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TYPO: A Stationary Addicts Dream – Is It A Vegan Dream Too?

TYPO: A Stationary Addicts Dream, But, Is It A Vegan Dream Too?

Are you a stationery addict too? Oh goodness, if you haven’t been to TYPO yet, I cannot look at you. (this is not a paid post, I promise)

For stationary, nowhere is quite as awesome! Their notebooks with quirky designs, their silky, smooth flowing pens, fun cushions, and sultry, somewhat sexy plant pots!


Everything about Typo is to die for, but… I have to wonder if they are vegan-friendly? Or maybe you are wondering whether Typo is vegan-friendly?

Such an amazing stationery outlet like such, everyone is going to be a bit suspicious. None of the biggest big dogs out there usually stand as vegan friendly, so what about TYPO?

Well, they are not exactly a huge company, and they preach eco-friendliness, so it’s a start, but I’m going to dig a little deeper into this stationery store with an iron-fisted grip on my heart.

Is TYPO Vegan friendly?

TYPO: A Stationary Addicts Dream, But, Is It A Vegan Dream Too?

Well for a start, we know that TYPO and their parent company do not test on animals. So, that is a big thumbs up already. 

However, I will sit here with the many typo products I have bought over the years and go through them. 

Notebooks by TYPO are probably my favorite thing in the world, but what I love even more is their eco-friendliness. They are made from 100% recycled paper and can be recycled again! It never goes to waste. Not to mention that each design is designed in-house too! 

TYPO has a whole collection on their site named ‘Make An Impact’ all of which are reusable, including cutlery and totes! They pride themselves on having saved over 38,000 trees so far! 

What About Cotton On?

Cotton On is the parent company that owns TYPO, although they are basically the same thing now. Not everything at Cotton On is vegan-friendly, but they have opened a huge vegan range starting with shoes.

You might be happy to know that Cotton On is kind of a massive suck-up to PETA, so they use no animal testing, no animal materials, and no animal-derived products in any stage of the production process of their vegan range. 

They actually partnered with PETA. 

So, while not all of Cotton Co is vegan-friendly, TYPO itself is. 

Does Cotton On Use Child Labor?

Does Cotton On Use Child Labor?

Of course, I care about how they treat humans too, and so I went digging. Good news! They do not use any unethical sourcing. It is strictly against their policy. 

They do not accept forced or child labor in any way and also ensure employees get a living wage. Since the 90s Cotton Co has built a solid ethical sourcing program and from 2009 they enforced 14 rules of trade. 

This covers sourcing, manufacturing, and supply as well as human rights, environmental matters, and more. 

The best thing is, that they are willing to share their results from reputable authorities on their site, and anyone can see they have a lot of A grades.

Is TYPO Eco Friendly?

Is TYPO Eco Friendly?

So, now both you and I know that TYPO is vegan friendly, contains no animal products, and with no animal testing! But what about the environment? They preach eco-friendliness, but I should check, right? 

The first thing that is worth noting is that at the bottom of their site, you can find an option that says ‘Doing Good’, click here and then go to ‘Planet’. Here you will find out about their materials. 

Here you can see information on their tote bags. “We’ve said see you never to single-use plastic bags in all our stores”, and “100% of proceeds go towards empowering youth through quality education and healthcare”. 

A very good thing to hear. 

However, their water bottles are infinitely recyclable as well. They are made from 100% aluminum, 70% of which is recycled aluminum.

Are reusable water bottles BPA-free? Well, Their water bottles are also BPA-free plastic and are not made with BPA or anything similar!

If you have ever been to one of their stores you will also note that they sell gift wrap, all of which is recyclable, as are their cards, their notebooks, and more. Their pens are also non-toxic too, a weird but wonderful achievement in my books. (Pun totally intended) 

Vegan-Friendly Products

pen and paper

A lot of TYPO products are vegan-friendly, however, I have to say that you may want to check things if you want to shop online and alternate over to other Cotton On brands while you shop. 

However, if you are just a huge stationery addict like me, then TYPO is fine for vegans! They are considered to be vegan, and eco-friendly alike. With so many recyclable materials as well, this is the ideal place to get your stationery fix!

There Is Something Afoot!

All this being said, there is still something shady about Cotton On. While they are vegan, and they do receive a good PETA rating, there is still something fishy about the company. 

Now, Cotton On and TYPO are both the same and totally different, which complicates things. They do use leather in their Cotton On products, but not TYPO, They also use wool in Cotton On products, but not in TYPO products, they (ironically) only use cotton, is cotton vegan friendly? Yes! 

I honestly think that Cotton On needs to work on themselves a bit more to get up to speed. 

As a vegan, it is up to you if you want to shop with TYPO, as TYPO products are pretty much fine but Cotton On is just a little bit suspicious if you ask me (which is why you’re here).

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