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Is Sriracha Vegan – A Full Guide

Is Sriracha Vegan - A Full Guide

Is Sriracha Vegan – A Full Guide for you all today.

Are you a new vegan? Do you like spicy sauces, especially sriracha sauce? You are wondering is sriracha sauce vegan? Well, I have got all the answers for you today.
Sriracha sauce is widely used now all over the world for different reasons, dishes, and recipes.

I like to drizzle sriracha on anything and everything. Sometimes I even use it for flavoring for certain dishes. I used it to spice up sauces and so much more.

So Is Sriracha Hot Sauce Vegan?

Good news! Most sriracha brands are 100% vegan. They contain no animal-based ingredients or ingredients that are tested on animals.
Now, you need to be careful though, because as I mentioned above, most of the sriracha brands are vegan, but some are not.

As a rule, I always tell people to read the ingredients of everything they buy as a vegan. Because you would be surprised how many stuff out there look vegan and should be vegan, but aren’t due to them containing non-vegan ingredients.

The classic sriracha ingredients that are vegan are the following:

– Hot Peppers
– Sugar (although be careful with white sugar in the USA, as some of it is processed using bone char)
– Vinegar
– Salt
– Garlic
– A form of additives and preservatives

Is Sriracha Vegan - A Full Guide

Is Sriracha Mayo Vegan?

Now, here is how things change a bit.  We all know, that there are vegan mayonnaise brands, and that’s awesome. But if you go to a restaurant and ask for sriracha mayo, make sure they have used vegan mayo for the purpose. A lot of restaurants use regular egg mayonnaise, so the chances are that they will just serve you an egg mayo with sriracha sauce are quite high.

If you make sriracha mayo at home, sure,  you are definitely going to prepare it vegan, but be careful when you are getting it from somewhere else, even from a jar – make sure you always read the ingredients, or look for logos that say “vegan” “Vegan-Friendly” etc.

Why Is Sriracha Not Vegan?

Some brands, as I mentioned previously, are not vegan. Why? Because of non-vegan ingredients added to them. You have to watch out for white sugar – particularly in the USA, a lot of white sugar is processed using bone char, which isn’t vegan.
So, always look out for the ingredients, and read them carefully to ensure the product is vegan, sriracha or not.

Vegan Hot Sauce Brands:

Now, you don’t just have to limit yourself to sriracha sauce. There are other types of hot sauces out there that are vegan, take a look:

1. Cholula

2. Frank’s RedHot

3. Tabasco

4. Tapatío

5. Original California Style Hot Sauce

6. The Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce


Is Huy Fong Sriracha Vegan?

Unfortunately, it isn’t vegan, because it contains white sugar processed with bone char.

Is Thai Dragon Sriracha Vegan?

Good news! Thay Dragon sriracha is vegan! Also bonus, it doesn’t contain any added MSG!

Is Trader Joe’s Sriracha Vegan?

Organic Sriracha & Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce is vegan. Other varieties, I cannot currently confirm whether they are vegan or not.

Taco Bell Is Sriracha Sauce Vegan?

The majority of sauces are confirmed to be vegan at Taco Bell, one of them can be sriracha sauce, however, always make sure you check with the server before you use sriracha sauce from Taco Bell.

Is Subway Sriracha Vegan?

It is vegan! Just make sure you ask the person handling your sandwich, to change their cloves to fresh ones when they prepare your food because they tend to handle meat and other non-vegan ingredients, so there can be cross-contamination. By default, they should change them but some of them don’t – so make sure you ask them to.

Sriracha Sauce Uses:

Look, as mentioned above, I drizzle it on everything and anything. I have this epic snack that consists of homemade bread, slices of smoked tofu, pickled onions, and a drizzle of sriracha. So yum!

But I will still  drop a couple of recipes below that ask for sriracha sauce:

1. Easy Gluten-Free Chili-Glazed Tofu

2. Gluten-Free Vegan Loaded Gyros

3. Sticky Gingery-Orange Tofu With Broccoli

And many more. Obviously, you can use sriracha on whatever you like. Even just as a dipping sauce it works just fine.


Is Sriracha Vegan - A Full Guide

So, is sriracha vegan? We found that it is on most occasions.  It’s definitely good news. However, be careful when you shop for sriracha, always read the ingredients of everything you buy, to ensure that only vegan ingredients are at present and used.

Furthermore, be careful when ordering food that uses sriracha, like sriracha mayo – this sounds innocent, but the truth is, it’s basically mayonnaise mixed with sriracha sauce, and we all know that mayonnaise isn’t vegan (unless you specifically buy a jar of vegan mayo)

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