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Is Plastic Vegan: Everything You Need To Know

One of the most annoying but common parts of living in the modern world is plastic. It is everywhere, and it is the most annoying thing to try to get into. Bottles are plastic, food is wrapped in plastic, and scissors are wrapped in the most annoying plastic ever.

But, the big question is, is it vegan? Time to talk about this, and find out if one of the biggest parts of our lives is actually vegan.

Is Plastic Vegan: Everything You Need To Know

Are Vegans Really Vegan If They Use Plastic?

This is a hot debate as there are quite a few types of plastic that simply are not vegan. But, I should probably get a bit more into it before I start flinging around big red ‘NO’ signs. 

It is also worth considering that veganism is not black and white, there are many kinds of veganism, some vegans only focus on diets whereas others look at their diet and cruelty-free products. 

It’s all personal. 

Is Recycled Plastic Vegan?

Is Plastic Vegan: Everything You Need To Know

Plastic is not actually vegan, and that means that recycled plastic is not vegan either. 

However, we do have to say that with so many things being plastic with little or no alternatives in some cases, it can be better to choose recycled plastic, in some cases, you will only have a choice between plastic and recycled plastic. In which case, go for the recycled option always. 

But, since plastic is not actually vegan, neither is recycled plastic.

Is Food Wrapped In Plastic Vegan?

Plastic is not vegan, so the plastic wrapping on your food is not vegan either. But does this make the food not vegan? Well, the plastic is not going to pass chemicals onto the food, logically it cannot do that. 

But, buying the food that is packed in plastic, does mean that you are also buying the plastic, which is not vegan. 

Honestly, it’s a moral dilemma, and one that splits the vegan community, but since it’s near impossible to get anything that doesn’t have some form of plastic on it, it is very hard to avoid plastic altogether. 

Is Plastic Made From Animals

apples in a plastic bag

A huge amount of plastics will contain a chemical that is known as a ‘slip agent’. This ‘slip agent’ comes from stearic acid, which is found in animal fats. This basically stops the polymers from sticking to metals as it is manufactured. 

These by-products found in plastic share the same resources as many things in the rendering industry, this includes livestock, but could also include parts of euthanized pets! 

Is Packaging Vegan?

For many years, food packaging has been made with the use of animal byproducts. Adhesives are an example of these, being made with animal gelatines. Some lubricants on production machines can also be based on animal fats. 

Is Plastic Bag Vegan?

Plastic bags are not vegan, so there is all the more reason to take your tote bag with you. These are made with animal fats for the slipping agents to reduce static in the material. 

Many businesses use this as they think it’s better than doing nothing. We agree to disagree there. 

Is Vegan Leather Just Plastic?

The primary material used for faux vegan leather is polyurethane. It is not as toxic as PVC, but it is still a form of plastic. Both PVC and polyurethane are petroleum and plastic based, which means that even though they are ‘vegan’ they are not exactly eco-friendly. 

How Is Plastic Not Vegan?

plastic bag

The vast majority of everyday plastics aren’t vegan, as they are made using animal byproducts. Usually, animal fats are included in the manufacturing process. So, as commonplace as plastic is in the world, we need to start replacing it. 

Not only is it bad for the planet, but it is also not exactly totally cruelty-free, and contains animals.


Is Paper Vegan?

It depends on the paper type to know what type is vegan. Cigarette rolling papers are not vegan as they contain glue that can be made from animal products. Toilet paper and tissue products are also not agreeable for strict vegans either. 

Books can also not be vegan as the processing can sometimes include animal-based glues. This is used in the bookbinding process. Raw paper on its own is vegan, but otherwise, it depends.

Is Metal Vegan?


Basic metal might be vegan, however, not all. Gelatin is often used in the processing of metal to improve its structure, this is common in things such as the cadmium in batteries. 

Is Glass Vegan?


Plain glass is vegan, generally, it is just processed sand material. However, some glass products may not be vegan if they contain colorings, paints, glutes, and so on. 

Isinglass is not vegan either, as it comes from fish bladders. Always check before you use or buy!


Unfortunately, non-vegan ingredients sneak in everywhere these days. But as a general rule, plastic is bad for our planet, so if you want to be a full vegan and a vegan who wants to be eco-friendly, you will need to ditch plastic for good.

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