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Is Red Bull Vegan – Everything You Need To Know

Is Red Bull Vegan - Everything You Need To Know

Is Red Bull Vegan – Everything You Need To Know:
Did you know that as of today, Red Bull has sold over 40 billion cans, of which 5 billion of them were sold in 2013 alone? Well, now you know. Red Bull was the first energy drink to blow the market back in the ’80s.
It was initially branded as a Thai drink and was made to boost the productivity of truckers as they tackled their long-humiliating shifts.

Being the first energy stimulating drink in the universe, they later established the energy drinks industry. So, in short, Red Bull is the pioneer of the modern energy drinks industry.

No wonder they have a broad customer base and partnership with the sporting industry. For instance, as of today, Red Bull is advertised in various sports, including Formula One. The company has even produced a drink only served to formula one’s VIPs.
That’s not all, as Red Bull sponsors a crucial yearly athletes competition referred to as “wings for life.” The campaign aims to support healthcare research on spinal cord and paraplegia disorders.

However, despite its popularity, there are still questions regarding its use. For instance, vegans want to know whether Red Bull is vegan and safe for their consumption.
This article digs deep into Red Bull ingredients and ultimately answers whether it is vegan or not.

The Power of Red Bull

I’m sure you have come across their marketing slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” and probably wondered how the hell that could happen.
However, this is not necessarily the wings, you know. It is their marketing slogan with a symbolic meaning.

For instance, it implies the capability of Red Bull in stimulating your activeness while raising your productivity levels. And this is true for all Red Bull enthusiasts.

However, this slogan may not blend well with some consumers. Some have even sued Red Bull for their unethical advertising.

Funny? Here is the story. In 2014, a consumer filed a case against Red Bull for false advertisement for the phrase “Red Bull gives you wings.”

The consumer claimed that he never developed wings after ten years of drinking Red Bull. Also, he added that he never experienced the thrilling aspect as expected after using their product.

Ultimately, the court slammed Red Bull with a $13million lawsuit for the same. Genuinely, Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, as they say. So what’s the real story? It is just their marketing slogan, which has created an illusion among some consumers. But it gives you an energy boost when you are down in a real sense.

Is Red Bull Vegan?
Is Red Bull Vegan - Everything You Need To Know

Every vegan wants to know if Red Bull favors their concerns. So is Red Bull vegan?
According to Red Bull’s official website, it is vegan. It is made up of caffeine, Taurine, sugar, artificial colors, and vitamins at its core.

We all know caffeine is extracted from coffee beans or synthesized in labs, so it has nothing to do with animal products. The same applies to sugar which is obtained from beets. Except for some white sugars, which are bleached using bone char. Typically in the USA.

However, with Taurine, there is a notion that it is extracted from Bull’s semen. Although bull semen contains Taurine, Red Bull on its official website attests that they synthesize it in labs. The result is animal-free Taurine, blended with other Red Bulls ingredients.

So, technically, Red Bull is vegan, right?
The only remaining concern is the use of artificial colors which might/have been tested on animals.

So this is definitely something that may not make Red Bull suitable for vegan consumption.


Is Sugar-Free Red Bull Vegan?

Red Bull is made from sucrose and caffeine, but to be sugar-free, the sucrose is replaced by a different sweetener. The result is a sugar-free red bull that is vegan since all its ingredients are plant-derived. Except, of course, the artificial colorings, which are unfortunately not vegan.

Is Red Bull Vegan Friendly?

To an extent. Red Bull contains no animal products, however, the only remaining concern is the use of artificial colors which might /have been tested on animals.

Does Red Bull Test on Animals?

There is a huge chance that red bull has been tested on animals. PETA recently confirmed this on their website.
Its continued support of animal testing undermines contributions to saving the environment and wildlife in general.

Is Red Bull Taurine Vegan?

Taurine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in animal bodies. It facilitates various functions in the heart and brain. This Taurine is no different from the one used in Red Bull energy drinks since they all induce similar effects.

However, the Taurine contained in Red Bull is not obtained from animals. Instead, it is chemically synthesized in labs, which makes it vegan-friendly. The issue though is the artificial coloring…which might be the reason it’s not vegan.

Is Coconut Red Bull Vegan?

In its ingredients, it contains no animal products and Red Bull has listed it as Vegan, however, just like regular Red Bull, it contains artificial coloring, which is normally tested on animals. So I cannot say for sure that it’s vegan, unfortunately.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, everything you wanted to know about Red Bull — from the ingredients to whether it is vegan or not.

However, the key takeaway here is that Red Bull contains no animal-derived ingredients, which they even confirmed on their official website. But the problem is, they are using artificial colors which are normally tested on animals.
Ultimately, whether you want to consume Red Bull or not as a vegan, is entirely your choice. Personally,  I avoid Red Bull due to the fact that there may be a chance that they are using ingredients that are tested on animals.

I hope you found this guide on is red bull vegan helpful, and you found what you were looking for.

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