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Is Sugar Vegan? Is Powdered Sugar Vegan

Sugar is one of the many controversial topics for vegans. But, there are so many different types of sugar, it is hard to know when a type of sugar is vegan and when it isn’t. 

Whether sugar is or is not an issue for you is a personal decision. Some vegans may be stricter and for those who are, sugar is an issue. But, some may be more lenient making sugar less of a problem.

Sugar is not good for us, but we all need sweet things in our lives every so often.

Is Sugar Vegan? Is Powdered Sugar Vegan

Powdered sugar is something of a conundrum. It is so often used in baking, and it is used for cakes and other tasty pastries. However, is this sugar actually vegan? 

So many sugars come with a bone char warning for us vegans, but is powdered sugar one of them?  

Can Vegans Eat Sugar?

Raw sugar is usually good for vegans, in spite of how sugarcane is not often used in raw sugar, the filtration that is skipped in manufacturing to make it raw, also means there is no bone char in the process. 

But, this only stands for raw sugar… 

Is Powdered Sugar Vegan?

how to make vegan powdered sugar

As is with so many sugars (and other things in general), powdered sugar being vegan is something that depends on what sugar was used originally. 

If the sugar was originally refined cane sugar then no matter what else, the powdered sugar simply would not be vegan. So if the sugar was originally unrefined, then the powdered sugar will be vegan.

What Brands Of Powdered Sugar Are Vegan?

There are several brands of powdered sugar that are vegan. 

Here are several of the highest recommended common brands: 

  • Good & Gather Powdered Sugar (Target).
  • Florida Crystals.
  • Organic Powdered Sugar.
  • Tom Thumb Organics. 

These are all vegan-friendly options, however, it is best to look for vegan sugars, brown and powdered, which are USDA declared as organic and vegan with a trustworthy label that states so. 

If you are ever unsure about a brand it is always best to contact them and ask. 

What About Brown Sugar, Does It Have Bone Char?

Bone char is used in any type of sugar. But, what about brown sugar? Well, it depends. 

Brown sugar is made when you add molasses to refined sugar. So, this means that any of the companies that will use bone char when they produce regular sugar will also be very likely to use it when they produce brown sugar as well. 

It is always best to know the companies who use bone char in their sugars and simply stay away from that brand entirely.

Alternative Sweeteners To Sugar

Here are several different sweeteners you can use as a vegan alternative to sugar. 

It does depend on what you need it for, but all of these make great substitutes. 

What Kind Of Sugar Do Vegans Use?

Is Sugar Vegan? Is Powdered Sugar Vegan

Vegans are able to use a wide enough range of sugars. On a vegan diet, you can always enjoy raw cane sugar

You could also enjoy brown sugars, the vegan-friendly ones at least. Since they come in two different types, with one being vegan-friendly and raw cane sugar, and the non-vegan-friendly processed brown sugars.

Vegan Sugar Brands, What Is A Vegan Substitute For Powdered Sugar?

It is always good to know which sugars are vegan, that way you can just make a beeline straight to them any time you visit the store! 

  • Florida Crystals.
  • Now Foods Beet Sugar.
  • Rapunzel Organic Whole Cane Sugar.
  • Sugar In The Raw
  • Trader Joes
  • Wholesome Sugar 

There are plenty more types available, however, these are the ones best known. There may be others in stores near you. You could even make your own, which I will talk about later!

Is Domino Powdered Sugar Vegan?

Domino sugar has packing that tells us their sugar is cane sugar. However, they contain absolutely no vegan keywords. These keywords are: 

  • Raw.
  • Organic.
  • Unrefined.
  • Natural. 

This means that while there is no 100% answer, it is highly unlikely that they are vegan. If they were there would be at least 1 vegan buzzword there!

Is Beet Sugar Vegan?

Beet sugar is pretty much always considered safe grounds for vegans. Any certified organic product like such will not be filtered using bone char, so, you are safe! 

Is Organic Powdered Sugar Vegan?

Organic sugars are exactly what they sound like. They will not be filtered with bone char, and they contain absolutely no animal product at all. Hence… organic. 

These are the sugars that are used in vegan recipes, as they are also cruelty-free. 

So, anything labeled as organic powdered sugar is vegan. However, do note that not all vegan sugar will be organic. It doesn’t work both ways! 

Is European Powdered Sugar Vegan?


Funnily enough, only countries that are deemed to be free of BSE are allowed to sell the bones of cattle for sugar. This makes a lot of Europe safe for vegans to have sugar. However, you should always check the individual country first. 

How To Make Vegan Powdered Sugar

Don’t fancy hunting for vegan powdered sugar on the shelves? I don’t blame you. 

Why not just skip that entire tiresome drag, and just make your own? Here is how…

how to make vegan powdered sugar

How To Make Vegan Powdered Sugar

The best way to make sure that the powdered sugar you are getting is by simply making your own.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 3 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 34 tbsp
Calories 31 kcal


  • 1 High-Speed Blender Ideally a Vitamix


  • 2 cups/500g of organic cane sugar
  • 2 tbsp corn starch


  • Add both of the ingredients to the blender, and blitz on high speed for about 40 seconds - to a minute.
  • Job done!



Store the powdered sugar in an airtight container. If the powdered sugar gets lumpy, sift before using.


Serving: 1tbspCalories: 31kcal
Keyword how to make powdered sugar, how to make vegan powdered sugar, vegan powdered sugar
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Does Powdered Sugar Have Dairy?

A majority of powdered sugar, aka. Confectioners’ sugar is dairy free. It does not contain any milk and should be considered safe for those who are lactose intolerant and is also considered to be vegan (for the most part).

Can You Make Powdered Sugar Out Of Coconut Sugar?

Yes, you can make powdered sugar out of coconut sugar. In some cases, if you wanted sugar for your recipe, you would substitute it. 

You can easily replace normal powdered cane sugar with the very tasty alternative of coconut sugar. Especially in baking. (Yum!)

Is C&H Powdered Sugar Vegan?

C&H sugar is considered to be a non-GMO product which is verified. It is also kosher certified, however. 

C&H sugar is not considered to be vegan as their refinery uses bone char.

Is Great Value Powdered Sugar Vegan?

Walmarts site does not explicitly state if it is vegan, but it is likely it is refined cane sugar, meaning it is NOT vegan-friendly.


Sugar is enjoyed by billions of people; in many forms, from sweets like cotton candy, sour patch kids, and Jello, to chocolate bars. That is why it’s important you know whether or not it’s vegan.

Basically, watch out for refined sugar. If you live in the US, most white sugar would not be suitable for vegans due to bone char.
However, if you live in Europe, you are totally safe to consume all sorts of sugar, as Europe does not use bone char.
Unrefined sugar, primarily raw cane sugar should be fine for vegan consumption in the USA.

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