at his age?

His diet mainly consists of protein and vegetables…umm a bit bland perhaps? I am good, I think I will have that cake!

Anyhow, he also exercises a lot, so take notes, everyone, if you wanna look like he does at his age, you can’t drink alcohol, eat sugar, and only eat veggies and protein.

Saying that, he does look pretty good for his age, so whatever he is doing, it’s working.


So we found that unfortunately, Paul Rudd is not vegan. However, that doesn’t mean we will stop loving him. He is a great person, and a very talented one, that doesn’t seem to age, haha!

He does eat a lot of veggies, and has also said that he is trying to do better, and cut down on meat, which is always a good sign!

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